Your next concert?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Aurora

    Aurora Forum Resident

    Kris Kristofferson in January.
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  2. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    I think it's Dinosaur Jr.... then Trey Anastasio...
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  3. gfong

    gfong Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    Gary Allan Feb 4th
  4. screechmartin

    screechmartin Forum Resident

    British Columbia
    I'm going to see PJ for the first time in Seattle in May. I don't like the venue she's playing, but I'm very excited to see her.
  5. mikedifr0923

    mikedifr0923 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Alter Bridge in February
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  6. jdlaw

    jdlaw Forum Resident

    Next concert I plan on attending is the Zombies at the Royal Oak Music Theater in April.
  7. socorro

    socorro Forum Resident

    Only one I currently have tickets for is Tedeschi Trucks Band in June. I expect there will be others between now and then.
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  8. theshape

    theshape Forum Resident

    Saint Joseph, MO
    Tesla in February
    Tom Petty in June.

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  9. mdphunk

    mdphunk Sharing in the groove

    Northern VA
    Phish at Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve.
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  10. JL6161

    JL6161 Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    This'll be my first time too, and who knows if/when she'll be back? so yeah, venue quality is a non-issue.
  11. Dahabenzapple

    Dahabenzapple Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Tom Rainey Trio with Mary Halvorsen & Ingrid Laubrock

    12/30/16 - as long as I can get out of work on time and get to the show. It happened last year on 12/30 for the first time. Other recent 12/30's have been too nuts.

    As you might be guessing the trio has been playing every 12/30 for a few years now
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  12. jlf

    jlf Custom Title Unlocked

    United States
    Have fun at those Patti shows! $35 for the Bowery bash is an amazing price. I'm still hoping she makes her way to DC again. She's done two speaking gigs in the area but the last time I saw her with the band was 2011. Gotta get my Patti fix ;)
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  13. JRM

    JRM Forum Resident

    Mile High City
    Almost Dead at Ryman Auditorium next month.
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  14. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Professor of Dead Languages

    Three Rivers, USA
    Dada- February 2017 in Columbus and Cleveland
  15. bholz

    bholz Forum Resident

    Son Volt playing a small club outside of Philly in early April.
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  16. Duke Fame

    Duke Fame Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL
    Dweezil Zappa, Jan 15th, St. Pete, FL
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  17. marcob1963

    marcob1963 Forum Resident

    Guns n Roses, Feb 2017.
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  18. modrevolve

    modrevolve Forum Resident

    Guided By Voices next week at a small venue in Philly. With the way 2016 has been, Im expecting two feet of snow and the show to be canceled.
  19. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Resident blabbermouth

    Probably the Heavenly Choir.

    I refuse to participate in the extortion racket that is event ticket sales.
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  20. Fletch

    Fletch Forum Resident

    New York
    Kurt Vile
  21. Maybe Lucinda Williams. Just saw Richard Thompson ARW. I keep hoping Ian Hunter will come out this way again.
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  22. MisterH

    MisterH Forum Resident

    I was really hoping to see Green Day on the RevRad Tour but alas the closest they are coming is Duluth, GA and I'm not sure I can swing the time off of work and the money for the road trip. Sigh.
  23. DesertChaos

    DesertChaos Forum Resident

    The only firm plan at the moment is Nick Cave up in Portland in June.
  24. JerryTurcotte

    JerryTurcotte Well-Known Member

    PJ Harvey in april, then Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in June.
  25. Toup2112

    Toup2112 Active Member

    Ottawa, ON
    Guns n' Roses - Ottawa August 2017
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