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Wonder Woman 1984 - June 5/2020

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Balthazar

    Balthazar Forum Resident

    This movie is going to be awesome.
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  2. MekkaGodzilla

    MekkaGodzilla Forum Resident

    Westerville, Ohio
    I remember EVERYTHING being orange and teal in 1984!

    Then again, I was the tight end coach for the Miami Dolphins that year.
  3. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Did anyone notice in that very first shot - where she's walking on a ledge outside her apartment - that it appears Diana lives at the Watergate?


    That's an auspicious DC address...
  4. Wayne Hubbard

    Wayne Hubbard Forum Resident

    Patty Jenkins on why (not how) Steve Trevor is back for the sequel:

    “I can’t tell you [how he’s back], but here’s what I will say: We didn’t put Steve Trevor in this movie because we just wanted to put Steve Trevor in this movie. When we thought of the story for this film while we were making the first film, a eureka moment came and it couldn’t have been told without Chris Pine playing Steve Trevor. So I promise you it’s not a gimmick, it’s integral to the story, it was incredibly important that we had him and we just super enjoyed it. So it was great having Chris back but it’s also important to the story that I can’t wait for you to see.”

    More speculation at the link
    Patty Jenkins Teases Chris Pine’s Return in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: “It’s Not a Gimmick”
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  5. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    The reappearance of Chris Pine in the movie is the one weird thing that's going to be very hard to explain. But I concede that it's a fantasy based on magic, which is the core of who Wonder Woman is. Once you buy into that, almost anything is possible.
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  6. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I watched this yesterday not knowing anything about the origins of the comic book, excellent and recommended for adult fans.


    In a superhero origin tale unlike any other, the film is the incredible true story of what inspired Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston to create the iconic Wonder Woman character in the 1940's. While Marston's feminist superhero was criticized by censors for her 'sexual perversity', he was keeping a secret that could have destroyed him. Marston's muses for the Wonder Woman character were his wife Elizabeth Marston and their lover Olive Byrne, two empowered women who defied convention: working with Marston on human behavior research -- while building a hidden life with him that rivaled the greatest of superhero disguises.
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  7. dougotte

    dougotte Petty, Annoying Dilettante

    Washington, DC
    I always thought the rolled-up blazer sleeves looked awkward.

    On a side note, I'm in the DC area. Some scenes were filmed at a shopping mall in Southwest. A guy I used to work with was getting into acting and was an extra in a scene. He told me they liked him so much, they gave him a part as a news announcer, but I think he said they were going to dub another actor's voice. I'm interested to see if he makes the final cut.
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  8. Davidmk5

    Davidmk5 Forum Resident

    Marlboro , ma. usa
    I keep seeing the Trailer at the Theater , i think it looks AMAZING , i loved the 1st film & have been looking forward to the 2nd one , the Only gripe is such a long wait to see it ..... But i'm in for the 3-D version :pineapple:
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  9. cgw

    cgw Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    It's a gimmick.
    More specifically - it is standard operating procedure for sequels. Got to go with what worked before. Can't come up with anything original.
  10. vegafleet

    vegafleet Forum Resident

    That is where I bought my first CD player (1983 or 1984) under their own brand name for about $400! Almost $1K in 2020 dollars according to the internets.
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  11. Solaris

    Solaris a bullet in flight

    New Orleans, LA
    Loved the first one, so I'm in!
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  12. A pitty that it seems that Chris Pine will no longer play the role of James T. Kirk. I'm a Star Trek fan but I always disliked Shatner both him and his acting. I think Pine plays a great Kirk without trying to be Shatner.
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  13. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    At least it isn't that horrible Blue Monday 97! I'd go back in time just to stop that from ever being remixed.
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  14. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    I believe they used "Blue Monday '88" in "Atomic Blonde".
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  15. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    I got it wrong, yes the 88 version was the dreadful one.
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  16. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    alternate universe? she reverses time with her powers? just ignore the first one lol? twin?
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  17. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Hollywood Reporter

    The superhero standalone was meant to hit theaters in early June; it will now go out in August.

    Warner Bros. is pushing back the release of upcoming superhero tentpole Wonder Woman 1984 two months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The sequel, which was set to hit theaters in North America on June 5, will now hit the big screen on Aug. 14.

    "When we greenlit WW 1984 it was with every intention to be viewed on the big screen and are excited to announce that Warner Bros. Pictures will be bringing the film to theaters on August 14th," Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group Chairman Toby Emmerich said in a statement. "We hope the world will be in a safer and healthier place by then."
  18. daca

    daca Currently on Double Secret Probation

    Pittsburgh, PA
    To quote Lucius Fox:

  19. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident Thread Starter

  20. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    Another new poster:

  21. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Re-scheduled again this time to Oct 2.
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  22. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    They should have just bumped it out to Christmas. We're going to be in the middle of a second wave of COVID by October.
  23. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Summer 2021.
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  24. marmalade166

    marmalade166 Grokkin' 'n' Groovin'

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    New trailer - with added Cheetah

  25. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    Damn--looks fun. Is it ever actually coming out?

    I really thought they were going to not have Kristen Wiig in full Cheetah form--I'm all in now.
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