Yes Top 40 countdown!! (please do not list spoilers/predictions)

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  1. George Co-Stanza

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    Alright, as I promised it would be next, it is time to get the Yes countdown cranking!

    Anyone who wants to enter a list, send it to me via private conversation (do not post it in this thread, please). Any list posted in thread/not sent to me via private conversation will not be used.

    IFour weeks still seems about right for the submissions period, so the cutoff date to send one is the end of the day Saturday, April 6th. Once I have received every list and entered them into a spreadsheet, I will add up the total and come up with the top 40 and then count them down from 40 to 1, likely spread out over three weeks.

    As always, my request, once we get the countdown going, is that we do not make guesses, predictions or list spoilers as to what songs might still be to come in the countdown (as noted in the parenthesis in the thread title). Please be courteous and let the countdown play out.

    Prior countdowns I have run (please note that I have amended the links to show the top reveals/total final lists):

    Styx: Styx Top 40 countdown thread!!
    Blue Oyster Cult: Blue Oyster Cult Top 40 countdown thread!!
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    Queen: Queen Top 40 countdown!! (please do not list spoilers/predictions) (still ongoing)

    The rules:

    -Songs must be listed from 40 to 1 in order and NUMBERED, with no ties. No having two songs tied for number 1 or anything like that. Please do not list your songs with the points total. List them in your order (I will figure out the points on my end). Any list submitted with the songs not numbered or with discrepancies in the list will be considered invalid and not used.

    -Your list must have 40 songs. No more, no less. Even if you don't know all their songs, if you are enough of a fan to rank 40 songs, that is good enough!

    -The list will be tallied numerically in a simple way. On each list, whatever song is at number 1 gets 40 points, number 2 gets 39 points, number 3 gets 38 points, etc.

    -A song cannot be listed twice, like listing a studio version of a song and then a live version or remix as a separate song. If you want to rank a song, and there are multiple versions, just pick your favorite version and use that to rank the song (you don't have to tell me which version it is, as the songs are all ranked by title, not by versions).

    -Please proofread your list before sending it. Any list with the same song listed twice, too many songs, not enough songs, etc. will not be used.

    -Please do not send the list until you are 100% with it, as I will be entering these on the fly, and if you send a list and then want to change it three days later for example, that creates double work for me since I'd have to remove your entire original list and enter the new one. Let's try to keep it easy for me.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to post in this thread as well that you have PM'd me, if for no other reason than to bump this back up for others who may want to participate who may not have seen the thread yet. I will @ many who have done the previous countdowns as well as those who seemed interested in this one, but feel free to @ any Yes fans you think might be interested, that way they see the thread. (apologies if I forgot anyone, as I am sure I did).

    This ranking engine link below works great. You can input all of the songs, and then you pick your favorite of every 1 on 1 matchup and then it spits out your list. The songs must be listed in your top 40 as listed below.

    Ranking Engine

    When you get to the ranking engine site, click on "music" (on the left in big letters), copy and paste all the songs (or just the ones you want to rank to get to a top 40) in the text on the left where it says "Enter Items Here" and hit "add." Then click "rank" near the top and you can then begin. You do not have to sign up at the site or enter any email address or phone number to use it. It is free to use.

    Songs are listed below. You can always enter just the songs that you think might make your top 40 into the ranking engine, as that will shorten the process. It really only takes 15-30 minutes to do, depending on how many songs you enter.

    Please note that I have altered my thinking a bit on this one regarding "suites," thus Endless Dream (which is broken up into three tracks on the original CD) and Fly From Here (which is broken up into six tracks) are listed as single tracks and can only be listed that way. Judgment call on my part.

