Would you ever buy from a dealer/ manufacturer that was a jerk?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by WvL, Dec 18, 2021.

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  1. Glmoneydawg

    Glmoneydawg Here for the chuckles.

    Ontario Canada
    Eat'm and smile my friend:)
  2. Salparadise

    Salparadise Forum Resident

    When I visit a dealer to spend money, I expect to be treated like a customer, and if that’s not the case — poof, gone. I hate the thought of giving my money to a dickhead a lot worse than missing a discount.
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  3. MGW

    MGW Less travelling, more listening

    Scotland, UK
    I have been buying from the same local dealer for 20-plus years. They are people I genuinely like and I always enjoy my (and their) visits. When I was thinking about adding the Isoacoustic Gaia footers to my speakers they did not stock them and genuinely stated that they had no experience of them.
    I went to their main local competitors. They were very interested to speak after the sale was made until they realised that all of my gear was bought from the other dealer. At this point the salesman, for that is what he was, pretty much turned his back on me!
    It took ages to get the order through, no communication, effort only on my part.
    Now if it were me I would have sent me as a challenge. Let's see if I can capture this customer from the opposition. But apparently not.
    Bottom line is that I have never been back and never will. If I ever need or want something that my regular dealer cannot get me in the future I will do it online or by phone, but not from them.
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  4. DaveyF

    DaveyF Forum Resident

    La Jolla, Calif
    I ran into a well known speaker manufacturer at a show about three years ago. He was sitting in his room assisting with demo's of his speakers and other gear. When I walked into the room, he got up and asked me if I was able to hear the amazing bass that his speakers could portray. I sat down and to my ears the bass was anything but amazing...I told him the system sounded good, but that the room was a little boomy, not the systems fault. ( he apparently couldn't hear this!). The guy got very belligerent and asked me to leave his room, which i did. Saves me from ever having to consider his wares in the future.:righton:
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  5. Leao

    Leao Forum Resident

    Jerks do not get my business in audio or any other aspect of my life. I do not care what they have to sell. There are always alternatives.
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  6. hifisoup

    hifisoup @hearmoremusic on Instagram

    From another perspective, maybe the dealer/manufacturer thinks the buyer is being the jerk? Nah, that never happens. LOL.
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  7. myles

    myles Argyle, before you ask ....

    Plymouth, UK
    I was going to say! More than a few involved in this hobby are absolute tools and I don't know quite what attracts so many of them. Some dealers are just like the owners, just on steroids!
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  8. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Senior Member

    I couldn't care less about personalities. As long as the price and other conditions are right, I'm not looking for the "warm and fuzzies."
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  9. Riktator

    Riktator Surfer of the Audio Waves

    Too many good people out there to have to deal with jerks. Sometimes I have had to hold my nose and part with my money but rarely. I'd rather pay more for decent customer service than do business with a jerk.
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  10. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana jazz vinyl addict

    I’ve met Richard several times and he’s never been rude, he’s just not a teddy bear either.
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  11. Bruce Burgess

    Bruce Burgess Senior Member

    Hamilton, Canada
    Only as a very last resort.
  12. Daring

    Daring My quest to marry Stevie Nicks has failed

    Grove Ok
    I don't tolerate rude people, however it would really suck to open a store and have all that overhead and demo your equipment only to find out you lost the sale over 30.00 on the web.

    TEA FOR ONE Listening to the world one note at a time

    99% of my audio purchases have been from the used market. In other purchases,let’s say cars or motorcycles,I absolutely will not tolerate rude behavior. I’ve literally walked out on rude salespeople. Now granted,a motor vehicle, you pretty much know what you are looking for when you walk in. I understand audio has so many nuances,you may basically know the price range,but not the model you want. But,rude is rude.
  14. patient_ot

    patient_ot Senior Member

    I can accept that some folks are a bit prickly to deal with or perhaps eccentric. There is a line though. I buy nothing from an audio store that is local to me after the owner pulled a no show on me.
  15. TimB

    TimB Pop, Rock and Blues for me!

    I have read many times that woman who shopped for high end audio have been ignored or patronized.
  16. Benzion

    Benzion "Cogito, ergo sum" Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    I have made a fatwa never to buy anything from any NYC dealers, and I'm in... NYC.
  17. brockgaw

    brockgaw Forum Resident

    No. Turned around and bought direct from the manufacturer after telling them of my experience. They're still in business but have none of mine.
  18. macster

    macster Forum Resident

    San Diego, Ca. USA
    I never said it was Richard.

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  19. chris geary

    chris geary Forum Resident

    Hopewell NJ, USA
    Come on, that is half the fun of record shops. The clerks are way up high behind the counter (and probably high) looking down on the customers. You have to screw up your courage to bring your measly stack of terrible records to them, hoping they do not decide to ridicule you to your face.

    one of my favorite things about (working in) record stores...
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  20. ZB79

    ZB79 Active Member

    Fountain Valley
    Just read some comments and thought I’d chime in with a memorable occasion.

    Pre internet, craigslist, there were a few places to go to for Hi end audio, I would always go a few times a year to check the latest and greatest and listen to various speakers.
    Recalling either the end of the 80’s or early 90’s I was searching for a receiver, cd player, speakers.
    I went to a place, were the owner( a quite heavy set man) assisted me and had seen me before in his store, he asked what I was looking for and he went through some models. (quite friendly)
    I usually write things down and include info and price but on this occasion I just went to listen.
    A week later some sales were going on and I decided to pull the trigger on something?
    I went back with a pad and started to write down prices. The guy was helping another customer and when he seen me with the pad he went ballistic!:cussing:
    I’ll spare the language but short of kicking me out of his store he accused me of wanting to low-ball him and this what you lowlifes do to drive a guy out of business etc.
    Thankfully his partner restrained him and calmed him down, he was near hyperventilating, sweating profusely and all red ,practically near a heart attack!

    I told him this is how I shop to find exactly what I’m looking for I had no intention of low-balling him and told him I had recommended his shop to many people.
    Additionally I told him there might be something I’m looking for that you don’t have but maybe you could order?

    His demeanor changed in an instant and was apologizing profusely as much as he was sweating.:shrug:

    I never went back.
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  21. bluesky

    bluesky Senior Member

    south florida, usa

    Unless he gave me a super deal! :agree:

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  22. Brother_Rael

    Brother_Rael Senior Member

    Not a chance.
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  23. aunitedlemon

    aunitedlemon Unity is in the pith.

    I'm not going to pay someone's rent if they can't pay me a modicum of respect for making the effort to do so.
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  24. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    NO, and I've never had that experience...I was always treated with respect as a paying customer buy the salesman...
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  25. Salparadise

    Salparadise Forum Resident

    Can't help but wonder how you'd handle the proverbial, "does this make my ass look fat" question. Yes dear, but only from the back, and I'm sure it's because there's too much light in the room.
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