Your Personal Top 100 Albums of All Time ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Kowalski, Aug 5, 2022.

  1. Zeki

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    Well, then I suggest giving yourself 150 slots. Make it your personal 150 top albums.
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  2. mark winstanley

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    I've long said there are probably 200 albums in my top 100, but it looks like it is more like 350
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  3. Zeki

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  4. flyingdutchman

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    Honolulu, HI
    Mendelssohn 3--Peter Maag, LSO
    Dvorak 9--Istvan Kertesz, VPO
    Borodin 2 and 3--Ernst Ansermet
    Tchaikovsky 4-6--Yvgeny Mravinsky
    Tchaikovsky Swan Lake--Seiji Ozawa Boston SO
  5. drds89

    drds89 atmosphericpostrockprogmetaldoomdronedreamgaze

    Smithfield, VA
  6. Chief

    Chief Over 11,000 Served

    Thanks. I made the list a couple years ago based on my favorite albums over the years, rather than trying to think of “best”. It isn’t a diverse list because it’s really just the people I like. Consequently, there are albums listed that wouldn’t be on anyone’s list. It started as a project for my son - basically telling him that these are my favorite albums.
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  7. flyingdutchman

    flyingdutchman Forum Resident

    Honolulu, HI
    Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade, Reiner, Chicago SO
    Dvorak 7-9, Constantin Silvestri
    Led Zeppelin II
    Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed
    Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat
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  8. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks !

    Jake and the Family Jewels was reissued on CD by Big Pink Music !
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  9. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    For now my top 50 favourite albums of any genre of music, the ones I love the most ! ;)

    1.Rubber Soul (1965) - The Beatles
    Hounds Of Love” (1985) - Kate Bush
    Purple Rain (1984) - Prince And The Revolution
    A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002) - Coldplay
    Tango In The Night (1987) - Fleetwood Mac
    Exile on Main Street (1972) - The Rolling Stones
    IV (1971) - Led Zeppelin
    Days Of Future Passed (1967) - The Moody Blues
    What's Going On (1971) - Marvin Gaye
    10.Blue (1971) – Joni Mitchell
    Ok Computer (1997) - Radiohead
    Achtung Baby (1991) - U2
    Born To Run (1975) - Bruce Springsteen
    Blue Lines(1991) - Massive Attack
    Violator (1990) - Depeche Mode
    The Beatles (The White Album) 1968 - The Beatles
    Discovery (2001) - Daft Punk
    Moon Safari (1997) - AIR
    The Suburbs (2010) - Arcade Fire
    20.Daiana (1980) - Daiana Ross
    So (1986) - Peter Gabriel
    Post (1995) - Bjork
    Transformer (1972) - Lou Reed
    Automatic For The Peolple (1992) - REM
    Thriller (1982) - Michael Jackson
    Back To Black (2006) - Amy Winehouse
    Dare (1981) - The Human League
    Ray Of Light (1998) - Madonna
    The Best Of - Bob Dylan
    30.The Best Of - Sly & The Family Affair
    The Joshua Three (1987) - U2
    The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (1998) – Lauryn Hill
    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (1972) - David Bowie
    A Night at the Opera (1975) - Queen
    White On Blond (1997) - Texas
    News of the World (1977) - Queen
    The Man Machine (1978) - Kraftwerk
    This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (1998) - Manic Street Preachers
    The Man Who (1999) - Travis
    40.Urban Hymns (1997) - The Verve
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) - Elton John
    Different Class (1995) - Pulp
    American Idiot (2004) - Green Day
    The Doors (1967) - The Doors
    Closer (1980) - Joy Division
    Parallel Lines (1980) - Blondie
    Superunknown (1994) - Soundgarden
    Nevermind (1991) - Nirvana
    Disintegratio (1989) - The Cure
    50.Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987) - The Cure
  10. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks !
    It just takes a little time..:D
  11. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    There are a lot of great ''forgotten'' albums here, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Roger Waters , The Kinks : Ray and Dave — two extraordinary talents ! , Van Morrison. :righton:

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  12. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter


    Great list and variety of genres : The Beatles , Metallica, Pixies , Angelo Badalamenti , Boards of Canada , The Cure , Depeche Mode , Led Zeppelin , William Basinski , Nirvana , Kraftwerk ! :righton:
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  13. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot , great stuff !
    I particularly appreciate the richness of genres .:righton:
    Rush , Genesis , The Cure , Pink Floyd , The Beatles , Dawid Bowie , Depeche Mode , The Smiths, The Doors , Enya !
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  14. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I really like FM’s Tango in the Night, but just could not find room for it, although would be on my list of Top 200. Same for Different Class & Urban Hymns.
    A few other Albums I forgot to consider were War-U2 and Agaetis Byrjun-Sigur Ros:doh:.

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  15. Kowalski

    Kowalski Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Great stuff !
    I particularly appreciate the richness of genres : Roxy Music , Talk Talk , Nirvana , The Cars , Doves , Peter Gabriel , David Bowie ,Kate Bush , Suede , Radiohead , Elton John , Muse ,Blondie , The Cure etc. :righton:
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  16. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    I will confess that occasionally I look hard at the 3% that I’ve allocated for the Daredevils (especially when I’m trying to free up a spot for something else). But…I suppose it’s a comfort food thing as I love all three of those albums.

