Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

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  1. christian42

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    "Get Out of My Way" isn't that long, is it? I just think it's a very forced song - Paul thinking that "I need a rocking song on the album" and just churning out whatever. A bit like "I've Had Enough" on London Town, but I like that track better.

    The main sinners when it comes to length are "I Owe It All to You", "Peace in the Neighbourhood", "Winedark Open Sea" and "C'mon People" - unfortunately the two worst songs on the album are included here. So obviously that compounds the problem in my eyes (ears?).
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    I am getting the big box and the double record. I really liked the idea of releasing the double album as it was intended originally, and it was the only thing i was going to buy from this release. Then somehow i convinced myself that i needed the big box too.
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    Apologies as i cant find the shipping thread right now.

    So I preordered the mega box from Music Vaultz no problem.

    Had card problems after and had to get a new debit card.

    Now I have my new card.

    They said to cancel the order and buy it again with the new card but I cant because its sold out now

    :( :( :(
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    I think it could be a much better track but those background vocals are just too much. For me, at least. They remind me of the "smothering" sound when the backing vocals come in on "Motor of Love" (which - aside from an excellent bridge - I'm far more opposed to). In both cases they just suffocate the song for me and in this case, I really think it's a shame, because a less "mushy" version would work much better. It's kind of a "blues" song at it's heart and a minimalist approach would've worked much better, IMO.
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  5. theMess

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    I couldn't agree with you more; most of the 'OTG' album session songs suffer from a very heavy handed late 80's sound; your use of the words 'smothering' and 'suffocating' are perfect descriptions for it. I don't have any problem with the production on a song like 'Hope Of Deliverance', which is just a great pop single as far as I am concerned, but many of the tracks do feel trapped by the production, and when they are meant to 'rock', they don't (the live version of 'Get Out Of My Way' is far superior to the recorded version). I have heard earlier takes/mixes of the title song, and I much prefer it to the released version.

    I wonder what Paul was thinking when conceiving and recording this album; he obviously really enjoyed being part of a band again after the 1989 World Tour, and after using so many producers for 'FITD', I understand why he wanted a fresher, more energetic sound and a simpler approach for the follow up, but the choice of producer is confusing to me, because the released album, including the bonus tracks, just doesn't capture a 'live' rocking sound at all. Instead I find much of the album to be sterile, and lacking energy in most places.

    After taking so long trying get it right with 'FITD', I am surprised that Paul went ahead after some initial work with Mendelsohn, because the concept for the album is just not apparent when listening to what was released. Later on, when deciding the track listing, I think that another big mistake was made; many of the more political songs with the clunkier lyrics should have been B-sides, or on a bonus disc, which would have made sense as some form of 'Friends Of The Earth' bonus disc for his tour.

    The minimalist approach that you mention, something almost like 'MTV:Unplugged', would have greatly improved many of these recordings; if any of his solo albums would benefit from a 'Stripped Down' re-release of the sorts that 'Double Fantasy' received, it would be this one for me, even more so than 'Pipes Of Peace', where the production did at least work some of the time to make the songs stronger than they could have been (the title song and Through Our Love especially).

    After enjoying 'Unplugged', I am surprised that it didn't influence how Paul recorded 'OTG', especially because he said he wanted a band feel. I wouldn't mind the song lengths had the band sounded somewhat energetic and live in the studio.

    Out of interest, what are your favourite songs from the sessions ?
  6. RMP1967

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    Quick question (apologies if already covered): Is the double-album version of RRS in the new set a straight-up replica of what Paul planned in '73? (if we even know what his line-up would have been)
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  7. I believe so, yes, based on what I know of the original line up of the album.
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  8. Arnold Grove

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    But we don't yet know if the songs that are duplicated and will appear on BOTH the as-released 1973 LP and the original 2-LP variation will be different mixes or the same mixes on the upcoming Archive releases.
  9. True, good point! :targettiphat:
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  10. Regardless, I think that both "Wild Life" and "Red Rose Speedway", regardless of one feels about the albums quality, will only be improved by expanded editions.
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    I assume in a week or two after the White album box has dropped that we will get more info on the Wings boxes......any "exclusive" vinyl or CD editions like Barnes and Noble did with TOW and POP..........
  12. christian42

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    Your comparison with "Motor of Love" is very good. I never listen to it so I just didn't remember that it has a similar sound with its backing vocals. It's quite possible I'd have liked "Kicked Around No More" much more if it was produced differently.
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    Alright, so my MV order of The Big Box is officially cancelled now. Should I wait for it to reappear on their site (since it says sold out) and get it now that I have the proper card? Or should I just bit my tongue and buy the separate album boxes before they are gone too.
  14. Who Cares

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  15. Indeed, when I went to Wings show in Oakland, CA, I heard some folks who were surprised to hear he was in the Beatles (well, two conservations anyway) when I mentioned it. It's like they had no idea what had occurred before.
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    This thread has seriously derailed from the original purpose.

    Please stay on topic.
  17. warewolf95

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    Screw it - just ordered the 2 separate boxes.

    If the deluxe becomes available again I'll re order it and cancel these 2.
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  18. yesstiles

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    There's no way the Red Rose box stays at $180. The Ram box had more discs and never cost that much!
  19. Wingsfan2012

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    Amazon has been slow to mark down the album boxes for both WL and RRS

    The 2 CD sets are now

    Wild Life-$17.19
    Red Rose Speedway-$15.99
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  20. God I hope not. I'm already spending enough.
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  21. Neil Anderson

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    I kinda wonder if George might have enjoyed playing on "WildLife."
  22. grsmnkey

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    It's all you can do.

    Either they'll relist your Deluxe or hopefully another edition will be pressed.
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  23. warewolf95

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    I pray :p

    Best part is, as I was ordering the 2 boxes, I slipped on my keyboard and entered the wrong card information and accidentally hit confirm.


    Jeez...I have to cancel THESE now too and do these all over again.

    Someone does not want me to have these. :D
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  24. johnny moondog 909

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    I'm having trouble keeping with this & the WA 50th thread, at the same time !

    Is there any new info at all about the studio version of 1882, & or any of the other studio outtakes ?
  25. Marry a Carrot

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    I don't think it'll stay at $180 either, but six discs is more than five.

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