Willsenton R8 tube integrated stereo amplifier thread

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by RockAddict, Mar 25, 2021.

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    Maggot Brain - DAMN good stuff! :righton:
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    Well I've to say that after running my R8 for almost two month with the new Miflex capacitors, I'm super impressed with the sound quality, wider soundstage, more detail and bass control. Matter of fact, I truly believe that before you get into tube rolling, swapping the 4 capacitors should be priority number one.

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  3. pressureworld

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    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the R8. What is the correct or best voltage to get in the USA 115 or 120?
  4. rockin_since_58

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    It doesn't matter as you voltage to your house can vary more than the delta between the 2. You just need to make sure the 115/240 voltage selector is in the right position. Some have received theirs with the switch in the wrong position. It is not a big deal if wrong in the US. It is a major problem if you receive it set to 115 in Europe when your house voltage is 240.
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    This amp is really something else.

    Changed tubes to el34 (psst: not mullard sf2 or such)
    Got the German gold package from this seller. He tests with his own wellsenton R8.
    Valnesnmore is the website.

    I simply cannot understand how this amp works so well.

    Just ordered a quad of matched winged C Svetlana to see what those highly hyped tubes are about.

    I will not say it sounds like highs are sparkling or stuff like that but I can say this (damn I think I get it). The notes flow like a story well told. "Liquid", just got a new defenition
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