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Why so many versions of Hide Your Heart

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by R79, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. R79

    R79 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Around 1989, several artists started making their own versions of the Bonnie Tyler song Hide Your Heart. The Kiss version is the most well known one, but Ace Frehley, Robin Beck, and even Molly Hatchet also covered the song. What was with all these covers? It's not like the original was even some huge hit, it was a good song, but nothing iconic.
  2. Tattooed Headshrinker

    Tattooed Headshrinker Accidentally Like A Martyr

    Orlando, FL
    In typical late 80's fashion, Paul Stanley wrote the song with professional songwriters Desmond Child and Holly Knight hoping for a hit. It didn't work out after the song got rejected for Kiss's Crazy Nights album. Paul and Desmond started shopping it around to other artists, and Bonnie Tyler happened to be the first one to release it (on an album produced by Child). Lacking any better material, Kiss recorded and released it on their Hot In The Shade album. Ace, always ready to try to cash in on his Kiss fame, took a bite and recorded his own version too. Robin Beck covered multiple Desmond Child songs recorded by Bonnie Tyler for her Trouble or Nothin' album (also produced by Child), this just happened to be one of them. No big mystery, just people trying to cash in on a mediocre song that was written for purely commercial Top 40 intentions but never lived up to those hopes.
  3. Heavy Metal Snow White

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