Will solo Beatles eventually become group compilation albums ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by johnny moondog 909, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. johnny moondog 909

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    Many of remember, around 1971 or so... an unofficial compilation album called Alpha Omega was released combining Beatles hits, with early solo hits. Lawyers stopped that, but apparently it sold a lot.

    As solo Beatles works, fade, over time, & the Beatles as a group, remain more prominent, will the Universal/Apple record executives, formulate, solo hits repackaged, as a weird sort of new hits package, see hypothetical example below, then return to discussion

    BEATLES 1971 the hits

    1 Uncle Albert
    2 Imagine
    3 Monkberry Moon Delight
    4 Jealous Guy
    5 Bangladesh
    6 Another Day
    7 Gimme Some Truth
    8 Power To The People
    9 It Dont Come Easy
    10 Oh My Love
    11 Back seat o my car
    12 Deep Blue
    13 Crippled inside

    You see what I mean... thats a pretty crass, crappy example. But record companies like sales & money.... so do the Beatles.... between say 1970-75 you could create 3-4 solo Beatles hits albums, some good ones.... I can see them selling a few million, if done right.... we know about the real story, the group, break up aftermath, solo careers, but less people know the real story as time goes on. Sure McCartney continued getting hits, & having more of them, but those first 5-6 years, they were all pumping out the hits, can 3-4 solo Beatles comps be too far behind, I can literally see this happening. I'm not saying it's not tragic, horrible, or a distortion of actual history. I'm just talking the money, to some extent the legacy, keeping some of the songs famous for another 30 years

    Fake Ringo quote, for Beatles solo hits series

    ' we broke up, did solo albums, had some hits, it was Good

    And Paul.
    " We broke up, but with this, it kind of got us together again

    " We weren't in the room together,

    But it's us, more hits

    So sarcasm aside, this would be another 60-70 big hit songs, half Paul, but these songs are fading, I really believe this could happen, it happened in 1971

    So please label experts, what are the legal contractual hurdles, the aesthetics, how long will it be before this happens ? Put a good one together. Can you forsee an entire series ? Wouldn't fans just dig, the big hits all packaged like a Beatles LP with new Giles Martin edits, & cross-fades, the Beatles as they nearly were

    Jump in please
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  2. segue

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  3. Haristar

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    If it hasn't happened in 46 years (except for that iTunes EP), I'm not sure it's gonna happen any time soon.

    So until then it's just gonna be a thing for fans to make.
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  4. Keith V

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    Jersey City, NJ
    I doubt it but it's fun to think about.
  5. lightbulb

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    No, it would be absurd.

    However, the brain trust at the label that releases:
    "Now That's What I Call Music!"
    Probably have a series of ex-Beatles compilation CDs lined up, ready for approval:
    "Now That's What I Call Music! The Solo Beatles Love Songs"
    "Now That's What I Call Music! The Solo Beatles Protest Songs"
    "Now That's What I Call Music! The Solo Beatles Hit Singles"
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  6. milo

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    Yes I can actually, iTunes had a four song EP titled "4" available a while back. Maybe not until there are no more surviving Beatles though.
  7. Arkay_East

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    Honestly, as a casual Beatles fan with maybe 5-6 post Beatles solo albums in my collection, I'd be at least interested. I could see why the general consensus of the Forum would be "no" ... But there is probably a decent market for it, should such a thing come to pass.
  8. O Don Piano

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    This is silly.
    Just another "What if the Beatles didn't break up in 1970/what would have been their next album" thread in disguise.
    How many thousands of times have we done this here?

    The estates of George and John would never allow the OP's scenario to ever to happen.
  9. Jtycho

    Jtycho Forum Resident

    If this eventually happens, it would probably be long after the two Beatles, their wives, and children are all gone, meaning it most likely wouldn't sell "millions", assuming there's even a format to sell.
  10. MonkeyLizard

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    I know the answer to this,

    and it's YES.

    (No I don't)
  11. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan Thread Starter

    I see it as nearly inevitable. I think it's gonna be a monster. But there will certainly be objections from the Beatles themselves. How do you do the money ? They all had a ton of hits, but McCartney by far had the most.

