Your next concert?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Is he mainly doing stuff off his latest album?
  2. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    Tour doesn't start for another 3 days.
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  3. powerq

    powerq Forum Resident

    Whitehall, PA, USA
    Only show currently ticketed is my sixth Here Come The Mummies show on March 31.
  4. Clanceman

    Clanceman Forum Resident

    Portland, Or
    Ace Frehley
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  5. rockerreds

    rockerreds Forum Resident

    I am seeing The Zombies at The Keswick in early March- got a great seat!
  6. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Just bought my tickets for Weyes Blood in London. Super-excited.
  7. japes

    japes Forum Resident

    richmond, va
    I have tickets for PJ Harvey in April and U2 in June.

    I'm sure there'll be more between now and then.
  8. jonathan

    jonathan Forum Resident

    The Wailers, in about 2 1/2 hours, at the Tarrytown Music Hall.[​IMG]
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  9. BryanA-HTX

    BryanA-HTX Crazy Doctor

    Houston, TX
    Can't remember if I posted here or not yet. But I'm trying to get tickets for Udo Dirkshneider, who comes to town later this month and supposedly is the last time he'll be singing Accept songs. Hopefully it's the last time he'll do it solo because I'm still lowkey hoping that him and Accept will reunite someday (though I won't hold my breath).
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  10. malcolm reynolds

    malcolm reynolds Forum Resident

    The Flaming Lips on May 25 at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK.
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  11. cgw

    cgw Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    I picked up a ticket for Green Day in a shed this summer. The venues is not good, I had to sit behind my friends because I couldn't get the ticket next to them for some reason, and there is a decent chance we will be away on vacation at that time of summer, but sometimes you need to say "what the heck".
  12. Jamey K

    Jamey K Internet Sensation

    Foreigner will be here at the end of the month and then it looks like Tom Petty in March, in Austin.
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  13. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    I have no concerts planned. I'm almost getting too old to go out. I think the last show I went to was Roger Hodgson, or Bob Seger. In the last 10 years I've also seen:

    Paul McCartney
    Bruce Springsteen
    Tom Petty
    John Mellencamp
    John Fogerty
    Black Sabbath
    Blue Oyster Cult (at the casino)
    Waterboys (casino)
    White Stripes (with daughter)

    I'm a Geezer Rock specialist, I know.
  14. Mike Campbell

    Mike Campbell Forum Resident

    Minnesota, USA
  15. hellion

    hellion Forum Resident

    I want to see Roger Waters "Us And Them " tour when it rolls through town.
  16. gfong

    gfong Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    Country star Gary Allan Feb 4th
  17. Charlie DJ

    Charlie DJ Forum Resident

    Dallas, Tx USA
    Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt at a small theater next week
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  18. dprokopy

    dprokopy Forum Resident

    Near Seattle, WA
    For the first time in like 30 years, I have no concerts on the horizon. I think my major concert-going days are behind me. They've gotten too expensive and quite honestly too annoying (the crowds, not necessarily the music). Plus I have health issues that make long-term planning difficult at this time.
  19. Tropehjelm

    Tropehjelm Forum Resident

    Going to see one of my favourite norwegian bands soon. A live recording,with ticketsales limited to 25 tickets sold. Recording will be done acoustic with the band around one mick,in a room in a huge Villa in one of the better neighbourhoods of Oslo :D
    I am really looking forward to it. A couple of weeks to go.
  20. DrBeatle

    DrBeatle The Rock and Roll Chemist

    Midwest via Boston
    I'd love to go see Billy Joel at Fenway again this summer, the show last summer was amazing. But with my job situation up in the air and not knowing where we'll be moving to, I can't pull the trigger on tickets yet...:sigh:
  21. Blaine Jacobs

    Blaine Jacobs Forum Resident

    Run The Jewels
    Thursday, February 2
    City National Civic, San Jose, CA

    Run The Jewels
    Friday, February 3
    Fox Theater, Oakland, CA

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Sunday, March 12
    Oracle Arena, Oakland,CA
  22. Dayfold

    Dayfold Forum Resident

    Andy Shauf at Leeds Brudenell in Feb. I have the 'best of 2016' threads in this forum to thank for turning me on to this guy.
  23. socorro

    socorro Forum Resident

    Dawes, March (Wilmington)
    Jayhawks, April (Sellersville, PA)
    Tedeschi Trucks Band, June (Philly)

    Never seen Dawes, but they're playing within a few minutes of my office, you don't get many interesting shows in Wilmington, and I've never been to the Grand Opera House.

    Saw the Jayhawks last year in Philly and they were great. It transformed me into a bona fide fan.

    Saw TTB last year at the Beacon in NY, and they were tremendous too. They played for about 3 hours, not counting a break between sets. They had a huge ensemble (12 instrumentalists and singers, including Susan and Derek) and the musicianship was uniformly outstanding.

    I'm guessing that the list will expand as more acts announce tour dates. I only added Dawes and the Jayhawks this week. I'm crossing my fingers for Elvis Costello, Liz Phair, Lake Street Dive and Charles Bradley (who recently canceled a tour because of scary health issues).

    I've gotten almost completely away from huge stadium shows. They're a cattle call, crappy tickets are expensive, and tickets close enough that the musicians don't look like ants are prohibitively expensive. Not to mention that the acts that do stadium shows are generally current pop acts or past-their-prime dinosaur rock acts, neither of which thrill me too much.
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  24. cacaaaaaaw

    cacaaaaaaw Forum Resident

    Also adding the Wood Brothers to my list. They are lots of fun live.
  25. Yankeefan01

    Yankeefan01 Forum Resident

    Tonawanda, NY, USA
    Doyle Bramhall II in February and maybe Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in June. Would like to see Tom Petty in July but just too damn expensive.
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