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Your Favorite Analogue Productions SACDs and CDs

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by George P, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    What are they?
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  2. David67

    David67 Forum Resident

    Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow and Wired.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd's Second Helping and Nuthin' Fancy.

    Looking forward to Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold As Love later this year...
  3. Myke

    Myke Listening

  4. OptimisticGoat

    OptimisticGoat Everybody's escapegoat....

    Counting Crows - August and Everything After
  5. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    Mardi Gras? Good God....
  6. bmoregnr

    bmoregnr Forum Rezident

    1060 W. Addison
    CCRs and the Beach Boys, Nat King Cole are probably tops for me. Dusty In Memphis, Brubeck's Time Out probably next.
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  7. MichaelXX2

    MichaelXX2 Forum Resident

    United States
    Three words: CCR. Just marvelous.

    AP seems to be more adventurous than MoFi, but I prefer their masterings overall slightly less. They contract outside mastering engineers so you really never know exactly what a disc is going to sound like. I'm just glad they embrace jazz and classical more than MoFi does.

    On a different note, does anyone know why all the major audiophile labels seem to have come to a hault with releases lately? It seems like it's been forever since something new came out.
  8. micksmuse

    micksmuse Forum Resident

    san diego
    careful i almost started hallucinating. how could i have missed that. phew.
  9. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    Limited SACD manufacturing capacity may be the reason.
  10. bruce2

    bruce2 Forum Resident

    Connecticut, USA
    All of their Living Stereo and Decca classical discs that I have heard are superb. Since buying many of these discs I find the old BMG Living Stereo SACDs to pale in comparison.
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  11. William Bryant

    William Bryant Forum Resident

    Meridian, ID
    Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus
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  12. yasujiro

    yasujiro Forum Resident

    Jakie McLean - New Soil
  13. Blair G.

    Blair G. Senior Member

    Delta, BC, Canada
    Sounds like a good project for Chad Kassem
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  14. joshm2286

    joshm2286 Forum Resident

    Miles Davis- Relaxin

    While I like the SACD format I don't see myself buying anymore. I don't listen to SACD's all that often. Primarily consume my music through: records, CD's, streaming, Mp3 and FLAC.
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  15. snkcube

    snkcube Forum Resident

    San Francisco, CA
    I really love the Blue Note titles they reissued.
  16. tone ded freb

    tone ded freb Forum Resident

    Arizona Snowbowl
    NKC and CCR, of course. But how about Patsy Cline - Greatest Hits. The SRV Texas Hurricane set is also nice. John Lee Hooker - It Serve You Right to Suffer. Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man Blues. Johnny Hartman - The Voice That Is! And a few more that I'd like to hear but haven't yet, Johnny Hartman - Once in Every Life and Harry Belafonte - Live At Carnegie Deli and Sings the Blues.
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  17. Boy Blue

    Boy Blue Forum Resident

    The Nat King Cole Story is scary good.
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  18. stereoptic

    stereoptic Anaglyphic GORT Staff

    Did you forget to post what your favorites were? :)
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  19. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    No, I didn't. I am asking for people's favorites because I own very few AP SACDs and I am considering buying some, especially the jazz titles.
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  20. yasujiro

    yasujiro Forum Resident

    These jazz titles come into my mind quickly.
    Blues and the Abstract Truth
    Mingus x5
    The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
    Out of the cool
    Out of the Afternoon
    Somethin Else
    Idle Moments
    Introducing Johnny Griffin
    After Midnight
  21. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter


    The first two on your list I ordered last night, along with the Coltrane/Ellington SACD
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  22. George P

    George P Notable Member Thread Starter

    MY DCC is scary good as well. Have you compared them?
  23. SteelyTom

    SteelyTom Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass.
    Ella-- Like Someone in Love
    Ike Quebec-- Blue and Sentimental
    Miles-- Seven Steps to Heaven
    Holly Cole-- Temptation
    Bill Evans-- Moon Beams
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  24. Boy Blue

    Boy Blue Forum Resident

    I don't think Nat King Cole Story was on DCC?
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  25. Are you sure? Steve Hoffman remastered the AP version.
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