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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by modrevolve, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Hi All
    Can someone someone fill me in on Woody Allen movies on blu-ray. Are they worth picking up yet? I'm replacing whatever I can on blu-ray and it seems that not many of his movies have made the transition yet.
  2. Hagstrom

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    Annie Hall looks great, as does Manhattan.
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  3. Turnaround

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  4. Turnaround

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    New York
    Twilight Time/Screen Archives is also releasing "Crimes and Misdemeanors" on Blu-ray in 2014. Twilight Time's releases are limited to 3,000 copies, and their license usually locks up the title for some years.

    I was hoping that someone would eventually do a Blu-ray box collection of Woody's titles, like the sets that came out on DVD. I held off on buying Annie Hall and Manhattan on Blu-ray in hopes of an eventual bigger box set. With Twilight Time doing "Crimes and Misdemeanors" as a limited release, though, I wonder how Woody Allen films will come out on Blu-ray in the future.

    Twilight Time Entertainment blu-ray releases for 2/11/14...
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  5. mikeyt

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    I'm always wishing that Criterion would do a Woody Allen box set. I know that a Woody Allen commentary would never ever happen, but maybe features with interviews with various production and crew members to give insight into the movies would be great. Considering how most of his movies don't have much at all in terms of extras, as a fan I'd appreciate anything. Outtakes, gag reels, etc. Imagine an Annie Hall set that included the original murder-mystery cut! That's got to exist somewhere.
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  6. modrevolve

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    this is very helpful..thank you
  7. Bryan

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    I know it's one of his lesser films, but I'd really love to have Radio Days on blu-ray.
  8. wave

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    I have imports of Match Point and Small Time Crooks. Match Point is so-so and not particularly impressive as a blu ray. Small Time Crooks is stunningly sharp.
  9. PNeski@aol.com

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    New York
  10. Claude

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    There are some Blu-ray reissues of older movies available in Europe. Unfortunately the english subtitles were removed in order to make them less interesting for the english-speaking market.

    A german box has just been released, it has
    - Small time crooks
    - Mighty Aphrodite
    - Everybody says I love you
    - Bullets over Broadway
    - Celebrity

    with english sound but only german subtitles (optinal)


    There are also some Norvegian releases:

    http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/movies.php?studioid=458 (you need to browse through the list to find them)
  11. Jack

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    Hoping that Blue Jasmine is out in BR next month.
  12. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Peace Be With You.

    West Coast
    Anybody have any of those Japanese titles? I'm interested in:

    -Love You
  13. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Peace Be With You.

    West Coast
    I ended up ordering the Japanese Crooks & Bullets.
  14. namretsam

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    Since so much of his work is story and not visually driven, IMO there are better places to spend your blu-ray dollars. Not to mention most of his sound mixes are still mono and sound like optical tracks from 1950's second features until about 2005, when I'm sure the releasing company forced him to step it up.
  15. PNeski@aol.com

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    true to some degree ,but a lot of his films have very nice transfers ,and he uses some of the Top DPs and therefore benefit from Blue Rays 1080p I haven't seen any of these Japanese ones ,but the US ones I got look excellent
    he's not really much of a visual artist that's not his strong point ,but few directors are
  16. modrevolve

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  17. 93curr

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    Even back in LaserDisc days,Criterion could only get the rights to 'Annie Hall' and 'Crimes And Misdemeanors', and they were both CLV editions with zero extras. I'm sure Criterion wish they could do a box set as well, but it's only ever gonna be a fantasy.

    Maybe the success of 'Her' will spark a demand for a domestic BD of 'Match Point.' Or maybe not.
  18. modrevolve

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    So I'm not familiar with Screen Archives. Is it that they have the rights to release certain movies in the US so if I don't buy The Front or Crimes and Misdemeanors now, it may take years before another studio releases them?

    Also regarding the ones that have been released overseas, should I go ahead and pick them up now or be a little patient for a domestic release. My Blu-Ray player plays all regions so that isn't my hang-up; the cost is.
  19. michaelscrutchin

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    Screen Archives is just a retailer, but they happen to be one of only two retailers where you can purchase titles released by Twilight Time (the other being TCM Shop). I believe I read that Twilight Time has exclusive U.S. rights for three years for most titles, but don't quote me on that.
  20. modrevolve

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  21. Michael

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    are there any interesting bonus features on Woody's movies on BR?
  22. Twilight Time has an exclusive, three-year window for all of their Blu-ray releases in the United States. They can't prevent a European release, but any other American company is blocked from releasing those movies on Blu-ray.
  23. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Peace Be With You.

    West Coast
    The Japanese Blu's of Bullets and Crooks arrived. Bullets has a few minor issues but is head and shoulders better than the current non-anomorphic DVD. Crooks looks very good indeed. Went ahead and ordered Mighty and Love You.
  24. modrevolve

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    I made a list of all movies available from one country or another (or about to be) with Woody Allen's involvement on Blu-Ray . I didn't include stuff like Antz or Scenes from a Mall that I personally have no interest in. Please let me know if I missed anything

    1967 - Casino Royale
    1973 - Sleeper
    1976 - The Front
    1977 - Annie Hall
    1979 - Manhattan
    1984 - Broadway Danny Rose (4/8/14 release date per blu-ray.com)
    1986 - Hannah And Her Sisters
    1989 - New York Stories
    1989 - Crimes and Misdemeanors
    1994 - Bullets Over Broadway
    1995 - Mighty Aphrodite
    1996 - Everyone Says I Love You
    1998 - Celebrity
    2000 - Small Time Crooks
    2001 - The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
    2002 - Hollywood Ending
    2005 - Match Point
    2006 - Scoop
    2007 - Casandra’s Dream
    2008 - Vicky, Christina, Barcelona
    2009 - Whatever Works
    2010 - You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
    2011 - Midnight In Paris
    2012 - To Rome With Love
    2013 - Blue Jasmine
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