Your favorite country music parodies

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by classicrockguy, Aug 19, 2022.

  1. classicrockguy

    classicrockguy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Livingston NJ
    Starting with Nilsson's "Joy", one of his funniest songs I think

  2. BourbonAndVinyl

    BourbonAndVinyl Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    Stones, "Far Away Eyes"
  3. Revolver

    Revolver Forum Resident

  4. MythosDreamLab

    MythosDreamLab Forum Resident

    So. Cal.
    Not a parody, more of a quip, by Bob Newhart:

    “I don't like country music, but I don't mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down'.”
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  5. Whoroger89

    Whoroger89 Forum Resident

    Sally G Paul McCartney
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  6. MetallicSquink

    MetallicSquink Forum Resident

  7. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan Blues Boy

    hong kong

    Legendary British comedian, Ronnie Barker with his sketch, 'Lightweight Louie Danvers.'
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  8. FloydMaui

    FloydMaui good kitty

    50th State
    Joe Walsh
    "All Night Laundry Mat Blues" (1974)
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  9. classicrockguy

    classicrockguy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Livingston NJ
    Actually I would choose the Stones "Dead Flowers", I love when they did that type of song with Jagger mangling the southern accents :p:p:cool:
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  10. Mister Charlie

    Mister Charlie "Music Is The Doctor Of My Soul " - Doobie Bros.

    Aromas, CA USA
    Pinkard & Bowden - Drivin' My Wife Away

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  11. Dunedin

    Dunedin Forum Resident


    'D.I.V.O.R.C.E'. - Billy Connolly
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  12. DreadPikathulhu

    DreadPikathulhu Senior Member


    You Never Even Called Me by My Name - David Allan Coe
  13. Solitaire1

    Solitaire1 Carpenters Fan

    "I'm Not in Here for Love (Just Yer Beer)" by Cledus T. Judd (Parody of "If You're Not Looking for Love [I'm Outta Here]" by Shania Twain)

  14. President_dudley

    President_dudley Forum Resident

    Lori McKenna - Humble & Kind

  15. mbg

    mbg Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
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  16. mullet

    mullet Forum Resident

  17. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Having produced at least 12 Country music parodies for various radio stations and morning shows myself, I heareby abstain. :pleased:
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  18. Lownotes

    Lownotes Senior Member

    Denver, CO
    Nothing will ever top Lester "Roadhog" Moran
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  19. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    I was at a show in Cincinnati where he did a slow ballad version of this song, with no Country touches in it whatsoever. Didn't even know the song was a Country parody, until it was released later.
  20. Judge Judy

    Judge Judy Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
  21. Not sure if this is what one might call parody, otherwise it's, well .. fun.

    Del Reeves
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  22. RABinMS

    RABinMS Forum Resident

    Jackson, MS US
  23. Answer :
    Joyce Paul
  24. Another Love - Jackie Leonard & the Aristocrats

    Not exactly parody - okay, not parody at all.
  25. babyblue

    babyblue Patches Pal!

    Pacific NW
    Wheeler Walker Jr. anyone? I'd get banned for posting any of his songs here though.
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