Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vaughan, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Did you use the discount coupon code?
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    Oh I forgot about the redundant Blu-ray. And why couldn't the contents of both DVD's be put on just one DVD?
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    Wouldnt let me use it again :(
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    I think there's two, WELCOME and VAULTZ. Did you try both? :tiphat:
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    Didnt know VAULTZ! Ill try it - thanks a ton! :)
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    Continuing the discussion regarding the 'RRS' and 'Wild Life' reissues, and how they may point ahead to future releases, I have been thinking about a potential 'Off The Ground' release, and how it may be somewhat similar to what we are getting in December.

    Going ahead with some form of 1993 Boxset may make sense, as it would allow for live recordings to be included, from his concerts on the 'New World Tour', and soundcheck tracks like 'Pull Away' (which has a decent rhythm and melody and could have been turned into a good album track in the studio potentially).

    If the upcoming box does show that Capitol are pushing for Paul to include more material to prop up what are generally seen as his lesser albums, then I expect with 'OTG' we would get the remixes like 'Deliverance', and also the tracks from 'Off The Ground - The Complete Works', which would allow us to create our own playlists for the album, in the same way that the members of his band at the time got to vote on what was released on the main studio album.

    I can't find any mention of it on the forum, but know that in the past we have discussed a 1992/1993 demo collection of about 30 tracks that Paul put together; can someone link me to a thread where the contents were discussed?

    I think that a box set including those demos, as well as soundcheck and live recordings (including 'MTV: Up And Close), the 'Complete Works' and remix material and finally the earlier mixes of many of the tracks, could really help win over many of the fans who are not too keen on the released studio album. For instance, despite liking the title song, I much prefer an earlier mix I have heard online, which 'rocks' far more (in a similar way to how I prefer an earlier mix of 'Press').

    I have been looking at the songs that Paul had available when recording 'OTG', and have been playing around with different track listings. Seeing as Paul released 'Complete Works', he was obviously happy to release a separate disc, so with that in mind I have collected what I consider to be the songs that don't suit the album (mainly the political tracks), and left them for that release, which could have been released during the 'New World Tour' in support of 'Friends Of The Earth'.

    Paul had many leftover recordings from the 80's, some of which ended up as 'Flaming Pie' B-Sides, so I have taken them into account. Two of them I consider to be extremely strong ballads with beautiful melodies, so I have included both on my playlist version. I have also added some of the wonderful Costello collaboration demos that Paul had available. Here is my current 'dream' version of 'OTG', going from what we know Paul had available:

    Off The Ground (Earlier ‘Rocking’ Mix)
    Kicked Around No More
    Hope Of Deliverance
    Mistress And Maid
    Is It Raining In London?
    Tommy’s Coming Home (1987 Demo)
    Your School
    Playboy To A Man (1988 Studio Demo)
    Golden Earth Girl
    Soggy Noodle
    So Like Candy (1988 Studio Demo)
    The Lovers That Never Were (1988 studio mix)
    Winedark Open Sea
    Get Out Of My Way (MTV: Up And Close Live)
    C’Mon People
    Cosmically Conscious (Full Length Version)

    Even with just the Hamish version of 'London', I feel this is a much stronger release than the official album and a very strong follow up to 'FITD'.

    Other songs I took into consideration include :

    I Don’t Want To Confess
    Loveliest Thing
    Same Love
    Love Come Tumbling Down
    Love Mix
    Don’t Break The Promise
    I Love This House
    Atlantic Ocean

    That leaves those tracks available for B-Sides and these for the 'Friends Of The Earth/Complete Works' release :

    I Owe It All To You
    Style Style
    I Can’t Imagine
    Keep Coming Back To Love
    Pull Away
    Sweet Sweet Memories
    Down To The River
    Long Leather Coat
    Big Boys Bickering
    Looking For Changes
    Biker Like An Icon
    Peace In The Neighbourhood

    Looking for the thread that mentions his demo tape from 1993, I found a thread that I started in 2013, where I posted this potential track list for 'Red Rose Speedway', which soon I will be able to put together in remastered form :

    Big Barn Bed (A good stomping opener)
    My Love (a classic ballad)
    When The Night (good R&B/Soul)
    Single Pigeon (interesting ballad, one of my favourites)
    The Mess (great rocker)
    Tragedy (beautiful ballad)
    Mama's Little Girl (melodic lullaby)
    Night Out (good side ending rocker)

    I Lie Around (brilliant jubilant song, great side opener)
    Country Dreamer (nice countryesque ballad)
    One More Kiss (nice soulful song)
    Little Lamb Dragonfly (heart of the album, a fantastic multi-faceted ballad)
    Jazz Street (very nice rhythmic track)
    Get On The Right Thing (catchy rocker)
    Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite (the two parts of the medley that I like)
    Soily (fantastic screaming rocker to end)

    Since 2013 my ideas for what I would have released have changed a lot, but I would still be interested to hear this playlist.

