Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vaughan, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    As far as I know, will beat Santa to the party
  2. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Yes, but where is the "Add To Cart" button..? :confused:
  3. RicZ

    RicZ Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Thanks for the write up, some interesting things no doubt are includded.
    But I wait a bit.
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  4. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Also, you can get the single out quicker if you don't have to record a second song from scratch for the b-side... :shh:
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  5. I preordered the box from, was charged for it - no shipping email yet....
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  6. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Some claim Wild Life-the song-goes on to long. When I listen to the new remaster I want it to go on forever. Pauls screaming vocals combined with the high-flyin harmonies are to good to be true
  7. Yorick

    Yorick Forum Resident

    the Netherlands
    The first sentence of the RRS book goes like this:

    In the spring of 1973, Paul McCartney was on the cusp of turning 30.

    Should be 31 right?
  8. FKA002

    FKA002 Forum Resident

    Thanks a lot @Yorick for your reviews!

    Can someone confirm if the third version of 1882 in the boxset is a studio version?
  9. emkay

    emkay Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    Has anybody gotten a look at the contents of the RRS DVD yet? Curious what music videos are included. Never been specifically listed - packaging just says "music videos."
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  10. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Correct. Paul was born in 1942.
  11. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    I'd love to see more pictures of the recording credits. Anyone?
    Thanks in advance.
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  12. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Maybe they'll fix it in the second edition of the big box [he said optimistically, not realistically expecting any part of that sentence to be true....] :waiting:
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  13. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    If they aren't going to redo them, they should put big red Xs over some of the pics on the "Also Available" card.... :cry:
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  14. Paul H

    Paul H Senior Member

    Nottingham, UK
    Ooh, a clue... Illuminated... Need to get my thinking cap on. The Light Comes From Within... a deluxe Linda Mac box?
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  15. FKA002

    FKA002 Forum Resident

    BUT William Campbell was born in 1943 so that makes sense!
    Another clue guys!!
  16. PaulMcCartney.DE has BBB available!
  17. Victor46542

    Victor46542 Forum Resident

    Paris, France
  18. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Sad, but not unexpected. :rolleyes:
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  19. emkay

    emkay Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    I appreciate you! Boxes delivered, but I'm still at work.
  20. FKA002

    FKA002 Forum Resident

    Now that RRS and WL are out, the 1970-1977 is now done!
    McCartney, RAM, Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, Band On The Run, Venus and Mars, Wings At The Speed of Sound, Wings Over America, Thrillington

    Now we just have to wait for London Town and Back To The Egg to come, and the 1970-1983 era will be complete!
  21. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore

    I see I’m going on holiday at the right time
  22. btltez

    btltez Forum Resident

    I got nothing from my cc company/bank. I think MV just didn't get enough inventory and randomly wrote us off the list. I'm done with it. My RRS vinyl is coming today from Amazon, I have FLAC files of the boxes. Macca has gotten enough money from me all these years so I've decided I'm good. Those extra cuts on Wildlife did not thrill me anyways. I wanted the big box but not gonna jump thru hoops to spend my hard earned dough anymore.
  23. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    Am I right in thinking that, based on release date, "Girls' School" is the oldest song to not yet receive Archive remastering?
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  24. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    .....except for The McCartney Interview
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