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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by neil wilkes, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. privit1

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    I dont see blaming APE and Opus for this is exactly fair, they test these discs with many people I know that there is a pool of people regularly testing for Opus.

    Blame shoudl be laid squarly on the ever changeing 'standards' of blu ray and Sony's antiqented insitance on having outdated copy control software.

    The fiasco starts with Sony, and dont forget its not just Opus discs that are having this problem, i beleve the last Queen Blu ray was subject to similar issues and theer are some films with teh same issues.

    1) if you ahve a standard dont change it its like changing the offside rule in football half way through the first half.
    2) get rid of copy protection those that can will and those that cant wont , the assumption of guilt by these companies is unbelevable.
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  2. kouzie

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    Batavia, IL
    I have a technical question that I don't believe has been answered (so far). What I don't understand is why the Nonsuch and Drums & Wires blu rays play just fine on my PS3, but not O&L. Why would this be?

    Also, it's just not a Sony issue. Going through the posts, there are several blu ray brands and players that won't play O&L blu ray. Even with Oppo players, not all will play it.
  3. Onrd

    Onrd I am not a number

    This disc will not play properly with either of my two software players - PowerDVD and WinDVD. It will not play on two out three of my Sony players. It will not play on XBOX ONE and PS4. It will not play on my Vizio Player. It will play on my Oppo using a cumbersome workaround. There is definitely something wrong with the authoring!
  4. Gregory Sandoval

    Gregory Sandoval Active Member

    With all due respect, your argument does not hold water. Read the posts just below this one and you can see that the disks don't work on the number one software player on PCs, as well as on several players that represent huge market share in the Blu-ray installed base. Finally it's clear the other disks in this series do work on all of these players. So, the only logical conclusion is that testing was inadequate and that a choice was made to author these discs differently. Those decisions are clearly open to fair criticism, as is the lack of communication and passing the buck that is going on here for going on six months now. I'm not trying to be argumentative with you I just want to set the record straight on these very simple points that keep getting brushed aside...
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  5. Gregory Sandoval

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    All over Twitter from Andy Partridge and Stephen Wilson that the Skylarking tapes have been found and all but one song have been remixed. A reissue must be forthcoming!

    My excitement is high, but tempered by the O&L authoring fiasco. Hopefully they revert to the process used successfully for Nonsuch and Drums & Wires. I will not lay out a dime otherwise and until they prove they got it right this time.

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  6. rstamberg

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    Riverside, CT
    I'm amazed how tough this disc is to play for so many people — a full six months after its release — while I've had absolutely no problem whatsoever with mine playing on two separate Universal Disc players (Cambridge Audio and Oppo units) and even on an external Blu-ray Disc Drive (an LG CP40NG10 unit) connected to my MacBook Pro using ANYMP4 Mac Blu-ray Disc Player software (plus, Apple doesn't support Blu-ray Discs, natively). I don't understand why this is still an issue.
  7. Gregory Sandoval

    Gregory Sandoval Active Member

    I replied to Andy's Twitter feed pointing out that this problem is not just affecting Sony players and "some gaming machines" as he put it, but rather is more widespread. His response:

    "We haven't heard from Sony. I don't make the <expletive deleted - rhymes with 'mucking'> things."

    So, my frustration is that this really does not seem to be entirely Sony's fault but the artist and label continue to float that half-truth and have not offered any workaround or refund for customers who can't play this disc.

    I presume that the home computer has him on the run (as the man once sang) and will cut him some slack for not fully grasping the in's and out's of this issue. I'm also sure he's as frustrated as customers are with the situation. But, really, this has been totally mishandled. We can only hope the upcoming Skylarking 5.1 Blu Ray release he's finishing up will not have this issue if for no other reason than he's tired of hearing about it and will specifically request that this disc be authored in the same manner as D&W and Nonsuch.

    I will continue to enjoy my O&L coaster set, thanks! ;-)

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  8. oh1

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    Six months down the road and the responsibility has been swept under the carpet. We have heard nothing from an official source for some time and now the artist dismisses a fairly well regarded bluray player as a gaming machine.
    Options are either return the disc as faulty to the record company ( although it's not ) Alternatively spend an additional £50 on a basic bluray player to play a £17 disc. A total outlay of around £70 , ironically the price it probably had been had it been released as a conventional deluxe boxset.
    Don't care for the sense of abandonment.
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  9. kouzie

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    Batavia, IL
    @neil wilkes from Opus (who authored the disc) initially was on this thread, of course pointing blame to all the various hardware manufacturers and accepting none of his own. He also kept referencing Sony hardware/firmware (largely the PS3 specifically) while several others stated manufacturers and models that couldn't play the disc.

