You could go back in time to see one Beatles' concert. Which of these would it be?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Siegmund

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    Britain, Europe
    As others must have mentioned, Hamburg should be an option - when they were supposedly at their best as a live band.
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    No, they did not swap, they each had their own Epiphone Casino. If you look closely, George's had a tremolo, probably a Bigsby.
    Coincidentally, they both had their guitars stripped to a natural finish. John's got a lot of air time from '68 through '71. George's not so much although it has surfaced in some mid '69 session photos.
    Late in life pictures of George's entire collection showed that he did in fact keep that guitar up until his passing.
    John's was on display (summer of 2016) at the Rock & Roll HoF in Cleveland.
    The badge said "courtesy of Yoko Ono".
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    That is great, thanks very much..
  4. Rooftop Concert... my fave live performance ever!!!
  5. Mike Reynolds

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    Yeah, I'd choose the rooftop mini-concert.

    No throngs of people to deal with. Just me and the handful of other cool people here who wanted to go. Almost like a private, up-close listening party.
  6. Culpa

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    Philadelphia, PA
    Sounds like that rooftop is getting pretty crowded. I hope they have proper fall protection in place!
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  7. AndyK235

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    I would say if you were to have 2018 sound equipment and no near riots in 1964, like a modern Paul McCartney concert at a stadium, then the 1964 DC concert, because it was smoking. Their performance was excellent there. The rooftop would also be cool.
  8. Yovra

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  9. Chris DeVoe

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    If I had the time machine needed, I'd show up a month or so early for Shea, and bring knowledge of current sound reenforcement technology and replace those useless little column speakers with Altec A2 bass bins and 3x5 multicell horns, and aim some A7 bins and some 1x4 horns at the stage - drown out all those shrieking little twits, give the Beatles a pleasant live concert experience and keep them playing shows for several more years.
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  10. Trashman

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    Of the six choices offered, I can already see four of them anytime I want, with a better view and better audio than most people who were in attendance... Ed Sullivan, Rooftop, Shea, and Washington DC. So that leaves the Cavern and Candlestick Park. I can already see a representative 66 show from the Budokan video, so the Cavern is a no-brainer choice here. The one filmed Cavern song that survives is a great tease for what could have been. Too bad Granada didn't record the full set.

    Having said that, seeing one of the late 62 Star Club shows is probably top of the list. Long sets, booze is flowing, audience interaction, and Ringo is in the band. I'm glad that a crude recording of that last Star Club engagement still exists, which I listen to often. But I also imagine that MANY songs were played that didn't end up on the tapes.

    A Casbah show also has to be pretty high on the list.
  11. MarcS

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    Oradell NJ
    66 NME Poll winners show; Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, Who, Dusty Springfield, the Walker Brothers, Roy Orbison, the Spencer Davis Group ,Herman's Hermits and the Small Faces.
  12. CBS 65780

    CBS 65780 "Could I do one more immediately?"

    Dublin, Ireland
    Rooftop. Have always loved it. If I'd been on the street that day I'd have been kicking in neighbouring doors to get up on an adjacent building's roof!
  13. PooreBoy

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    East TN
    Since the Hollywood Bowl isn't an option, I would pick the rooftop show.
  14. Mumbojunk

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    Agree completely. I love the Star Club tapes, so to actually be there and see the full show of them larking around and tearing through their favourite songs......heaven.
  15. Mark Wilson

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    Was more than 1 show of Budokan 66 recorded?

    I've only heard 1 but I've seen a couple 2-cd PD sets lately and wondered if a 2nd show was really recorded.


  16. pokemaniacjunk

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    south paris maine
    by The Cavern does it also count the time they played When I'm 64 live
  17. Dillydipper

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    Oh HELL yes...they were much younger at the time, so Paul was actually singing, "When I'm 47"...!

    I can't decide if I'd do a Cavern Club date, or go back to Hamburg for "Mach Shau!" Week...

    ...either way, I'm takin' my mini disc recorder...or maybe, TWO mini disc recorders, a couple of very thin skull-caps, and plenty of duct tape! :idea:
  18. edenofflowers

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    I've been thinking about on and off this since the thread started and I still don't have a straight answer.

    I would have loved to have seen them in Hamburg. The sleaze and the drugs and the rock and the roll. I'd have to load a mid-20s version of myself in the time machine first to make sure I could cope with all the excesses but it would be wild in the best way. I might even get a 'cuddle' with Bettina, which might be the most life threatening thing I'd do!

    The later days of the Cavern I suspect would be more wholesome but I'd love to go back and see one of their better sets.

    Probably the best mix of mayhem and music for me would be Washington '64. They play like men possessed and it's pure Beatlemania at it's most manic.

    If I could do these three I'd be more than happy. I always find the rooftop gig a bit of a downer to watch. It looks cold and miserable, George and Ringo are clearly suffering from the cold and it looks to me, outside of the fans, that no-one really wanted to be there and were doing it just because they had to for the movie's finale. It's never appealed.
  19. Trashman

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    Yes, two shows were videotaped (out of the five performances they played). They include the June 30 evening performance of them wearing the dark suits and the July 1 afternoon performance of them wearing light-colored suits. The June 30 show was the one released on laserdisc in Japan and is the most widely seen version. The July 1 show had clips that appeared in The Compleat Beatles documentary and the Anthology series. The complete footage of both Beatles shows circulates as bootlegs. The June 30 footage tends to look better, since the laserdisc provided relatively clean video. The July 1 footage that circulates is just a step down, though the Anthology clips show that decent copies of this footage exist with Apple.
  20. Trashman

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    Nice to see both ends of the spectrum represented here. :D
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  21. Mark Wilson

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    Thanks for the detailed answer!! I appreciate it.

  22. rocknsoul74

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  23. longdist01

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    Chicago, IL USA
    Hamburg & Cavern, please.
  24. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    Cavern. More intimate, dirty, could probably get a drink at the bar, and wear my best trousers.
  25. notesfrom

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    NC USA
    Can I spend 24 hours in the city while I'm at it?

    I'll need era-correct spending money, too.


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