Worst "Special Edition" album cover changes

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Helter Skelter, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. vinylontubes

    vinylontubes Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
    I think adore is worse. The vinyl in Mono.
    Then the re-issue in stereo.
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  2. bataclan2002

    bataclan2002 All You Need Is Now.

    I’m not convinced altering artwork is ever necessary. Most times I can’t see the point of messing with something that already works. That said, they did a nice job with the Purple Rain reissue, making the white background platinum.
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  3. skisdlimit

    skisdlimit Forum Resident

    Bellevue, WA
    Michael Jackson - Off The Wall



    2001 Special Edition:

  4. Thievius

    Thievius This is my sweet custom title, yo

    Moreno Valley, CA
    I know these were on the back covers, but I still disliked them. Plus they completely preempted the real back covers in some cases. (LZ IV, HOTH)

  5. Dopey

    Dopey Well-Known Member

    Well it is
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  6. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    The 2-disc version of the deluxe Listen Without Prejudice. Ugh.

  7. OldSoul

    OldSoul Shattered

    Vallejo, CA
    I actually think the new one's better.
  8. davebush

    davebush New Test Leper

    St. Catharines, ON
  9. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    Four was the worst cos they totally ruined the full picture. :(
  10. Clark V Kauffman

    Clark V Kauffman Forum Resident

    Des Moines, Iowa
    I know what he was going for, but the All Things Must Pass remaster that George Harrison supervised had that horrible colorized front cover ... The original cover’s understated, elegant, black and white photo is infinitely superior and, more importantly, was a better representation of the music itself.
  11. dajokr

    dajokr Classical "Mega" Box Set Collector

    Yokosuka, Japan
    I don’t seem to be able to post pics at the moment, but the recent reissue of Delaney & Bonnie’s Motel Shot used a blah photo of the two rather than the original picture of the number on a motel room door.
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  12. mmars982

    mmars982 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Even worse was this one:
  13. Holy Socks

    Holy Socks Active Member

    Auburn CA
    I like this one. Especially in the age of The Walking Dead!
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  14. DetroitDoomsayer

    DetroitDoomsayer Forum Middle Child

    Detroit, Michigan
    Sony has gone back to the original cover art on both the vinyl and CD reissues.
    My guess is that Michael changed the cover, for probably obvious reasons.
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  15. Mr.Sean

    Mr.Sean Senior Member

    I assume this was Billy Corgan's idea. Love the music but hate the new covers. Orange Purple don't go down well with my old eyes. :)
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  16. DetroitDoomsayer

    DetroitDoomsayer Forum Middle Child

    Detroit, Michigan
    I think that's just the slip cover.
    also, it's an out-take from the inner LP gatefold spread.

    Not that that makes it good mind you.
  17. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    All of the Phil Collins 2016 solo album reissues.

    As I have said elsewhere, the concept would have been cool had they used the "older" covers on a slip sleeve while retaining the original "younger" image on the digipak within.
  18. Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter A Dark Horse Thread Starter

    I always thought the reissue was sad, kinda like he was shying away from how he used to look or something.
    Off The Wall is a happy album, I wanna see MJ's big smiling face.

    I'm on acid by the way so this may not make sense.
  19. Thievius

    Thievius This is my sweet custom title, yo

    Moreno Valley, CA
    Well then, this is for you.


    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    The Phil Collins album reissues. What was he thinking??? I saved my money.
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  21. A Saucerful of Scarlets

    A Saucerful of Scarlets Commenter Turned Viewer

    First things I thought of, although these 2 are the least offensive imo
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  22. Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter A Dark Horse Thread Starter

    Thanks man ;)
  23. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Planet Earth
    Textured would have been even better. Or.... sandpaper! :evil:
    The colour version was actually the way the artwork was originally planned in 1975/6. Until someone discovered that the design is more in tune with the music if you ch-ch-change it to black and white. They actually produced proofs that are now extremely rare and go for crazy money.
    I like both versions. The album sounds unique in mono.
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  24. The Hud

    The Hud Just add water

    Not a fan of the new Megadeth "Risk" cover. The original wasn't great, but it is the better of the two.
  25. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    That xtc cover for the deluxe Skylarking is the pits.

    And yeah I know it was Andy's original idea.

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