Yes - Fragile Super Deluxe Edition - 6/28/24

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by RockDude4492, May 15, 2024.

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    Well for me it is the reverse situation, I want the new vinyl remastering AAA because the extras on the CDs are available on Amazon Music - I don’t have a 5.1 or 7.1 system. I do have various copies of Fragile , ie Plum, first editions , Acoustic Sounds , 2016 KG, so tbh I don’t actually need another one, but I will still be buying the boxset

    Having said that , I also purchased TYA boxset and it is beautifully put together, so as a Yes completist , I am happy to have it in my collection. The BG cut vinyl is exquisite, so I am interested to see how that will compare to the Atlantic 75, 45 release.

    FWIW , it seems that BG cuts the 33 boxset edition LPs and Chris Bellman the 45s in the 75 series, so they are entirely different re-mastering projects, albeit maybe done at the same time when they had access to the original tapes.
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    I am confused too. I would have considered the 2x45 for The Yes Album, but the recent Bernie cut in the box set is SOO GOOD! It is objectively valuable as a listen even against the best vintage cuts. So why on Earth are they about do reissue it again at 45RPM? I honestly question how it could be improved.

    Will it be the same with Fragile? Another outstanding AAA cut and then out comes a double 45 right afterwards? All things equal I'd prefer less flipping but I do recognize 45RPM can improve certain aspects of the sound that I care about. But I'm also not going to miss out on the digital live stuff and outtakes from the box sets.

    It just seams like they're eating their own sales, like releasing a greatest hits right after a new album.
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  5. Thonolan

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    From the SW Remixes Facebook:

    YES (official)'s 1972 album Fragile is being reissued as a six-disc super deluxe edition by RHINO on 28th June. Pre-order here:
    This follows the same format and approach that was taken on the recent The Yes Album super deluxe with a vinyl and CD remaster of the original mix, instrumentals, edits, rarities, live recordings, along with various versions of my remix of the album, including a newly created Dolby Atmos mix.
    The blu-ray offers five versions of the album; 2024 Dolby Atmos Mix, 2024 5.1 mix, 2024 New Stereo Mix, 2024 Instrumentals, and 2024 Remaster of Original Mix.
    Although the Atmos mix is newly created, the “new” stereo and 5.1 mixes are essentially very slightly tweaked versions of my 2014 mixes from the previous edition.
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  6. highfell

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    Not sure it is that complicated.

    Isn’t it just two different business “owners”. Analogue Productions and Atlantic/Rhino

    Chad saw the opportunity to create a special 45x2 disk offering to coincide with Atlantic’s 75th anniversary for which presumably he gets the Lion’s share of the profits and Atlantic a fee/income for the use of their tapes. He has chosen 4 Yes Albums. Now you can argue why those four - his view is that those are the most likely to maximise his return. Now for us - they actually aren’t the best choice. CTTE and Fragile have all had recent AAA remasters - non super deluxe boxset. TYA has had that of course now. 90125 maybe is a fair choice. We might have preferred Relayer, Tales from Topographic Oceans and Going for the One instead as none of these have had AAA remastering done AFAIK.

    For the Yes boxsets, Rhino is packaging these and looking to monetise following their purchase of the Yes Catalogue. So that is great news and we can expect more to follow.
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  7. ODShowtime

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    I'm not complaining, I just see a saturated market. Good point; I guess these are two distinct labels releasing the box sets vs the 45s. I get confused because Rhino has their own audiophile thing going now.
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    Los Angeles, CA
    The Dean is a completely unreleased track. Never booted; a work-in-progress if you will.
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    Now that's exciting!
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  10. GRompre68

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    Colombus, Ohio
    ImportCDs has the box for pre-order at $73.44. Not bad. I am still on the fence, but I am seriously considering it.
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  11. omma

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    I wish they would release a version with the 8-track running order - the way I first heard it upon release.
    I've always felt HOTS a much better opener than Roundabout:
  12. InStepWithTheStars

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    North Carolina
    But it's the same Grundman/Bellman team doing the mastering for both the Atlantic 75th and the Rhino super deluxe. That either means the two releases will have the same mastering, or they'll be doing two unique remasters of the same music at the same time. If the former, what's the incentive to buy the AAA Atlantic 75th when the Rhino super deluxe also has 4 CDs and an Atmos Bluray for only ~$15 more? If the latter, why would they even bother doing two separate AAA remasters, especially from Bernie Grundman?

