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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by GodBlessTinyTim, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Mr. H

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    Yeah I kept waiting hoping I could find the Anita Carter set at a deal but the prices kept creeping up. I should have bought it when I had the chance.
  2. baptistbusman

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    Bloomsdale, MO
    It just seems like A LOT of Anita Carter. How would you rate it?
  3. Joy-of-radio

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    Skowhegan, ME
    I have yet another new favorite single disc compilation from Bear Family by Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant titled “Bustin’ Thru / Flippin’ The Lid”. It’s a brief, but definitive overview of the careers of these two extraordinary jazz guitarists. Only two quibbles with this release. It’s a digipack with its booklet glued in, and I do not like those. I much prefer standard jewel cases and booklets. I also find the audio to be a bit bright throughout. The best sounding Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant material, in my opinion, comes by way of two compilations released by Razor & Tie titled “Stratosphere Boogie” and “Swingin’ on the Strings”. By the way, I’m not just saying this because Steve Hoffman mastered these Razor & Tie comps. They really do sound warmer and more balanced. The Bear Family release is certainly worth getting. Yes, I know BF has issued a box set, which any one of you can feel free to get me for Christmas if you like! :)
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  4. John Porcellino

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    Beloit, WI
    I have all the David Allan Coe twofers except the last, Son of the South /Unchained... It's the only one that's OOP, and expensive on the secondary market... Does BF ever reissue their single disc releases? I suppose this one had the lowest pressing quantity, so is least likely to get a reissue. I just waited too long.
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  5. Mychael

    Mychael Forum Resident

    Like the box sets, single disc releases from Bear Family are regularly repressed and reprinted. One of the David Allan Coe discs (Longhaired Redneck/Rides Again) even got a new booklet (with better – and more readable – typesetting).
  6. John Porcellino

    John Porcellino Forum Resident

    Beloit, WI
    That's great news, thanks! I'll sit tight.
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  7. melstapler

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    @Mychael Please ask Hank Davis if he would be interested in proposing a CD release of King Ganam as a project for Bear Family.

    Canadian country music pioneer King Ganam (born Ameen Sied Ganam) was a master showman and fiddle player. Born in Saskatchewan in 1914, Ganam died in 1994 in California. He formed The Sons Of The West in 1942 in Edmonton and performed on CBC radio's "Alberta Ranch House," and won the 1950 World Open Western Band Competition in Vancouver. The Sons Of The West were signed to RCA Victor, and Ganam earned his "King" nickname due to being "Canada's King of the Fiddle. Many of the great reissue labels including Bear Family Records have overlooked the quality major label material released by King Ganam.
    Country Hoedown with King Ganam
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    King Ganam and Ward Allen book of songs
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  8. Tribute

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    Anita Carter is superb. Look at her name!
  9. hotshotskings

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    San Diego
    I haven't listened to it yet lol. I still have some 30+ box sets that I haven't listened to yet!
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  10. Rick Bartlett

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    That's sucky too, when you have the rest and you only need 1 to complete the set!
    It's not even the best two-fer of the collection either....
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  11. skydropco

    skydropco Rock 'n Roll Nurse

    Featuring a young Tommy Hunter (front and center)
    Whom everybody in Canada knew through his weekly television show from the 60s right up to the 90s.
    Tommy Hunter - Wikipedia
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  12. GodBlessTinyTim

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    Ontario, Canada
    I'd love for some of Tommy's work to appear on CD, and so would my mom who watched The Tommy Hunter Show every week in the 60's and 70's.

  13. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Speaking of Canadian, a complete box set of Stompin' Tom Connors.
    His rare OOP CD's have asking prices of US50 - 100 bucks!
  14. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Here's a bit of footage recently uploaded of John D Loudermilk.
    Not a lot of video on him out there.
    Here he runs through a couple of his big compositions.
  15. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

    New Carl Perkins LP is here, came with a bonus CD of the tracks too and a really nice booklet.


    Notification that the Fats set on route arrived today, yay!
  16. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

    Oh yeah, I ordered the above direct from Bear, and the Fats set, so the LP was in a cardboard sleeve and then cardboard mailer so double wrapped, shipping done properly!

