X-Files remastered for HD and Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Jim in Houston, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. The PQ is very good considering the show started out as a low-budget 90s TV show. The box set does look disappointing, it probably makes sense to skip it and buy each season separately.
  2. They look exceptional good. The audio mix for 5.1

    I did notice some upscaled scenes in the second half of "Duane Barry". Some close ups of Mulder in a car and Dana's mom in one sequence. Clearly they were missing footage. I wonder if they will replace this footage if it is found and restore in a remaster later.
  3. A couple of flaws not mentioned on this set (I will add more as I continue to view the set):
    Season two duplicates "Soft Light" on disc 6 an 7 (not a big del)
    Upscaled shots from the show were used for a couple where they couldn't find the footage (only about five that I can determine outside of the episodes on season 2 --which I have completed so far--outside of the upscaled visual effects shots).
    Why 2K vs. 4K? 1) The upscaled shots would look even worse including the visual effects shots and that would truly require the producers to redo those shots from scratch) 2) money of course 3) time 4) if it did cost more, the retail price would be even more impacting sales for the average fan. 5) I think that Fox looked at sales for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (which also had a large audience for its time) and determined that the retail price impacted sales.

    As to why they released it to Neflix before releasing it on Blu-ray--it was a bone headed decision but the licensing department that handles this operates separately from the unit that puts these out for sales. I concerted effort would help sales (another reason why I think the cost of this set is relatively inexpensive compared to "ST:TNG" and some other sets although not as inexpensive as, say "The Wire"--although that had less episodes).

    If they had made this set EXCLUSIVE for a time to BD, they would have helped sales (for some but others would not have cared--more casual fans would still not have bought the set BUT retailers--at least some--are using this as a loss leader).

    The reason Amazon is so expensive for the boxed set is that 1) they weren't offered any exclusives and 2) they weren't offered an exclusive deep discount that they wanted (the former is my speculation).

    It would have made sense for Fox, if they wouldn't offer deep discount, to offer Amazon or other retailers some exclusives--a disc with a gag reel or other materials such as exclusive documentaries but that would have cost more money. They didn't offer the movies with this set and that might have worked as well.

    For those who want to add the movies and the forthcoming mini-series to the set you can cut out the second black cardboard piece (I used my box cutter for that purpose carefully removing the remain glue). I also added the movies to a single container taking out the digital version of the second movie (It's not very good anyway. I think Fox realized this back in the day which is why they appeared to give it support but didn't advertise the hell out of it). You can try this approach. As for artwork, I put artwork for the first movie on the outside and the second on the inside of the BD case facing the discs). I'm sure, for those interested. you can try and same approach.

    Since the TV "event" is only six episodes, I imagine they will be on only two discs so they should fit in if the proper Amray case is used.

    Anyhow, that's the end of my thoughts on the matter.
  4. There does appear to be a problem with how Fox mastered season eight's set. They applied the wrong black levels and much of it is overly dark on a properly calibrated display. People are still waiting to see how Fox handles the problem. A replacement is very possible.
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