    Certainly these labels have the right to release whatever they're licensed to, and I wish no ill on either – it just seems very odd to me that both are (presumably) in the works at the same time.
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  13. rockclassics

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    Mainline Florida
    45 RPM vs 33 RPM?

    It is also a way to get vinyl only instead of vinyl plus additional discs.
  14. StickyFingers85

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    Rhino didn't purchase the Yes catalog. Rhino is the label for all Warner music that is not on roster, aka old. It's just where everything from Atlantic, Elektra, Warner, etc goes when the artist is no longer creating new music for the label they started on.
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  15. StickyFingers85

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    Elmira, NY
    I doubt they are different masters. The Atlantic 75 stuff might say Atlantic on it, but it's being curated by Rhino. So, both releases are really on the same label.
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  16. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    My point is they're two different products, that are comparable in price, at roughly the same time, that presumably won't be a different mastering... what would be the reason to choose the Atlantic 75th pressing over the super deluxe with an Atmos mix and 3 CDs of extra goodies? I could understand if they were released even a year apart, but at the same time? It's just weird to me.
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  17. highfell

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    Having different owners of the two products explains the situation and I would agreed it create an unnecessary overlap in timing.

    I assumed that Grundman would be doing the 45 mastering but he didn’t on the TYA , so to my mind it is different mastering.

    Logically you wouldn’t buy both , especially for the TYA given the exceptional sound of Grundman’s work. I think for the normal punter you don’t actually.

    BUT Yes is my favourite band and I have such good things about the sounds of the AAA Altantic 75 series then I have pre-ordered the TYA version as well.
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  18. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    There are a lot of scenarios where this makes sense to me. If the AP was done by Steve Hoffman or Kevin Gray, it would make sense. If they were spaced out maybe two years apart, I'd understand. If the super deluxe box's LP was digitally sourced, I'd get it. But Bernie Grundman is cutting both AAA, and they're coming out at roughly the same time. If you're already shelling out (roughly) $60 for an all-analog Bernie Grundman remaster of Fragile on vinyl, why wouldn't you then spend (roughly) an additional $15 to get three CDs of outtakes, remixes, instrumentals, and live tracks, and a Bluray with a surround/Atmos mix?

    I have no ill wishes toward Chad/AP, and I think the Atlantic 75 campaign is a very worthwhile one. I just think the timing of these two releases is particularly unusual. But who knows? There still isn't a release date set for the AP, so maybe it will end up being about two years apart. :laugh:
  19. bondegezou

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    That's exciting! Is there any particular reason that it's not marked as previously unreleased on the release announcement?
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  20. yesstiles

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    Is this the second time Kevin Gray has mastered this for LP?
  21. yesstiles

    yesstiles Senior Member

    Given that description of yourself, I find it odd that you’re not interested in the LP.
  22. nicotinecaffeine

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    Walton, KY
    No. Same cut. KPG@CA.

    The 75ATL-clear is identical to the above.
  23. SJB

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    My guess is a simple typo. The original track list for The Yes Album super deluxe had some errors that were more substantial than a missing asterisk. The important thing is we're getting a "new" Yes recording from the Fragile era! Presumably unfinished, but fingers crossed it's more complete than the sadly fragmentary "All Fighters Past." I love what exists of "...Fighters...," and it's clearly not just an abandoned sketch because they bothered to overdub a backwards guitar solo. Maybe we'll get a little bit of backstory for "The Dean," or maybe it's just been so long that nobody remembers it (or they remember it differently). But we get to hear it! Keep the super deluxe Yes sets coming, especially if they manage to find the multi-tracks for Going for the One.
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  24. wabrit

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    Here's something (not really) keeping me awake at night. The gatefold inner sleeve for The Yes Album is almost but not quite there in the super deluxe edition; obscured by CD holders etc.

    Please reassure me they're not going to do that to a putative super deluxe edition of Close to The Edge. That inner sleeve is iconic.
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  25. SJB

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    Most CD players are programmable, and playlists are whatever one wants, and there are even CD burners for artisanal physical discs. So it can be done.
    As for that minute of silence at the end of part 4 - they could shorten that silence by reinstating the "We Have Heaven" reprise. (My first copy of Fragile was the U.S. cassette, which didn't have the reprise. So I'm guessing it was missing from the 8-track too.)

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