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Your favourite Santana albums 69-79?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by CrombyMouse, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. tlake6659

    tlake6659 Senior Member

    I really like it. The SACD from Dutton Vocation with the quad mix is great.
  2. danielbravo

    danielbravo Senior Member

    Caracas. DC
    Wow, it's hard to pick just five albums. My choice was the obvious one: the first four and Lotus (which is an album that fascinates me) although I could add Borboletta and Moonflower.
    Carlos's evolution towards jazz-fusion is fascinating. Actually, in the years this thread covers "la crème de la crème" of his career
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  3. SG47

    SG47 Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    First 3 , then Moonflower. Then it's a toss up for me on the 5th. Could go Amigos, or Borboletta, or Caravanserai.
  4. BryanA-HTX

    BryanA-HTX Crazy Doctor

    Houston, TX
    First three for me. Also really love the Sacred Fire live album from the '90s.
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  5. Duol

    Duol Hopeless Throwback

    I like the fusion-y mid-70s period starting from Welcome.

    Also, I'm not trying to be an idiot edgelord hipster, but Santana's guitar playing is often the least interesting thing to me about Santana the band, he has all these great musicians backing him and I don't think he matches them.

    But he's had a 50 year career which very few can match, so there you have it.
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  6. oxegen

    oxegen Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
  7. motownmaniac

    motownmaniac Forum Resident

    Also been on a big Santana kick the last couple of months . My favourites are


    Especially love playing Caravanserai & Borboletta back to back . The sound affect at the start
    of Borboletta sounds like the Aboriginal bush telephone made famous in Crocodile Dundee .
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  8. motownmaniac

    motownmaniac Forum Resident

    Wanted to also add that Santana has some of the greatest record covers ever released .
  9. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong

    Gilbert Arizona
    I have nine of the albums on the list. I chose Santana, Abraxas, Santana III, Lotus and Moonflower over Caravanserai and Welcome
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  10. thematinggame

    thematinggame Forum Resident

    Borboletta is my favourite - a perfect record if ever there was one , Lotus is a great live album , Caravanserai is the one I like the least from the first albums, the focus is a little too much on Carlos' guitar and not so much on the band , still a good album but the one I play the least , from the last 6 I think Moonflower is the best , only care for a few songs from the others
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  11. Instant Karma

    Instant Karma Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    I'm a long time fan. Abraxas used to be my favorite but I would have to say it's now number 2 behind the Self Titled first album. That's probably due to over exposure of Black Magic Woman. After those 2 I would go with III, Caravanserai and Welcome. I didn't see Zebop on the list. Was that an omission in error. That and Festival are also very good. O, and Moonflower is good as well.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2020
  12. Dr-Winston

    Dr-Winston Forum Resident

    Dorset, UK
  13. jhw59

    jhw59 Forum Resident

    I like everything through Borboletta (with III the best of Santana). After that, hit or miss. Moonflower got lots of play back in the day.
  14. CrombyMouse

    CrombyMouse Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Budapest, Hungary
    I decided to keep it up to the end of the 70s. Zebop is from 1981.
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  15. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    First place goes to Santana ( 1969 ) for me. :love:
    Watched and interview with Carlos the other day, what a nice down to earth fellow.
  16. humpf

    humpf Allowed to write something here.

    The first three at max for me. However, I will give Lotus another try tonight. But remember, just because of you.
  17. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    This poll is unfair. I would have checked at least two Malo albums if they were on here! I was really into Malo!
  18. Instant Karma

    Instant Karma Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Ok I didn't remember when it was released. Thanks for the clarification.
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  19. canadian73

    canadian73 Forum Resident

    This is off topic but I was once sitting in a hotel lobby in Atlanta waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport when in walks Carlos with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.
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  20. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    I took a long break not listening to any of my Santana albums for a long while, but in the last few months I pulled out my Japanese mini sleeve box set that I own and have really been enjoying the music once again. I don't care for any of the releases after "Inner Secrets", which unfortunately was not included in the box, just releases up to "Moonflower".

    Santana 3, Caravanserai, Welcome, Inner Secrets (just for "Dealer/Spanish Rose" alone) and Abraxas. Since Lotus is a live recording I'll call that one out separate. I will easily take it over "Moonflower" simply because of how amazing his guitar work is on it. Never heard him play at that level again.
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  21. Alex D

    Alex D Forum Resident

    Santana III is my favorite lp of all time-simply furious and impassioned music making. Then I go:


    HM’s go to Caravanserai and Amigos.
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  22. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    In this order:

    01º - Caravanserai
    02º - Moonflower
    03º - Borboletta
    04º - Oneness
    05º - Abraxas
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  23. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

    Went with the first two:
    Santana (1969)
    Abraxas (1970)
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  24. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    No exact order but chronologically:

    Santana III
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  25. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    I always love hearing about another vintage Lux-urious show!
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