Worst mastering you've ever heard?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Spaceboy, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Welcome, which version are you referring to, the remaster I bought sounds fine plus it has great bonus material.
  2. tone ded freb

    tone ded freb Forum Resident

    Arizona Snowbowl
    A few years ago, I said The Beatles "1." Now I would say Metallica's Death Magnetic CD. I made the mistake of switching between the Guitar Hero 3 rip and the CD on my computer and almost hurled. :sigh: I only keep the CD on my computer as an example of what pure crap sounds like. :D
  3. Grant

    Grant A Musical Free-Spirit

    Hmmmm...I paid under $20 for it. On top of that, I have no problem with the set, except that I wish they would have used the mono singles tapes.
  4. iainoco

    iainoco Forum Resident

    I have the original CD's and Vinyl of the EPs, it's meant to sound like that!!
  5. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    Absolutely. Thanks to this forum, I've saved lots of bucks.
  6. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    I still cannot believe that the RHCP themselves oked something like that. The "unmastered" version floating around sounds like a high end mastering compared to the official version. The first CD that made me realize that something went wrong.
  7. chiagerald

    chiagerald Forum Resident

    The Tears - The Tears, guess the title says it! LOL
  8. iainoco

    iainoco Forum Resident

    The Suede original CDs were badly mastered (thin and no bass) and the reissues even worse (LOUD!!). At least the original issues had some dynamics.

    Guess Anderson and Butler like hiding great songs in sonic garbage :(
  9. KevinW

    KevinW Member

    Bochum, Germany
    The Tears were already mentioned earlier in this thread, but this can't be mentioned often enough. (is the vinyl version any better?)

    The Bernard Butler solo albums actually sound quite alright.
  10. SACDLover

    SACDLover Forum Resident

    Jon Astley ABBA (self-titled) 2001 remaster. The pumping effect of NR is in your face. No bass, the treble can "kill mosquito" as what Steve often wrote.
  11. skypicnic

    skypicnic Active Member

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
    my little anecdote about the CD- in 1999, I was a junior in high school, and by no means an audiophile or anything, but had decent "ears" as it were. I remember getting this album and hearing that something was just "off". I couldn't place it, but knew it sounded bad compared to everything else I owned. This is before I had any knowledge of brickwalling or anything technical when it came to mastering.
    Bad mastering ruined Californication then, and continues to ruin it for me today. As much as I love that record, until a good remaster comes out on vinyl, it remains unlistenable sadly.
  12. Combination

    Combination Forum Resident

    New Orleans

    Are there any "unmastered" tracks floating about on youtube, etc.?

    Whether you want to call it mastering, recording, whatever else - I have never listened to a CD that gave my ears such profound suffering!
  13. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    I highly recommend you get the "unmastered" version - I don't even listen to the actual album anymore (I trashed it). This version has replaced it for me and gives me the final opportunity to enjoy it.
  14. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    google is your friend. We should not discuss it here further.
  15. skypicnic

    skypicnic Active Member

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Cheers man. I'll get on that tonight.
  16. LeeS

    LeeS Blue Note Fan

    Listened to the Special Edition of Stop Making Sense Sunday and it was terrible. Very thin sounding in spots.
  17. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Same with Thomas Dolby's latest, Picked up the unmastered promo on ebay for my goto listening, great album by the way
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