    Nobody wants their crafted, honed solo work, all torn up & compiled. But the reality is, as we get further along, Wings, Plastic Ono Band are fading as brands, but this is an extremely rich, megabucks thing.. The Beatles name with hits, unlike us on the forum, The public would eat this up. It's gonna happen
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  12. beatleroadie

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    Apple should put out a compilation of every ex-Beatle single, in sequential order of release. It would be a fascinating box set. The Beatles SOLO ON APPLE....Why not? All were on Apple, till, what 1975?
  13. groundharp

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    Not in my lifetime, or yours.
    Anyway, if someone really wants something like this they can just make a mixtape, or burn a cd-r. But it ain't "The Beatles". You could chop up a bunch of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman flicks and edit them together, but you still won't have a sequel to Casablanca. In other words, just... Let It Be.
  14. the sands

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    Oslo, Norway
    I hope not but who knows what they do to find new ways to sell something.
  15. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan Thread Starter

    The Beatles solo
    Smoke & Mirrors hits of 73

    1 Live & Let Die
    2 Photograph
    3 Mind Games
    4 I'm The Greatest
    5 My Love
    6 Give Me Love
    7 Jet
    8 Helen Wheels
    9 Out The Blue
    10 Don't Let Me Wait
    11 You're Sixteen
    12 Tight A$
    13 Band On The Run

    Kinda of a no brainer, it could rival anthology something like that
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  16. JL6161

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    Michigan, USA
    That will never happen. These four guys, or at least the big three, have all gone to great lengths to make themselves as solo artists distinct from their former band. There is no way that is not absolutely ironclad-enshrined in the estates of George and John and no way the massive legal industry surrounding Paul's post-Beatles oeuvre would ever allow his stuff to be released under the group name.
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  17. 905

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    Southern IL
    I can see this happening.
    It would be a big Christmas time release after running out of things. (Let it Be remains on the shelf of course)
  18. Tom Daniels

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    Who cares if they do? Maybe it could cause more people to listen to the best of the solo stuff. That would be a good thing. Those solo albums were so uneven. I have a 70s solos playlist I listen to more than the solo albums, and it works just fine. In the early years when they were all on Apple there is no label issue.

    It's just pop music, Red Rose Speedway ain't some sacred text. It they were well selected it would OK by me.
  19. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan Thread Starter

    I'm not saying I agree with it. But the reality is, all the big songs by solo Beatles, Imagine, Band On The Run, My Sweet Lord, are as big as Beatles songs, but the solo careers are fading, this is a no brainer, financially speaking. It's inevitable like streaming. Sell 44k of a new George Harrison comp, or sell 11 million as part of a solo Beatles campaign.
  20. MeanMrMayo

    MeanMrMayo Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it would happen, but I'd love for it to happen. And beyond just 1971 .
  21. Some of this kind of happened when the collection of the Apple Records singles was released. You got more than Beatles, but it was all good stuff and almost all of it had a Beatly connection. You even got the fifth Beatle Billy Preston singles on there, too.
  22. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan Thread Starter

    No It's not that thread in disguise. Not from my perspective. Anyway.

    I'm talking about a hundred million bucks on the table if done correctly... it's like the solo Beatles 1 album... the songs are just as big, My Sweet Lord, Imagine, Uncle Albert, every single song... we are talking huge money, & highlighting some of these songs again. Actually bringing them back.

    If done correctly this is huge. There are enormous obstacles, how to do the financial split, contracts, I hate the original Beatles 1 album. But I can't argue with what it sold. This is something people would buy.

    I'm not endorsing it, but at this late date, they're retreading Hollywood Bowl aren't they. Maybe the resistance will win out. I think money will win out.
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  23. MeanMrMayo

    MeanMrMayo Well-Known Member

    There are new members all the time. Not everyone has already gone through such an exercise.
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  24. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan Thread Starter

    1 Imagine
    2 My Sweet Lord
    3 Uncle Albert
    4 Another Day
    5 Instant Karma
    6 It Dont Come Easy
    7 Maybe I'm Amazed
    8 What is Life
    9 My Love
    10 Mind Games
    11 Photograph
    12 Give Me Love
    13 Happy Xmas
    14 You're Sixteen
    15 Live & Let Die
    16 Give Peace A Chance

    Pretty big seller there
  25. AKA

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    Time to close down the board; we've run out of **** to talk about.

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