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Your Latest Blu-Ray / 4K / 3-D Purchases

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by BILLONEEG, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Al Kuenster

    Al Kuenster Forum Resident

    Las Vegas, NV - US
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy 4K UHD box set, this should be a revelation compared to my DVD box sets of the extended versions.
  2. thetman

    thetman Forum Resident

    are there any plans of selling LOTR and Hobbit trilogy 4K discs separately or just the box sets.
    Not really interested in the extended versions and paying for three extra discs.
  3. Supposedly an even bigger collector's set may be coming Summer 2021. I doubt the individual movies get UHD releases until all of the box sets are sold out.

    And the theatrical cuts are already included.
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  4. masswriter

    masswriter Minister At Large

    New England
    Francesco with Mickey Rourke has been released on Blu-ray with the full international version we Americans have been denied for the past 30 years. Apparently, the film editors edited the movie not for continuity, but for the desired length and it made for some very frustrating jump cuts.
  5. geetar_await

    geetar_await Accepting custom title suggestions.

    Don't know if this is the right thread to post this, but just bought a 4k Samsung 43" TV, upgrade from a 20-year old hulking beast. I could swear, the tv shows now look like they were all shot on videotape, some of the actors look like moving in slo-mo lol
  6. geetar_await

    geetar_await Accepting custom title suggestions.

    Do you have The Wrath of Khan, by any chance? Thinking about purchasing that, as it is my favorite TOS film with the original crew. Wondering how it appears on a Blu-Ray
  7. Tim Lookingbill

    Tim Lookingbill Alfalfa Male

    New Braunfels, TX
    Wasn't much of a fan of Wrath of Khan movie so I don't plan on purchasing it. Something about Ricardo Montalban's character and costume and hair design just didn't set well with me to make me want to stay tuned. I didn't much care for his character in the TV series either, but then I didn't watch much of the TV series anyway.

    The only Star Trek movies I liked from when I first saw it in theaters and later purchased on BD was the first one with the story of the final ending journey of the Voyager space craft that I'ld entered a logo design contest as a high school student in the '70's before the actual Voyager originally launched and the Star Trek movie with the whales having the crew travel back in time to the '80's.

    I'ld say the two Star Trek movies I have on BD appear much better than I remember seeing at the theater. No complaints on the BD picture quality.
  8. vinyl_puppy

    vinyl_puppy Der Weaselschnitzel

    Santa Rosa, CA
  9. I got these as a self Christmas present as nobody was going to get them for me:
    I love how the Game Of Thrones set looks. It's clearly an upscale from HD/2K DI but color and shadow detail is greatly improved. Regarding Top Gun, it looks grainy as most 1980's do but its Dolby Atmos soundtrack sounds outstanding.
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  10. jlocke08

    jlocke08 Forum Resident

  11. Al Kuenster

    Al Kuenster Forum Resident

    Las Vegas, NV - US
    Today I got,
    Tenet BR 4K UHD
    Tremors BR 4K UHD from Arrow Video
    Crash BR from Criterion
    Universal Soldier BR 4K UHD
    Rio Grande DVD from Olive films
    Fantastic 4 and The Silver Surfer BR double feature
  12. mj_patrick

    mj_patrick Forum Resident

    Elkhart, IN, USA
    Dawn of the Dead 4K Box Set
    Flash Gordon 4K Box Set
    Game of Thrones 4K Box Set
    Beastmaster 4K Box Set - expected early January
    Popeye (1980) Blu-Ray - arrives next week
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  13. rich100

    rich100 Forum Resident

    Middle of England
    Recent 4k purchases/gifts:
    Full Metal Jacket
    V for Vendetta
    Star Wars original and recent trilogies plus Rogue One as was on special price at Amazon
  14. Rachael Bee

    Rachael Bee Miembra muy loca

    I got The Hitman's Bodyguard UHD-BD for Christmas.
  15. jlocke08

    jlocke08 Forum Resident

    season 3 of Hannibal arrived yesterday. also The Walking Dead season 4. later this week Shout Factory Too Wong Foo.... & Big Trouble in Little China
  16. hi_watt

    hi_watt The Road Warrior

    San Diego, CA
    Mad Max 4K
    The Beastmaster 4K
    Jake Speed Blu Ray
  17. Derek Gee

    Derek Gee Forum Resident

    Turn off the motion smoothing on your TV.

    How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Samsung TV (howtogeek.com)

  18. Rachael Bee

    Rachael Bee Miembra muy loca

    They Live UHD-BD
  19. Five Element Ninjas, one of the craziest Shaw Brothers films (and that’s saying a lot!).
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  20. dwm67

    dwm67 Forum Resident

    Alberta, Canada
    Dead Again ... finally on blu ray for the first time :)
    Mortal Engines 4K
    Arrival 4K
    10 Criterion blu rays from listing on Miscellaneous SHF forum
  21. geetar_await

    geetar_await Accepting custom title suggestions.

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  22. eeglug

    eeglug Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, USA
    Rolling Thunder Revue Criterion blu ray

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  23. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Lemon Drop Kid
  24. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    Recently I got Collateral on UHD just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if the HDR grade was any good. I also got the Lord of the Rings UHD box set for a similar reason, to see what the new grade would be like. I think both were fairly disappointing but Collateral more so than Lord of the Rings. At least The Lord of the Rings brought with it the theatrical versions of the movies that I didn't already own.
    I think Collateral to me felt like they went in and pulled back the highlights so that they didn't look clipped, so all the lights look a bit weird. I think it has the same amount of camera noise/grain as the blu-ray did it's just not as visible because the contrast is reduced as a result of pulling back the highlights. Maybe if I ever get a Dolby Vision capable TV I'll have to have another look at it to see how it looks on one of those.
  25. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

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