  17. Rigoberto

    Rigoberto Forum Resident

    And I would assume the seller is Bear Family.

    Got to wonder how much SecondSpin would charge for it when they are paying $50 for them. Probably $1,000 or more.

    We Pay: $50.75
  18. During the sale the Anita Carter box was listed as "needs to be ordered" (as in OOS not OOP), then it was just OOP and now goes for like 600 bucks. Yeesh.

    Oh well.
  19. spanky1

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    East Tennessee
    I enjoy seeing activity on this thread, because I've been buying Bear Family releases since the early 90's. I remember the first set that I ever saw was the 8-cd CLASSIC JERRY LEE LEWIS. When I saw the price, I wondered who would spend that much money for cds? A few dozen box-sets later, I know who buys them:). I've enjoyed watching Bear Family release exciting box sets from many of my favorite artists.

    Not sure if I'm imagining it or not, but it seems like the availability of the Bear box sets has diminished in the past few years, and particularly when the new distribution deal went into effect. I know that the number of music stores dwindled in that time as well, so it could be two-fold. Regardless, it's hard to find good deals on the box-sets, either new or used. It seems that you could occasionally find a seller selling new ones on Amazon at a great price. I know that it was much easier to find good deals on ebay a few years ago, as opposed to now. A few years ago, it seemed that if you were patient, you'd find what you were looking for, and often at a good price. These days, finding them at second hand at a good price is a tougher task. Even the marketplace on this forum would reflect this as well(or so I think).

    I was introduced to Bear Family because I was a huge Jerry Lee Lewis fan. I own the Sun cd box set, and the 2 Mercury/Smash boxes. In addition, I own the 3 boxes(30 lps) of the Mercury/Smash period. Non-boxes include the church, live, and Southern Roots cds. I would like to have the new mega-set from Bear Family covering Jerry's Sun years, but I don't expect to ever find that one at a reasonable price. For my wallet, the availability has been a blessing, but for the music-lover, I'd like to pick up a few more of their boxes.

    Have any other members cut back on buying Bear Family boxes, or does this seem to vary by region? I was in Nashville a month ago, and when I hit the record stores, I didn't see many Bear Family sets. Ernest Tubb had some(seems like they've carried BF as long as I can remember), however, the stores like Grimey's, Great Escape, McKays didn't have any on hand.
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  20. Tribute

    Tribute Forum Resident

    My days of buying Bear Family have faded, but mostly due to the fact that I had acquired so many. I believe the rarity of good used deals on-line might result from automated pricing software schemes, where one dealer only undercuts another dealer by pennies. The prices are set close to that dealer wanting the most money. My guess is that such places like Amazon Marketplace have been heavily biased (by Amazon) against small time dealers, like a family or individual trying to sell a collection, typically at give-away prices. Bear Family itself has often entered poor distribution agreements in the USA which seriously discouraged independent shops from carrying their merchandise. This preceded the really bad agreement from a few years back. Bear Family products were never common in record/CD shops anywhere in the USA. A few well known dealers struggled to offer them.
  21. I prefer the artist focused sets, so I guess my Bear buying has dwindled as the newer sets, while still great, have taken a different approach. There are still a few on my list that I'm tracking down but I gotta space them out, especially if I dare try to snag any that are OOP. I'm still holding out hope that they may take on Loretta Lynn, more Carter family/sisters or continue Connie Smith or Wanda Jackson sets.

    I still have my eye on Bear.
  22. Svein Arne

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  23. Svein Arne

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  24. Record Rotator

    Record Rotator Forum Resident

    That's exactly how I feel about Bear Family these days. I have absolutely no interest in these box sets featuring various artists.
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  25. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Same here, I'm not a big compilation or a 'greatest hits' kind of guy anyway.
    I still enjoy seeing and reading about the compilation Bear sets, but I'm not in the market to purchase though.
    Glad they are out there keeping stuff like the 'Starday' Custom box set, just to preserve music history if nothing else.

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