    I really hope that the upcoming releases do point to the format that they will now be following, and I hope that they do go big with 'OTG' and the other remaining reissues.
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    I missed out on the big box. If anyone sees it become available again, please let me know!!!

    (I also posted this in the shipping thread...)

    Thanks in advance!
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    I was thinking about this earlier today and I think that the medley that closes off Red Rose Speedway has to be one of the best songs to close an album. I love how at the ending every melody line from the songs in the medley but "Power Cut" are played once by Henry before all three are being played simultaneously as the song fades out. A really clever way to end the medley and album at that rate. It'll be weird listening to the medley in the middle of the album when the 2 Lp of Red Rose Speedway comes out.

    Red Rose Speedway joins the other McCartney albums, Ram, Band On The Run, McCartney II, Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Flowers In The Dirt and Egypt Station in which they have strong closers. IMO of course since I bet most of y'all won't agree with me on Flowers In The Dirt and maybe Tug Of War/Pipes Of Peace.
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    I have two on order, the US McCartney store, and MusicVaultz.

    I’m going to cancel the US store, unless anyone wants to buy it from me.
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    Make a preorder on Amazon and wait..
    In case it'll reapper, as it's happened with the Egupt Station colour vinyl, cancel the Amazon order before they shipped them..
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    Please check your messages. I am interested.
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    So, I'm a little concerned here. My Amazon "Red Rose" reconstructed vinyl now shows the art for the regular 'Red Rose' cover. It wasn't the only reason I purchased it but the unique art was a part of my decision. I will be saddened if this is indeed the cover we get. I still see the unique art still up on other websites. Hopefully it's an amazon error.
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    So I purchased from MV in Canada but im getting a bill from the UK

    Please tell me this is correct and i didnt get frauded somewhere :/
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    I wouldn't worry. Amazon often confuses things. The alternate (Reconstructed) 2-LP version will use the alternate cover:

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    I love talking Off The Ground. You have some great points here. With all the songs he had to play with floating around out there, OTG ended up being a curious thing based on your lists.

    Isn't Your School erroneously thought to have been around the OTG era when in fact it originates from the early 80s? Something about it being Paul's first Hog Hill recording?

    Also considering the set of 1986 recording you have in the running, why not consider Beautiful Night as well? Flaming Pie didn't exist yet.

    Can you imagine Beautiful Night closing OTG instead of C'mon People? "I Can't Imagine"! Actually I can, just didn't want to pass up a good pun opportunity.
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    Yes, the album certainly could have been a lot stronger than it was. As far as I know, you are correct and 'Your School' was from the early to mid-80's (like Beautiful Night) but I included it here because was does go back and revive songs (Great Day, Beautiful Night, etc) and because it is such a lovely ballad.

    I didn't include 'Beautiful Night' simply because it didn't turn into the fantastic song it is until he worked on it with Ringo, Martin and Jeff Lynne, but I agree it is another strong contender that was for some reason overlooked, as was 'Calico Skies'.

    If anyone can point me to any discussion or info about the 'OTG' demo tape then I would be very grateful!
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  18. Paul Gase

    Paul Gase Everything is cheaper than it looks.

    I getting the vinyl only for both RRS and Wild Life. I simply don't play CDs anymore. Its either streaming or records these days.
  19. omikron

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    Lexington, KY

    No Calico Skies and yet Hurricane Bob is on here. THAT is interesting. Like you said, it was overlooked.
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    Ah thank you very much for finding this! I wonder whatever happened to tracks like 'Magic Lamp', 'Wedding Invitation', 'Wish You Were Mine', 'If You Say So', 'Simple Song', 'On A Pedestal', etc? Were they recycled into tracks on 'Flaming Pie', or are they simply unreleased? If so, they would be great additions to the potential 'OTG' reissue, along with the demos of the songs that were released, together it would make a great disc for the deluxe edition; it would be fantastic to hear all of those songs sounding more stripped back (like the 'Sweetest Little Show' demo on the Pipes reissue).
  23. omikron

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    I can only hazard a guess that "Wedding Invitation" was possibly an outtake from the Oratorio. Some odd titles in there. But then we thought the Egypt Station titles were odd when we first heard of track names in mysterious Kurstin interviews.
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    As of this morning on the US sites, no price reductions on any of the Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway versions....also the big box still sold out on Macca's site...

    I had a strange thought that with the White Album box out today that maybe some price reductions on the Wings products would happen.......crazy thought.....
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    I just remembered, there is also Paul's demo from that era for 'Angel In Disguise', the song he gave to Ringo (who made a few additions to it), which Ringo never released. That would be interesting to hear. Even if these songs were only as good as 'In Liverpool' I would still want them to be released, and I bet that for many, that demo tape with the 25 songs would be a more enjoyable listen than the released 'OTG' album.
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