    From a post of his on Nov 1, 2015 "This will be resolved." To his defense, he didn't mention what year it would be resolved.

    Based on the forum stats, Neil was last seen here on Dec 7, 2015. So it would appear that he's avoiding all our comments for the past 4 1/2 months. What a cowardly thing to do.
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  10. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    You can bet your bonnet that the next XTC BR disc coming from Wilkes or Opus won't have this problem. It will magically disappear.
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  11. CraigVC

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    Well, after waiting months and months without any sign of resolving this issue, I "fixed" it the only way that apparently works: I retired my Sony blu-ray player that works perfectly well EXCEPT with a handful of some of the newest blu-ray discs in my collection, and spent US$1,300 on an Oppo blu-ray player.

    Result: This XTC blu-ray disc finally plays on my system. Only cost me about $1,325 to hear XTC Oranges & Lemons in surround. I mean, it does sound beautiful, but ... worth $1,325? Don't think so. I'm still very annoyed by the entire debacle.

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  12. rstamberg

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    Riverside, CT
    Worth every cent.
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  13. Phil Tate

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    I think part of the problem is that electronic equipment these days isn't expected to last. People don't have bluray players for long before they break down, become obsolete or they just want a new one, so there's no real urgency to fix one troublesome disc - if they just ride it out the people having trouble will end up getting new players.

    Blu ray players aren't like record players or even CD players - they're more like mobile phones, the technology is constantly updating. Unfortunately that means they're just as disposable.
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  14. cyclistsb

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    Hey be aware that the OPPO isn't "just" a bluray player...it is a media center extraordinaire. Very few products can do what the OPPO can accomplish at that price point. I hardly even use it for Bluray anymore...I mostly stream from my NAS storage.
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  15. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    I have an Oppo BDP-83SE, 5 years old, and it just broke this past week. Wouldn't read DVDs or CDs - but would play Blu-ray discs. Customer service told me to open up the player and clean the two lenses in the player - there are actually two. That didn't work, so something must be wrong with the laser used to read DVD and CD. So I sent the player in for service.

    $79.00 flat fee repair service which includes shipping back to me via Fed Ex. You can't be that - an $899.00 original priced player, which is a great machine - plays everything you throw at it.

    So for such a reasonable out of warranty price to fix the player - no matter what the problem might be - it was worth keeping. I also thought about purchasing a new 105 ($1300.00), but as I said the price to fix my 83SE nixed that deal.

    The only negative was it did cost me $38.00 to ship it to California from New Jersey via UPS ground and insure the deliver for the value of the machine. (So total for repair - $117.00.)

    Oppo players are great and from my point of view - not disposable.
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  16. rstamberg

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    Riverside, CT
  17. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    I am hoping that soon we will see the demise of physical digital media and the idea of buying a "disc" will render a media player langer lasting through component swaps, module changes or software upgrades. The current OPPO model comes close...I am somewhat spoiled as I have a PS3 that can rip SACD to DSD. The format wars really ahs done a disscervice to the whole audiophile community as we are still in a world where the Betamax of audio is still being made new (take your pick on which format is the loser...it isn't entirely clear to me yet.)
  18. Phil Tate

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    South Shields
    Absolutely agree with this. I'd love to get into high res audio, but the format situation is such a mess that I find it all a bit baffling. I haven't even tried connecting a DVD/blu ray player to my hifi to try out the few discs I've got, because there's no TV in my music room so navigating the discs would be completely impossible.
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  19. njstrummer

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    Please help. I've searched SH forums and get it, but I'm unable to rip the Oranges and Lemons BluRay. I'm on a MacBook Pro, have MacBluRay, MakeMkv, and DVD AE. Spent over a hour using the MakrMKV "back-up" on my hard drive, then used DVD AE and still got the "can't do it" message from AE. Is there something I'm missing?
  20. Zongadude

    Zongadude Music is the best

    I really enjoyed the other XTC blurays (Drums & wires and Nonsuch) but I'm afraid to buy "Oranges & lemons" because I don't know if I'm gonna be able to play it :(
    Has the problem been solved or not ?
    (I have two Bluray players: a PS3 and a LG standalone player).
  21. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Is European version better ,
  22. kouzie

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    Batavia, IL
    The problem has not been solved. My ps3 and xbox one still can't play it.
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  23. Bonddm

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    It plays perfectly on my (cheap) LG and Cambridge blu ray players.
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  24. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    What's the contents of the blu Ray ?
  25. Bonddm

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