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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The previous poll is closed for voting: What is the best Yes album? »

    Tristero suggested that I start a new poll with three vote options, so here goes...

    I have included all of the studio LPs plus the live albums that space would allow.
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  2. DrewHarris

    DrewHarris Forum Resident

    Good ol' Alaska
    My three are the only three albums that I've listened to fully: The Yes Album, Fragile, and 90125. I need to catch up.
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  3. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Forum Resident

    The Yes Album
    Close to the Edge

    It's nearly a toss up for me with TYA and Tales, but went with TYA.
  4. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    The Yes Album
    Close to the Edge
  5. Rodney Toady

    Rodney Toady Waste of cyberspace

    Going for the One
  6. tmwlng

    tmwlng Forum Resident

    Close to the Edge, Tales from Topographic Oceans and Going for the One. Difficult choice though.
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  7. mx20

    mx20 Enthusiast

    Raleigh, NC
    TYA, Fragile, Relayer
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  8. SirNoseDVoid

    SirNoseDVoid Forum Resident

    I voted for TYA, Close to the Edge and .. Time and a Word (not a favorite with most fans, I know..)
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  9. Maurice

    Maurice Forum Resident

    North Yarmouth, ME
    Lotsa great stuff here but it's really no question for me:
    1. Fragile
    2. The Yes Album
    3. Close To The Edge
  10. Mbe

    Mbe Forum Resident

    Oooh, a YES poll of polls

    I don’t have everything on the list but these are my picks, 1 and 2 are probably set whereas 3 could switch from time to time.

    1 – 1969 Yes (always reminds of younger days and long summers)
    2 – 1971 The Yes Album (This one really got inside my head more than any other)
    3 – 1973 Tales from Topographic Oceans (relax sit / lay back and transcend)

    Controversial confession;
    I had Drama for a little while, played it a couple of times then I’m afraid it was unceremoniously dropped into the bin,
    so post Drama I have been very selective / cautious in my purchases, perhaps too much so.
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  11. Harvest Your Thoughts

    Harvest Your Thoughts Forum Resident

    On your screen
    My current favourites in the wonderful world of Yes!

    The Ladder - Under-rated and fun!

    Open Your Eyes
    - Some great work by Squire here

    Fly From Here
    - One of the finest albums after the turn of the century
  12. Eleventh Earl of Mar

    Eleventh Earl of Mar Somehow got them all this far.

    New York
    The Yes Album
    Close to the Edge
    Drama - I really enjoy this one, all the prior albums and 90125 are fine but after that...
  13. humpf

    humpf Allowed to write something here.

    I have just voted in the older thread, so it's not closed.

    But three albums are more than one so why not. In fact, it's easy to vote for one - Close to the Edge is the obvious choice (at least for me). The other two were the debut album and The Yes Album, although I was tempted to include 90125.

    Fragile seems to me quite uneven (or fragile if you like). After Close to the Edge the band lost its drive (for me) and Drama with 90125 were a bit of fresh air (or last gasps in retrospect).
  14. Seagull

    Seagull Seabird flavour member

    I've ticked The Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Fragile as those are the ones I'm most familiar with from my misspent youth.

    I recently bought a box set of the first 12 albums.

    Note to self: Must get round to playing some of the others.

    So much music so little time.
  15. Elton

    Elton I Hope Being Helpful, Will Make Me Look Cool

    Carson Ca.
    The Yes Album
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  16. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    the yes album
    close to the edge
    Tales from topographic oceans

    Thats my favs today but ask me again tomorrow it could easily be three others. There arnt many yes albums that i dont like
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  17. LadderFilter

    LadderFilter Member

    Nice poll guys: Yes is one of my all time favourite band!

    1. Close to the edge (without doubt)
    2. Tales from topographic oceans
    3. Relayer (hard choice...)
  18. kaztor

    kaztor Forum Resident

    Keys 1 (2 parts should've been combined).
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  19. kayley10

    kayley10 Forum Resident

  20. grimble

    grimble Forum Resident

    London, UK
    The Yes Album
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  21. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    3 is by far the easiest number for a Yes poll as the run TYA - Fragile - CTTE really defined their sound.
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  22. CrombyMouse

    CrombyMouse Forum Resident

    1971: The Yes Album
    1972: Close to the Edge
    1973: Tales from Topographic Oceans
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  23. CorporalClegg

    CorporalClegg Forum Resident

    Same for me.
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  24. Endymion

    Endymion Forum Resident

    Very tough choice to pick only three albums. Today I picked "Close To The Edge", "Relayer" and "Going For The One". On another day I might put "Fragile" or "Yessongs" in the Top 3.
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  25. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    Close To The Edge
    Tales from Topographic Oceans
    The Yes Album

    It was hard to leave Fragile and Relayer out of the list.

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