    A Living Island
    A Venture
    All Connected
    Almost Like Love
    And You and I
    Angkor Wat
    Arriving UFO
    Astral Traveller
    Be the One
    Believe Again
    Beyond and Before
    Big Generator
    Bring Me to the Power
    Can I?
    Can You Imagine
    Cans and Brahms
    Children of Light
    Circles of Time
    Circus of Heaven
    City of Love
    Clear Days
    Close to the Edge
    Cut from the Stars
    Damaged World
    Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You're Searching For)
    Dare to Know
    Dear Father
    Does It Really Happen?
    Don't Go
    Don't Kill the Whale
    Endless Dream
    Every Little Thing
    Everybody's Song
    Face to Face
    Final Eyes
    Five per Cent for Nothing
    Fly From Here (suite)
    Foot Prints
    Fortune Seller
    Friend of a Friend
    From the Balcony
    Future Memories
    Future Times/Rejoice
    Give & Take
    Give Love Each Day
    Going for the One
    Golden Age
    Harold Land
    Have We Really Got to Go Through This
    Heart of the Sunrise
    Hold On
    Holding On
    Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)
    Homeworld (The Ladder)
    Hour of Need
    I Am Waiting
    I See You
    I Would Have Waited Forever
    If Only You Knew
    I'm Running
    In a World of Our Own
    In the Presence Of
    In the Tower
    Into the Lens
    Into the Storm
    It Can Happen
    It Was All We Knew
    It Will Be a Good Day (The River)
    It's Over
    I've Seen All Good People
    Leave It
    Leave Well Alone
    Life on a Film Set
    Lift Me Up
    Light of the Ages
    Lightning Strikes
    Living Out Their Dream
    Long Distance Runaround
    Looking Around
    Love Shine
    Love Will Find a Way
    Machine Messiah
    Magic Potion
    Make It Easy
    Man in the Moon
    Mind Drive
    Minus the Man
    Miracle of Life
    Mirror to the Sky
    Montreux's Theme
    Mood for a Day
    Music to My Ears
    Mystery Tour
    New Language
    New State of Mind
    Nine Voices (Longwalker)
    No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
    No Way We Can Lose
    On the Silent Wings of Freedom
    One Second Is Enough
    Open Your Eyes
    Our Song
    Owner of a Lonely Heart
    Perpetual Change
    Real Love
    Release, Release
    Rhythm of Love
    Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)
    Run Through the Light
    Saving My Heart
    Shock to the System
    Shoot High Aim Low
    Siberian Khatru
    Sign Language
    Silent Talking
    Sister Sleeping Soul
    Soft as a Dove
    Some Are Born
    Somehow, Someday
    Song No. 4
    Sound Chaser
    South Side of the Sky
    Spirit of Survival
    Starship Trooper
    State of Play
    Step Beyond
    Subway Walls
    Sweet Dreams
    Take the Water to the Mountain
    Tempus Fugit
    That, That Is
    The Ancient (Giants Under the Sun)
    The Calling
    The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
    The Game
    The Gates of Delirium
    The Ice Bridge
    The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be
    The Messenger
    The More We Live -- Let Go
    The Prophet
    The Remembering (High the Memory)
    The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)
    The Solution
    The Western Edge
    Time and a Word
    Time is Time
    To Ascend
    To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)
    To Be Over
    Turn of the Century
    Univeral Garden
    Unknown Place
    Vevey (Revisited)
    We Agree
    We Have Heaven
    Where Will You Be
    White Car
    Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day
    Wonderous Stories
    Yesterday and Today
    You Can Be Saved
    Yours Is No Disgrace

    @Andi g.
    @Andrew Preview
    @Arthur Comics
    @bare trees
    @Big Pasi
    @Brian Kelly
    @Can you see the real me
    @Capt Fongsby
    @CBS CLASH 3
    @Daniel Plainview
    @Dave G
    @Dawg In Control
    @Doctor Worm
    @downer mydnyte
    @dubious title
    @Eleventh Earl of Mar
    @Ernest T
    @four sticks
    @George P.
    @Golden Richards
    @Gratefully Deadicated
    @Harp Of Glass
    @Harry Hood
    @Herman Schultz
    @Homemade Parachute
    @I Have Been Floated
    @Ian S
    @Instant Dharma
    @Jimmy Jam
    @Joe McKee
    @John Rhett Thomas
    @Kevin Davis
    @Leskanic's Thread
    @mark winstanley
    @Matt B
    @Michael Streett
    @morgan 1098
    @Mr Sam
    @Mr. D
    @NorthNY Mark
    @Paul H
    @Pete Puma
    @Proggy Man
    @Richard Starkly
    @Roman Potato Chip
    @Sammy Waslow
    @Saturns Pattern
    @Scatterling of Africa
    @Shoehorn with Teeth
    @sinistrail sentinel
    @The Analog Kid
    @The MEZ
    @Zach Johnson
    @maui jim
    @Paisley Underground
  2. Lostchord

    Lostchord Dr. Livingstone, I presume

    Poznań, Poland
    Hurray! It will be a feast!
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  3. Galeans

    Galeans Forum Resident

    YES!! (pun may have been intended)

    This one will not be easy. I'll get back to you!
  4. mcnpauls

    mcnpauls Forum Resident

    Done! Thanks for organising tnis, George.
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  5. smith6552

    smith6552 trust the process, not the internet

    I can't think of more than about 20 songs so I won't participate. I will watch intently, though. This will be a good opportunity to dig deeper.
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  6. Lostchord

    Lostchord Dr. Livingstone, I presume

    Poznań, Poland
    Have submitted my list. I managed to narrow the lot down to 41 tracks, and the one which finally didn't make it is one which I'm sure will appear in the collective Top 10.

