Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Super Deluxe Edition - 11 LPs/1CD

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rhino4evr, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. Gonzo-a-gogo

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    Man alive, I can not wait for my super duper LP set...........
  2. smitquest

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    Lancaster, NY, USA
    like everyone else, pretty excited about this one - just the sheer volume of new material.

    count me in as one of the "hopefully by october 7" folks, but looking at the pics etc has me looking forward to just listening to the original album a couple few times this weekend...it's just one of those records that's consistently been a REWARDING listen (for me) over these (has it really been) 21 years.

    a really good band at a really good moment in time.

  3. slop101

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    So. Cal.
    As much as I'm into vinyl these days, I'm glad I opted for the deluxe CD set.
    Besides having more tracks, it should be easier to manage and sift through, skipping around this treasure trove of songs and cast-offs, as most of it isn't the "proper" album.
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  4. jalexander

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    For those interested, I’m planning on discussing the new set on the album-by-album thread. I’m considering structuring the discussion as follows:
    • One discussion for each of the three “collections” of outtakes (I’m hoping to cross reference to existing leaked demos)
    • Individual discussion of any tracks not already in the Wilco canon (e.g., Cars Can’t Escape is out because a version has already been released , but Venus is in for individual discussion because we haven’t covered that song)
    • Discussion of each of the two live sets
    All are welcome to join when I start the proceedings in a few weeks. Any feedback on how to handle this set is welcome. Again, for reference, with previous deluxe sets, we just spent a day on the outtakes and a day on the live sets, but I’m happy to dig a bit deeper this time around!
  5. shades

    shades Forum Resident

    Pretty sure the vinyl and CD versions have the same tracks.
    (I went back and forth and finally settled on the vinyl. Mainly because vinyl sounds better in my current set up. )
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  6. uncle b

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    Northville, MI USA
    Not complaining but this early delivery is making me have to manually import the song titles as I burn my CD's into my Apple Music.
  7. Sean Murdock

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    Bergenfield, NJ
    I'm only still in my second run through the outtakes discs (2-5), so I need a little time for it all to sink in. What I can say so far is that for all the complaints about LP-length bonus discs (at least from what I see in Beatles threads), each of these CDs is a unique and enjoyable "album" of music. The are all between 50 and 61 minutes, so it's not like they're super-short -- and the "LP" formatting probably allowed them to release multiple versions of certain songs that they might have cut as too redundant if they had done, say, two 78-minute bonus discs.

    That said, I'm definitely recognizing several of these tracks from either the widely-booted sessions and/or the I Am Trying To Break Your Heart film soundtrack (or DVD bonus features). They all sound great, although they are the teensiest bit louder than the album proper, which will be annoying when I try to mix them up in a playlist. (Sidebar: Why do they do this??) There's definitely stuff I haven't heard before too, but I'm not the most voracious collector of YHF outtakes, so I'll wait for others to chime in. The various versions of the rockin' "Kamera" are great, and I'll never get enough of "I'm The Man Who Loves You." Longtime favorites like "Cars Can't Escape" and "Venus Stopped The Train" are well-represented, along with one of my all time favorite Wilco songs, "Nothing Up My Sleeve," which is re-named "Anniversary" here. I never knew they tried to record "Hummingbird" for YHF, and this version is VERY "Foxtrotty" but nothing can touch the final A Ghost Is Born version.

    I can say that the "Unified Theory of Everything" disc is a fascinating listen, and while it doesn't top the official album, it's a great alt-history version of the album.
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  8. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    I haven't been paying attention to the Amazon price and just noticed it's only $69 in the US for the Super Deluxe! Quickly cancelled my PopMarket purchase and saved over $30. Just a heads-up for anyone that ordered elsewhere.
  9. Alan G

    Alan G More A Lurker Than A Poster

    I’m confused. Are people seeing the 11 lp deluxe set on Amazon? I see the 7 record set but that print doesn’t seem to be much different than anyplace else.
    I might be tempted to go for the 11 album set if the price is right.

  10. Balding Jay

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    Arlington, VA
  11. CBS CLASH 3

    CBS CLASH 3 Forum Resident


    Price has risen $65 over the past week but still cheaper than my canceled preorder from Kung Fu
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  12. sonofjim

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    I do see the 11 LP for $215. Pretty good price still. I canceled my MD order and switched to Amazon a week or two ago when the price on the Super Deluxe was $145.

    This is about where the 7 LP is now. I’m wondering if a pricing mistake was made between the two at that time.
  13. Alan G

    Alan G More A Lurker Than A Poster

    Thanks for all of the replies
    Not sure if I will get it at that price or gamble and see if drops again!

  14. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    Look for the 8 CD version, then change the format to vinyl. That’s were 11-lp set is hidden.
  15. Alan G

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  16. youknow

    youknow Forum Resident

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  17. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    And one is already flipping it. Still sealed! In the original mailer! Yay!
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  18. zipzapzopzoup

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  19. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the YHF 2022 live tracks on the Uncut CD? Are they in-line with the mixes from the Roadcase series or seem to be treated with a little more care? I'm debating about picking it up and don't want a duplicate of what's inevitably coming out as a Roadcase.
  20. Adam Schellin

    Adam Schellin Forum Resident

    I am being driven mad waiting for this to arrive. The Pitchfork review. Wow.
  21. DrJ

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    Davis, CA, USA
    Me too (CD set for me).
  22. DrAftershave

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Don't need to be driven when it's clearly within walking distance.
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  23. farewelltransmission

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    Boston, MA
    My box set arrived today. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm skipping the album (gasp!) And starting with American Aquarium. "CB" in the deadwax. LP is flat and sounds beautiful so far.

    God I'm so excited to dig in and crack open the 80+ page book!

    Kudos to King Fu for getting this box to me early and in perfect condition.
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  24. tstrapac

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    I sure wish they sent out download codes on the original release date, I cannot wait to hear this thing.
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  25. tstrapac

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    I ordered from Kung Fu and I got this email this morning:

    "Thank you for your Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Reissue preorder. We have received the shipment of media and are in the process of shipping orders as quickly as possible. We are doing our best to meet the estimated shipping deadline of September 27th, however, due to the large volume of orders, the staggered acquisition of stock of these items, and the intensive process of securely packing orders for shipment at our warehouse; some orders may ship after the 27th and possibly into the first week of October. Regardless, you should receive a downloadable version of whatever version you purchased on the Sept. 30th release date as well as a notification when your order ships."

    I'm ready to cancel my order.

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