Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vaughan, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Janet

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    Thank you so much for your persistence in this research. MPL admits that the files called "unlimited" are limited and tries to justify it. If they want to release limited only files, that would be disappointing, but fine as long as they are honest about it. Calling these limited files "unlimited" is inexcusable in my book.
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    Actually, based on the their description they are artistically compressed, which is common in almost every mastering scenario of the past 30 years, if I was a betting man, I would guess all of the past unlimited McCartney releases went through an analog compressor of some sort in the mastering chain.

    It does not sound like are limited however which is what most folks on the forum can’t stand. Digital Range Limiting for loudness is very different from using a compressor in the mastering stage. So I do not think they are being disingenuous at all.
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    Have you seen the waveform for Night Out? I mean, one could argue that ALL compression/limiting is artistic. But there are masterings out there that have no limiting/additional compression beyond that that is baked into the master. These masterings add more limiting, which means that they aren't "unlimited" or "as limited as the earlier masterings" which, I suspect, is how most of us have interpreted their description of these versions in the past.
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    The new "unlimited" remasters of Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway in no way resemble the previously-excellent, truly unlimited Archive masterings, not only in being limited in actuality, but also in the care used in EQ on the mastering in general. A shame.

    The recent remaster for Wide Prairie was also a major disappointment, in that they just remastered the existing digital files used on the 1998 CD, keeping the LOUDNESS intact. Bad form, MPL. I'm nervous for future archive remasters.
  5. Remember, though, that the remasters of Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway on HDTracks appear to be truly unlimited.
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  6. supermd

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    No, they are not. I, as a sucker, bought RRS from HDTracks, just to double check. They are the same.
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    That sucks, the unlimited hires remasters have been the highlight of the series. I wonder if there was a change in remastering staff, else why would they suddenly change approach? I don’t think MPL would get into this level of detail.

    I still haven’t downloaded my hires RRS but will soon give it a try.
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    Yes, the remastering team has changed. At first it was done by Sam Okell and Steve Rooke, but the last couple of reissues were done by Alex Wharton and Steve Orchard. The change is not for the better in my opinion and ears.
  9. Really? I thought it was posted on this thread that they were unlimited by people here who did comparisons?

    I looked on HDTracks and they are not marketing the RSS and WL files as unlimited, but only as “Deluxe Editions.”
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  10. supermd

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    I was the one who made those initial claims, and that was based off listening to the samples. Once I downloaded them, they turned out to be identical.
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    You know, I think I prefer the rough mixes of the Wild Life tracks in most cases. The normal speed vocals on Tomorrow, the backing "oohs" on Wild Life, everything about Dear Friend, the trumpet solo in Some People Never Know. Really great stuff.
  12. Oyster Boy

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    You are not alone, me too.
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  13. backseat

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    These rough mixes are a delight.

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