Woodstock 50 is a go in Bethel!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Nomadicarchivist, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Now I'm wondering if all the people who are extremely disappointed will descend upon Bethel and it'll be another insane maybe not so happy accident but one thing Ringo will definitely have a bigger audience than he ever thought he'd have lol
  2. I got lambasted for this, but it seems as if my prayers were answered. :whistle:

    100,000 people simultaneously downloading apps? No thank you.
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    you're a bummer, man
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    Apparently Michael Lang is denying the fest is cancelled and saying they dont have the legal right to cancel it and that the bands have already been paid, and nobody had told the bands it was cancelled per NYT, so this may be premature.
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    Live Nation and AEG were offered to pick up the slack for $20mil. Both declined.
  6. Ha! Not really. I don't know, maybe. I mean, I'm a happy person, mostly (about as happy as most, I imagine). Perhaps my sense of humor doesn't quite come across online as it does in person. :)
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    Schadenfreude Floyd maybe?
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    Whoever told you it was happy? I heard from many sources that it was a muddy messy nightmare, and not happy for many attendees. But that some good performances were captured raggedly on tape and a few more in film.

    I guess it was better for those that avoided the brown acid.
  9. All Down The Line

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    Maybe the greed curve did also?
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  10. All Down The Line

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    In 69' it was simultaneously that many downloading pants.
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  11. <recreating the spontaneous serendipity generated by a caprine orgy of promoter incompetence, yeah, that'll work
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    I saw Arlo Guthrie play last week in Melbourne, and he said the Woodstock 50th was going to be a free festival. Without having read the previous 22 pages of posts, I'm not sure that would be correct. Arlo didn't actually say if he was going to be performing. He did use the story to lead into a performance of "Coming into Los Angeles".

    It appears the Woodstock 50th has been cancelled: Woodstock 50 has been CANCELLED!
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  13. sixtieswerebest

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    I'm sure there was a lot of that. But I think. most people who went were glad they did in hindsight.
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  14. See, I'd be down for this. If they could guarantee me a show with as much doobage and booty as I could handle, I would be as completely uncivilized as the next contestant.

    Don't give me the ghost of Woodstock, 50 years later, when nobody is going to wrap me in a muddy blanket and take my picture for the cover of Life magazine. The original might not have been as glamorous as we make it out to be in 2019, but you can't call it something that it's not, all the while desanitizing it with vegan ice cream tents and Rastafarian hats for 50-year old pencil pushers.
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  15. Dondy

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    Humm, if Rhino comes up with a 50 CD box for the 50th anniversary, I'd be more than consoled.
    Just my two-centish and likely brainy idea. Any info if Rhino might work on something like that? There would be more than enough room for improvement /expansion over their 40th anniversary 6 CD boxcd set.
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  16. Benn Kempster

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    Tring, UK
    Yep - Lang put a post on his Facebook account saying that the finance had pulled out but someone else would be found.

    Somebody may be about to take a "HUGE" bath........again.
  17. sixtieswerebest

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    Just like Altamont. a last ditch to make it happen we all know the result of that.
  18. cgw

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    Upstate NY
    The cancellation story was in our local paper this morning. Everyone says it is cancelled except Lang. I think everyone included some of the local authorities - not sure I don't have the paper here. (my local is not the same as Watkins Glen local - 1-1/2 hour away)
  19. hammr7

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    You need only look at Phish's attempted festival last year at Watkins Glen. It was cancelled not because of the race track facilities, but because of flooding (from a week of heavy rain) in the surrounding areas which compromised the drinking water and sewage systems. No good for a bunch of people partying while so many locals were in such dire straits. Because of that, my guess is that cancellation insurance became way too expensive, and no smart money wanted to invest in the Woodstock 50 project unless it could be insured.
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  20. aroney

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    This just in from Michael Lang:

    Dear Woodstock Friends

    It seems in a way that history is repeating itself. In July of 1969 we lost our site in Walkill and with only a month to go we managed to move to Bethel. Woodstock was going to happen no matter what!

    This time around, Woodstock’s new hometown, Dix & Watkins Glen, NY and New York State have been really wonderful. I went door to door to talk to the neighbors. Some remembered Summer Jam back in ’73 and were worried about history repeating itself. But they opened their doors to us and we talked it out. Many of those people have reached out over the last 24 hours with messages of hope and encouragement.

    The venue, Watkins Glen International, have been totally supportive and professional.

    Yesterday, our financial partner, Dentsu-Aegis, made the decision to pull out and informed us that they were cancelling the festival at the same time they let the press release go public.

    We have yet to understand why they would try to prevent the festival from happening by seemingly undermining us in this way. It is one thing to decide for oneself that it is best to move on, but it is entirely another thing to try and close the door on us.

    Yesterday, I couldn’t help but relive that moment 50 years ago – it was “ déjà vu all over again”!
    Supporting the principles of activism and sustainability are too important to be derailed by shortsighted partners.

    We continue our work with NYS, Schuyler County and various parties to keep things on track.

    Woodstock never belonged to Dentsu, so they don’t have a right to cancel it.
    Woodstock belongs to the people and it always will.

    We don’t give up and Woodstock 50 will take place and will be a blast!

    Thanks for Listening, Michael
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  21. Danby Delight

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    Not mentioned in that letter: where the money is coming from now.


    It's over, Lang. Deal with it.
  22. All Down The Line

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    I thought that rain would pose no problem to Phish?
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    no rain clause
  24. All Down The Line

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    Is there a Santa One?
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  25. Nomadicarchivist

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    Sorry Haters.. It’s back on!! Now I have no plans to attend mind you (I will be in Bethel) but I cannot understand the hateraid being spewed about the event. The whole “It won’t be anything like the original” talking point deserves the DUH of the year award.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about the Watkins Glen Bill, however to say that ANY other festival carrying its name is somehow blasphemous is misguided. Case in point: “Woodstock 94.”

    Woodstock 94 had an AWESOME lineup: Traffic, The Band, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Metallica, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, CSN, John Sebastian, Hot Tuna, Roger Mcguinn, Bob Weir, Country Joe, The Allman Brothers, Paul Rodgers with Free bassist Andy Frasier and Slash, Neville Brothers, Santana etc etc etc. Simply put, 94’ was THE greatest festival of its era!!

    Woodstock 50 will not eclipse either, but let’s settle down on the hateraid

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