Will the Godfather IV ever happen?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by DaleClark, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Let Godfather IV sleep with the fishes
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    There is a narrative gap between the events in Godfather II and the beginning of Godfather III, including the death of Tom Hagen which is only marginally acknowledged in Godfather III. Obviously, you can't bring back the same actors, but if somebody can come up with a compelling narrative to bridge that timeline of roughly 1960-1978, I'd be interested, even though others may find the very thought blasphemous.
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    Godfather 3 screwed the pooch by not having Hagen.
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  4. George Clooney's 6 part version of Catch 22 arrives on HULU in May. Could be good or bad but this is the sort of format that can expand on the Godfather Saga.
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    I've often thought about this, and I really feel there is room for a meaningful GF4 movie, but with all new actors and set possibly in 2030.......i.e.....this is what became of The Corleone Family and all the players.
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    I doubt he would have saved it.
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    How about Godfather IV -Revenge of the dead people.
    It would be a zombie film where everyone who was killed in the first 3 films rises from the dead.
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    I keep saying that about other movies that are decades old and I keep being wrong. Nothing is safe anymore; there are no sacred cows.
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    There used to be an Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston that served wine in those little water glasses. :)
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    I seem to recall in one of the non-Puzo books/sequels that Michael went through the whole Mafia induction ceremony, the knife, blood, and burning saint thing, directly after having killed Solozzo. The idea of a story covering the time between GF II & III isn't a bad one. or so I thought when I picked up the book, man, what a lousy book! Maybe they should leave well enough alone, I mean, I thought I wanted a new GF book....until I actually had it!
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    It would very challenging a new Godfather to be made these days, keeping the spirit of the originals, and at the same time ticking all the obligatory PC boxes for a contemporary important Hollywood production.
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    good point
  13. DaleClark

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    Here you go:

    The Family Coppola | Francis Ford Coppola Winery Trattoria Glass
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    If they did something where III left off, it would become a totally modern series and much more Goodfellas or Sopranos than Godfather, I think. A prequel has really already been done in Godfather II, showing the rise of the Godfather in his early days. So, I think it would be cool to do a mini series of sorts, showing the rise of Don Fanucci, around the turn of the century New York. That could do a lot to capture the original Godfather mystic, of the emerging mafia in the new world, and how all that came to be.
  15. rjp

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  16. Phil147

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    From memory I'm sure Coppola and Puzo were considering a 4th film which would show Don Corleone's rise to total power, so the time between the end of Part 2 (The Vito timeline) and sometime before part 1. And also similar to part 2 have another timeline tracking the Andy Garcia character in his role as Don of the family in the 80's / 90's.

    For me if there were to be another film or more likely a mini-series then it should follow Don Corleone from the end of Part 2 and how he became as powerful as he did. The original book touches on some of this. We would also get to see more of Luca Brasi, Genco Abbandando, Sonny etc. Would obviously need some careful casting as The Don has been played by two Iconic actors, but not impossible to do.
  17. bostonscoots

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    I agree that the only way forward with Godfather 4 is probably some kind of Netflix/Amazon Prime/HBO mini-series. This is the "have your cannoli and shoot it too" solution, because as a TV/streaming project it could continue the Corleone saga without "officially" being part of the original trilogy.

    I would avoid re-casting the actors from the original, though - that just invites trouble with unnecessary comparisons to the original. Get Andy Garcia and put Vincent firmly in control of the family, stick Connie/Talia Shire in somewhere for continuity, and pick up the story after Michael Corleone's death. Does Vincent continue Michael's mission to make the family entirely legit - or - does he surrender to his more volatile impulses and take over the Commission? Is Vincent still grieving over the loss of Mary, maybe even feeling some responsibility for her death? What about Connie? Clearly, she had Vincent's ear - is she exerting some influence after having long been denied a seat at the table (that she probably set)? Does the Corleone Family start funneling some of The Vito Corleone Foundation money towards political power...?

    There's always more story to tell - but it depends on the creative team they assemble to bring it all together. Do that with some care and I'm sure Francis Ford Coppola would sign on as Executive Producer/Consultant...
  18. Joel1963

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    There is one Godfather film as far as I'm concerned, I is the first half and II is the second half. III is an epilogue.
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    I thought it did staring Jobba the Hut as Col. Kurtz.
  20. Apparently 4 is on to stay one film ahead of Bill and Ted. :tiphat:
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    After Godfather III, which was terrible, why would anyone want IV?

    I and II are two of the best films ever. Leave it at that.
  22. Joel1963

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    When I first saw III, I couldn't absorb the Immobiliare part of the plot. Garcia was great of course, but there was some cartoonishness, such as during the helicopter massacre, one of the dons yelling "My lucky coat!" "My lucky coat!" as his luck runs out.
  23. Joel1963

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    It just seemed like not chronicling the gap in time between Vito's rise to power, and the beginning of the first movie, was a lost opportunity, and it was covered somewhat in the original book.
  24. PaulKTF

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    I think a reboot or Netflix series is more likely at this point.
  25. Combination

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    At one point in time, it was going to focus on the back story of Sonny, with Benjamin Affleck playing the beloved hothead. :whistle:

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