Your Favourite Record Shop Experiences and Recommendations

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    Not sure if a thread already exists on this, but I love hearing about forum viewers from around the world, whether it is what are they currently playing, to what the weather is. I travel most weeks with work and any excuse to track down a record shop across Europe or the US is always taken.

    However, I would love to read about record shop experiences. I went to two yesterday in Brighton England - both excellent. Resident Records - amazing range and lots of more obscure new vinyl than usual. The other as the Bella Union record shop, where Simon Raymond, the label boss (ex- Cocteau Twins) was serving behind the counter. Excellent selection of rare and coloured vinyl too.

    Any other experiences?
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  2. LeBon Bush

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    My favorite record shop has to be Concerto in Amsterdam - went there last summer and spent two entire days in it. They had everything (at least from an austrian's point of view ;) ). I got an original UK-for-EU Out of Our Heads, an appearantly rare repress of Aftermath and New Order's Substance there (rather short on money, it was near the end of the trip^^). The staff was very friendly there, they had an in-store café and a huge DVD and books section as well as exclusive pressings only available via the shop itself... if you ever get there, it's a must to dig through Concerto! :)
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  3. Another Steve

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    Low YoYo Stuff in Athens, Georgia. If any of the three guys know your musical tastes, they'll start playing something &/or suggest something new in the store that they think you would like. They make a point of knowing their customers and they have good memories for their customers' want lists. Lots of easy sales and satisfied, repeat customers that way.
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  4. NorthNY Mark

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    Canton, NY, USA
    I'm a big fan of Aux 33 Tours (translates to 33 rpm) in Montreal. While not a huge space physically, they seem to have an amazing selection in almost all genres, both new and used. The quality of their used selection is also significantly better than that of most other used record stores I've experienced.
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  5. BeeGeesFan999

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    A friend of mine owns a record shop here where I live! :)

    In de Cramer 24b
    6411RS Heerlen (NL)
    Tel.: (0031) (0)45 5212060
    Monday - closed, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 11 am - 6 pm, Thursday 11 am - 8 pm, Saturday 11 am - 5:30 pm

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