Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vaughan, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Victor46542

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  2. FKA002

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    Good point, that theorically is an official album
    But that's pretty unlikely that they're going to reissue it
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    Oh no.
  5. dormouse

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    How much are the mince pies going to cost?
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  6. Beaneydave

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    Anyone used the download card yet? I get a “ not found “ page.

    peace and love✌Dave
  7. Shak Cohen

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    To those who have the box - what's the video quality like??
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  8. Victor46542

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    work great for me !
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    You know, I feel the exact opposite. With the additions of Best Friend, The Mess, and Night Out (and even some of the more upbeat pop numbers like I Lie Around and Seaside Woman), I think it gives the album more muscle that probably would have made it go down better if it was released this way back then. And then you have a great run of melodic ballads and pop tunes to close it out on Side 4 that concludes with the song that, IMO, should have closed the album out originally in the first place.
  10. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    What about the mythological version of "I Lie Around" sung by Paul?
    In case such a thing exists, it will appear on, say, "Back To The Egg Deluxe Edition", given the randomness of (part of) these boxsets.
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  11. IHeartRecordsAz

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    Also, I'm probably the only person here who thinks this, but I actually enjoy the little extra bass note added at the end of "Love is Strange." It doesn't sound like a skip to me, and it gives it a bit of a little funk at the end.
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  12. Oyster Boy

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    Mine had a polythene bag outer cover so you might be ok.
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  13. Beaneydave

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    I’ll try again!

    peace and love✌Dave
  14. angelees

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    Does anyone else like Live And Let Die Group Take 10 better than the final track? You can actually here Paul sing.
  15. BeatleStair

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    Here's the song content of the Bruce McMouse Show - don't know if it's been posted yet. This film ALONE makes the Red Rose Speedway Deluxe worth it! The animation is cheesy and doesn't really work but the concert footage is wonderful!!! And it sounds just great. Here's the contents:

    Big Barn Bed - studio
    Eat at Home - live, beautifully filmed, great sound interrupted by cartoon
    Bip Bop - terrific live version!
    The Mess - live, another fantastic performance Live soundtrack with visuals from different shows as well as staged filmed concert
    Wild Life - live with animal footage, terrific live version better than the studio track.
    Mary Had a Little Lamb - live, lovely version with Mac family farm footage
    Blue Moon of Kentucky - live, wow young Wings were sooooo good live
    I Am Your Singer - live, great!!! Again better than studio version
    Seaside Woman - studio track
    My Love - live, another nice live take!
    Maybe I'm Amazed - live, blistering live take! What superb vocals!!!
    Hi Hi Hi - live
    Long Tall Sally - live

    The live songs are pretty much complete. There's a few cartoon interruptions especially in "Eat at Home" but mostly complete.
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  16. Wiserforthetime

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    I haven't heard it yet but I do like the version on the in-laws sound track better than the one on the live and let die sound track.
  17. jacden

    jacden Forum Resident

    Wow. Perhaps they should start inserting digital glitches here and there on purpose from now on. Repeated samples = longer playing time. What's not to like? :p
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  18. angelees

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    L O N D O N T O W N

    I expect London Town to be 100000x better with a better remaster.

    I've always thought the peak of Paul's Vocal Prowess was the RAM era. Listen to Monkberry Moon Delight, The My Love vocal, Eat your heart out Elton! Live and Let Die "HELLLL!" Mumbo, how can there be any doubt? I'm serious (lol)! Early 1970s are his best for sure!
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  19. MGSeveral

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  20. appleboy

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    Thanks for the review. Can I ask if the live versions are all complete? Ie not partial or interrupted by animation.
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  21. whisper3978

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    This was maybe covered since you posted this (this thread is on page 209 at this point), but I heard the makings of "Bluebird" in this track.
  22. Where is the BB release available? I checked iTunes and didn’t see it. Clearly designed as a copyright extension.
  23. cmi

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    No, must be 1972!
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  24. pdenny

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    Anyone have thoughts on sound quality DCC vs. the new RRS? I’m picking up the 2 cd sets for both but mostly for that drool worthy second disc. The tracks on the second WILD LIFE disc don’t do much for me except for “Irish” so I’ll be sticking with the Fame cd until someone insists the new one is an improvement. $$ an issue for me right now.
  25. BeatleStair

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    They're mostly complete plus some really cheesy intros and band interaction with the cartoon mouse lol. Actually they are so cheesy they're fun.

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