    Looking forward to it. I don't know if I rank Yes over Genesis overall, but my most beloved tracks by Yes are slightly above my most beloved track by Genesis, which was Dancing WIth the Moonlit Knight.

    Can't wait for the countdown to start!
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  7. JD33

    JD33 Forum Resident

    I'm not sure if I will be able to contribute to this one or not. Up to couple months ago the only Yes albums I ever heard in their entirety were 90125, Big Generator and Union. I have since gotten all of their albums from Time and a Word through Drama, Talk and Magnification. So I'll have to see if I can put together a legitimate list by the deadline. Either way I will be following with interest.
  8. KngCrmsn22

    KngCrmsn22 Forum Resident

    Oh, awesome!!! Yes is one of my all time favorite bands, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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  9. BSC

    BSC Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    Another cracking list-take it away George. Top Man.
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  10. KevinRio

    KevinRio Senior Member

    I know what I'm doing with my down time next week. :righton:
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  11. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  12. cdollaz

    cdollaz Forum Resident

    Richmond, TX, USA
    This is gonna take me a bit longer than normal to turn in. I love stuff from pretty much every album, so I am gonna have to go back thru and play some stuff I haven't listed to in a while. This one is gonna be fun.
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  13. cdollaz

    cdollaz Forum Resident

    Richmond, TX, USA
    Since ABWH isn't included, I will go ahead and say that a couple from that album would likely have made my top-40. I think I like it better than most.
  14. humpf

    humpf Allowed to write something here.

    It's gonna take time but you have my word.
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  15. Homemade Parachute

    Homemade Parachute Forum Resident

    The word is —
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  16. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product

    I'll have to skip this one, because although I have and love what I see to be the core albums - The Yes Album to Big Generator - a) pulling 40 from there is too narrow b) not being familiar with the later albums isn't really fair to the catalogue as a whole.

    I look forward to seeing the results
  17. Homemade Parachute

    Homemade Parachute Forum Resident

    Thank Geddy, it's spring break for the kids next week, so I can put them to work tabulating rankings, various live versions, use that pre-calc math, to come up with my definitive (and in Canada, legally enforceable) ranking. Now, like @cdollaz , would I like to include ABWH? Sure. There's probably a tune or two that would have a good chance there, maybe even edge out the couple of tunes from Union on my first-pass shortlist (yes, four songs from Union, and none from Topographic Oceans. Some of you may well question whether I even qualify as a fan, of Yes or of music in general…).
  18. webbcity

    webbcity Confused Onlooker

    Yes is my favorite band, so this is gonna be damn hard. Will try my best though!
  19. mcnpauls

    mcnpauls Forum Resident

    Ditto: I would have had " Themes" "Brother of Mine" "Birthright" in the top 40, maybe even "The Meeting" and "The Order of the Universe"
  20. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I did consider including the ABWH songs, but ultimately it was not a Yes album, so I thought it best to leave them off.
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  21. Homemade Parachute

    Homemade Parachute Forum Resident

    I can’t say you’re wrong…! Although the official camp has looked on ABWH more and more fondly as time goes on, appearing on an anthology or two, now in the “official” discography on the website, and I’ve always filed it with the Yes albums, it’s still an attempt to try something different, certainly according to the B in ABWH, even if that didn’t pan out.
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  22. dude

    dude Senior Member

    milwaukee wi usa
    Not only is it fair, it's admirable! :D
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  23. Murph

    Murph Enjoy every sandwich!

    All in. We should pay you for running these things!
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  24. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I had never really looked at the official website, but you can always tell who does these write-ups (or who guides them).

    Big Generator and Talk both got one line summations, while Howe's GTR project got more words than either. lol

    And apparently the discography ends with Heaven and Earth in 2014. hahaha

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