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Your Music Retail Alternative To Amazon

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by thnkgreen, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Just a human, a victim of the insane.

    Bull Moose.

    Bull Moose, ebay, and Discogs.
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  2. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Just a human, a victim of the insane.

    I didn't even see that part about "online retailers" there, as it's not them (though Amazon themself has priced plenty of items at ridiculous prices that are available much cheaper elsewhere).
  3. 131east23

    131east23 Person of Interest

    I always try to order directly from the artist, even if shipping takes a bit longer. For used, I only buy what I can personally handle, so very few used record purchases (if any) in the last 10 months.
  4. glide

    glide Forum Resident

    NY, NY, USA
    I’ve never found anything sold directly by Amazon to be unreasonably priced compared to the competition.

    Examples would help.
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  5. thnkgreen

    thnkgreen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I will admit that I did not originally notice that this item was from a reseller. It's still very annoying to me that Amazon will allow them (third parties) to charge such obviously sky high prices. Oh well, that's why we have piracy.
  6. Dream On

    Dream On Forum Resident

    I have seen this with more than music. $80 for a 1 lb bag of coffee beans, laundry detergent, etc. I am no Amazon fan, but it's hard to blame them for not policing this stuff. Can you imagine how much time and effort it would take? Especially for something like music, where Amazon would need to research the value of the item because there is collectible value involved.

    If someone needs something that bad I almost say more power to the seller. But hopefully no one bites on items that are priced so opportunistically. It's 2021, and buyers should know enough to do their own due diligence and not simply pay up because that's the price they see on Amazon. If they aren't even that savvy, which is a very low bar, then it's a good lesson to learn.
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  7. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    Free market... Amazon regulating how much somebody can ask for an item isn’t something I can see how anybody would expect or want. You don’t need the Beach Boys set. If it’s not worth $200, nobody will buy it, and the seller will lower the price or just not sell it.

    I’m sure not saying Amazon is some entity of perfect virtue, but I can’t comprehend how this is somehow their wrongdoing...
  8. Louise Boat

    Louise Boat "all of you fascists bound to lose"

  9. joachim.ritter

    joachim.ritter Senior Member

    Amazon is actually doing this. It happens to me as a 3rd party seller on amazon.de from time to time.
  10. stillrockin

    stillrockin Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    Thankfully there are still several good independent stores in the UK who either have their own online storefront or sell via ebay. This is especially important now that the bottom appears to have fallen out of "importing" from European sellers due to the VAT hike.

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