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    It's very rare that a Charlie Rich cover is better than Charlie's version, this is an exception. This is a great job, and I think it sounds very close to Billy Lee Riley's Sun material. I have the Sun Discography, and I need to look at the session info for this to see who's playing guitar and piano.

    This is classic Sun rockabilly.
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    I emailed them and they told me it would be back in stock in around 10 days, so I placed an order. I’m sure your ok, you would have seen the backorder notification when you placed your order.
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    Yeah, I got an email today saying the same. It would be in stock in a week to 10 days. Glad I'm finally getting this and for a good price!
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    Memphis Belles was a birthday present to myself a couple years ago. Ernie B had it for about half price the original cost. Love it!
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    How about a Kinky Friedman box?
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    The A$shole From El Paso: The Complete Recordings of Richard "Kinky" Friedman
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    Non-Bear alert! This is a CD I've been after for years, you just have to keep checking because everything becomes available for a decent price eventually.

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    Neat! Glad to see Omni are still active as a label. They've done some interesting artist-focused releases which have helped to fill some gaps.
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    is there a web page for the Omni label
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    These are all included in this Mac Wiseman CD box:
    'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered (6-CD) | Bear Family Records
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    The label has no real web presence to speak of. It's supposedly owned by Australian ambient/industrial musician David Thrussell. Guess he likes the label's projects being a complete surprise.
    Very true. Most of their releases seem to go out of print very quickly, so they're a get-it-or-regret-it kind of thing. I recently managed to find one such compilation of theirs called The World is a Monster. As always with Omni, the title and cover photo are rather ostentatious for a collection of hardcore 50's hillbilly music from Columbia Records, but there are a bunch of great rarities to be heard. Apologies if I've linked to this delightfully sparse bit of boppin' gospel before:

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    The First time I ever saw that was in a review in "Country Music Magazine." I looked for it for years and years as it was like the only cd that had Mac's classic songs on it. One day I was on ebay and found a listing that was titled "Big CD Boxed set." It was Mac Wiseman "Tis Sweet to Be Remembered" and was buy it now for $7.00. Ha!!!!!!!!
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    I guess no other boxes will be released in 2018....any plans for new 2019 boxes?
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    Hopefully, Johnny Paycheck!
    (there I go again...:rolleyes:)
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  22. Tribute

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    is anyone able to list all BF issues from 2017 & 2018?
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    I wish there was a Roy Clark box set. All those 60s and 70s albums on Vinyl only...I want them on cd!
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    Here are the 2017 releases from Bear Family:

    BCD 17004 Wild 1950s Punk, Rockabilly And Rock’n’Roll (Free CD with „Big Beat“ magazine, Finland)

    12“ Vinyl:
    BAF 18025 Jerry Lee Lewis: In The Beginning
    BAF 18027 Jerry Lee Lewis: I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
    BAF 18029 Bobby Bland: Dreamer
    BAF 18031 Geater Davis: Sweet Woman’s Love
    BAF 18034 Percy Sledge: The Percy Sledge Way
    BAF 18053 Tages: Studio (incl. DVD)

    10“ Vinyl:
    BAF 14002 Ric Cartey: Heart Throb
    10“ Limited Vinyl:
    BAF 11005 Louis Jordan: Somebody Up There Digs Me
    BAF 11006 Wanda Jackson
    BAF 11007 Bill Haley & His Comets: Crazy Man Crazy
    BAF 11008 Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano
    BAF 11009 Ella Mae Morse: Barrelhouse Boogie & The Blues
    BAF 11010 T-Bone Walker: Classics In Jazz
    BAF 11011 Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps: This Is Gene Vincent
    BAF 11012 Ricky Nelson: Sing Ricky Sing!

    7“ Vinyl:
    BLX 015 Art Adams: Memphis Dream
    BLE 016 Willie B.: Bad Mouthin’
    BLE 017 Ben Hewitt & Ray Ethier: My Search

    BCD 16100 George Jones: Birth Of A Legend
    BCD 16148 Great Guitars At Sun
    BCD 16273 Great Drums At Sun
    BCD 17300 Roy Acuff: The King Of Country Music
    BCD 17329 Woody Guthrie – The Tribute Concerts
    BCD 17507 Easter Bunny Hop
    BCD 17508 Christmas On The Countryside
    BCD 17538 That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 28
    BCD 17555 Arthur Big Boy Crudup Rocks
    BCD 17556 Ric Cartey: Oooh-Eee! The Complete Ric Cartey
    BCD 17558 The Platters Rock

    CLP 1211 Lancelot Wayne: Blow ‘Way (Vinyl)
    CCD 1211 Lancelot Wayne: Blow ‘Way (CD)

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