Will Oppo universal players become collector items?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by soundboy, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. soundboy

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    With the exception of "first ever" or statement models, optical disc playback components generally just faded into the history. Oppo players aren't the least or most expensive, nor were they necessarily the best performers. However, they do give the best bang for the buck that resulted in loyalty to the brand that is probably envy of other manufacturers. With the demise of Oppo Digital and its beloved players, do you think any of its players will become collector items?
  2. Bill Mac

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    So. ME USA
    I think Oppo players will continue to be popular and sought after long after the last 205 is shipped. But I don't think they'll become collectors items. Oppo players are not rare items as there were many produced in each product cycle. The models such as the 83SE, 95, 105, 105D and 205 are lower in numbers but still not what I would consider rare.
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  3. RnRmf

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    As much as well regarded VHS players, laserdisc players, turntables, cassette decks and audio gear, sure.
    Those with physical media to play will search out reputable models and the Oppo 105 and 205 series should hold up pretty well, in my opinion.

    Of course, I'm assuming that another manufacturer doesn't meet or exceed the quality of the Oppo players in the coming years.
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  4. Rasputin

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    Not a chance.
  5. Linto

    Linto Mayor of Simpleton

    yes,in about 30 years when physical media has all but vanished
  6. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    Heck, based on the prices the 205 is going for on E-bay these days, it already is. :p
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  7. MYKE

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    I don't care, as long as my mine continues to work.
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  8. Blue Gecko

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    Probably... both Oppo and Squeezebox. Perhaps even beyond the point of their functionality and performance being superseded. Their value may persist due to popularity and familiarity.
  9. Maybe maybe not.

  10. GregM

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    I got one for $1500 this summer, when it was out of stock, after the announcement was made. What are they going for now?
  11. SandAndGlass

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    The problems are three fold.

    People want 4k and higher, so that in a few years, people won't want the older models.

    Transport's fail.

    DAC's get better
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  12. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

  13. Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson Forum Resident

    They're too ugly to become collector's items:)
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  14. Richard Austen

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    Hong Kong
    If the Pioneer Elite LX800 does everything that the OPPO 205 does in 3 years when you buy Deadpool 3 and it doesn't work on the OPPO 205 but does work on the Pioneer LX800 - then the OPPO will be worthless. The point of an all in one player is to play everything - once it can't do that it's worthless - just like all those $4000 Dolby Surround Sound receivers in the 1990s - can't do HDMI - can't do Atmos = $300. And you're probably being ripped off.
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  15. Bill Mac

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    So. ME USA
    If either one of my 205s will not play Deadpool 3 it won't make either player worthless. Quite a number of 205 owners use their players more for audio playback than video. If I want to play Deadpool 3 and it won't play in the 205 I'll buy a $100 player to do just that. Just like those that own the $4k Dolby surround AVRs who don't have a need for HDMI or Atmos. They can still use their AVRs if they chose to even if they don't have the most up to date feature set. To claim a component like the 205 is worthless due to not playing one specific disc is ridiculous IMO.
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  16. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    "Worthless"? Nonsense. o_O

    I just moved my OPPO 80 upstairs after getting my 205. It plays all the DVD's, Blu-rays, SACD's, CD's, and files that it always did before.

    I expect my 205 will do the same, and more, since it's a 4k player (and a whole lot more).

    I'll likely never buy a movie on disc again anyway, I stream or download flicks these days. Tons of people are still getting by, and perfectly happy with, their basic DVD players too.

    How about we revisit this in three years time and see what OPPO 205's are going for on E-bay?

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  17. SamS

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  18. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I got my 105 at a decent price used. If it gives me 5 yrs of enjoyment, then thats all I really ask.
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  19. Ron Stone

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    I don't think so. Anyone paying good money for a vintage digital drive better know how to repair or replace it.

    I've had opportunity to pick-up some beautiful used CD players I lusted after in their heyday, but chose not to, due to repair concerns.
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  20. bajaed

    bajaed Forum Resident

    I bought my Oppo 83(non SE) listed on Craigslist from a guy I met in a fast food restaurant parking lot for $45. I brought a mobile adapter and played a dvd through my SUV's DVD player. Closest I've ever been to a drug deal type of transaction!

    I was hoping to move up the Oppo chain with similar buys but the bastards had to go under and ruin my plans.
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  21. Richard Austen

    Richard Austen Forum Resident

    Hong Kong
    Umm i used one disc as an example. Could be 50 could be 1500. And then you are buying TWO machines right? The very thing people were railing at me about. So if you are going to HAVE TO buy 2 machines you could do that now and buy a much better sounding machine and a cheap Bluray machine from a company still in business still supporting the platform in 2021. And we don't know that in 2021 maybe some outfit sells an even better machine for less money.

    Of course my opinion differs to the extent that I wasn't thrilled with the audio performance of the machine. Video is fine but to me just as fine on a $150 Sony. Not a videophile but either is good for video to me so the extra $1100 is for CD (meh) SACD and the dead DVD Audio format.

    A lot of whatever value someone has placed on this will come to your OPINION on the music reproduction quality. If you think the SACD is up to snuff with the better dedicated SACD machines and you think CD is as good as it gets etc then you love it.

    Personally, i find them to be good all in one printers. I own an all in one printer. I just don't hear it as a serious music performer. That's the reason I'm not as high on the machine as you are.

    Other all in ones will come out. They always do. Pioneer LX800 apparently. Though we will have to see.

    And no matter how good a disc spinner is - they do fail - even top of the line Philips Pro2 and TEAC VRDS

    And when all the eggs are in one basket - when the drive fails - you lose everything - you can't play DVD, Bluray, SACD, DVD Audio, CD - nothing - so what do you do? You have to buy another machine.

    I think you can considerably better music reproduction going separates and yes it will cost more but not THAT much more and you have more shielding against break downs.
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  22. Brother_Rael

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    Scottish Borders
    No, but they'll be an attractive buy for a few years yet, much like Arcam, NAD and Denon's universal players are now a decade on. The Arcam DV137 and DV139 cover the lot, bar Blu-ray. See also the Denon DVD-3930, all incredible players with build to match.
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  23. LitHum05

    LitHum05 El Disco es Cultura

    Wishful thinking. :magoo:
  24. quicksrt

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    Talking about CD quality playback and dead DVD-A format, we may as well call SACD a dead format as well, as player and software are both way down this year. What you don't mention is The multichannel DAC included in these Oppos. And it's performance quality and the HDMI and USB inputs accepting digital files like no other.

    So when the drive drops dead, if it does, what do you do then? You insert that USB stick loaded up with HDtracks and multichannel rips and you keep on rocking like nothing ever happened. that is what the extra cash layout is about.

    I'm five steps ahead of you, always will be. Lol!
  25. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    The ability to play files (from USB) like the great Denon's do not, means that an Oppo player with a dead transport is still worth something for its use as a file decoder / player w/ MC output.

    To play DSD & MC off of a thumb drive will be what makes an old Oppp endure where the others (that do not) will fade into sub $100 toys. My Denon 3900 was $80, a fair price, I would not pay over $100 for one. But an Oppo 105D with a broken spinner would still be worth $200 to me for the access to the wonderful decoding and MC out via analogue.
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