    I scribble a list of candidates, as well…all champing at the bit to knock off an album from the list:
    Potential Candidates:

    U2 ‘War’ ‘82?’
    Simon & Garfunkel
    Boz Scaggs s/t
    The Kinks ‘Lola’
    The Kinks ‘Arthur’
  17. Flaevius

    Flaevius Left of the dial

    Essex, UK
    I debated whether to list one album per artist, as I prefer that balance on song/year threads. However, it would have meant too many core albums omitted, so I've allowed myself three.

    To save space and as I can't upload a document, my 100 are in the spoiler tags below. Around 60 of these would feature if I did the list again at a later point, the others are likely subject to change depending on listening habits at the time. If we widened the criteria to 250 albums, I would expect there to be a more diverse selection, more room for ancillary genres to flourish.

    Alphabetical order, rather than by preference.

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  18. Kent Gray

    Kent Gray Resident

    Agreed. I can't imagine reading someone's favorite 100 list, nor compiling one for myself. That's not enjoyable.
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  19. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    Wow, your choices prior to 2000 have some parallels to mine. Specifically, Interiors, Darkness, Pirates, Born to Run, and some others.... Interiors and Pirates don't get much attention it seems, but they are world class for sure. 2 of the very few albums I can spin anytime.
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  20. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    Me too.... 1967 is a difficult year for me to choose a single favorite, and it generally changes between Sgt. Pepper, but Days usually edges out in front for me.
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  21. TimM

    TimM Senior Member

    This would be different tomorrow but here we go for today:
    Abba- The Visitor
    ABC-The Lexicon of Love
    Alison Krauss-Paper Airplane
    America-1st album
    Antonio Carlos Jobin-Wave
    Bangles-Different Light
    The Bats-Foothills
    Beach Boys-Today!
    Beach Boys- Summer Days
    Beach Fossils-Somersault
    Beatles-A Hard Days Night
    Beatles-Rubber Soul (US)
    Beatles-Abbey Road
    Beck-Morning Phase
    Bee Gees-Main Course
    Bing Crosby-Bing With A Beat
    Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run
    Bruce Springsteen-The Wild, The Innocent
    Burton Cumming-My Own Way to Rock
    Camera Obscura-Lets Get Out Of This Country
    Carly Simon-Hot Cakes
    Carly Simon-Another Passenger
    Carole King-Tapestry
    Chris Connor-A Jazz Date With
    Count Basie and His Orchestra-88 Basie Street
    Creedence-Green River
    Creedence-Willie and the Poor Boys
    CS&N-Self Titled
    CSN&Y-Deja Vu
    Daft Punk-Random Access Memories
    Dan Fogelberg-Souvenirs
    Death Cab For Cutie-Plans
    Del Lords-Johnny Comes Marching Home
    Diana Krall-The Look Of Love
    Dire Straits-Making Movies
    Dire Straits-Love Over Gold
    Doobie Brothers-Livin' On the Fault Line
    Eliane Elias-Sings Jobin
    Eliane Elias-I Thought About You
    Ella Fitzgerald-Ella Swing Brightly With Nelson
    ELO-Out of the Blue
    ELO-Secret Messages
    Elvis Costello-This Years Model
    Elvis Costello-Get Happy
    Everything But the Girl-Amplified Heart
    Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac
    Frank Sinatra-Songs For Swingin' Lovers
    Frank Sinatra-Come Dance With Me
    Frank Sinatra-In the Wee Small Hours
    Frank Sinatra-September of My Years
    Go Betweens-16 Lovers Lane
    Grass Roots-Move Along
    Harry Styles-Fine Line
    Heart-Dreamboat Annie
    Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass-Ninth
    Jackson Browne-Jackson Browne
    Jackson Browne Late For the Sky
    Jackson Browne-The Pretender
    James Taylor-Mudslide Slim
    Jethro Tull-Songs From the Wood
    Jethro Tull-Thick As A Brick
    Jethro Tull-Benefit
    John Denver-Rocky Mountain High
    Joni Mitchell-Court and Spark
    Joni Mitchell-For the Roses
    Joni Mitchell-Hejira
    Kacey Musgraves-Golden Hour
    Kevin Mahogany-Big Band
    Led Zeppelin-IV
    Led Zeppelin-Houses Of The Holy
    Linda Ronstadt-Hasten Down the Wind
    Lionel Richie-Can't Slow Down
    Loggins & Messina-Mother Lode
    Loggins & Messina-Full Sail
    Marshall Crenshaw-Marshall Crenshaw
    Melissa Manchest-Better Days, Happy Endings
    Monkees- Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones
    Moody Blues- A Question Of Balance
    Mumford and Sons-Wilder Mind
    Neil Diamond-Tap Root Manuscript
    Neil Young-Comes A Time
    Oscar Peterson Trio- A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra
    Paul Desmond-Tale Ten
    Paul McCartney-Ram
    Paul McCartney-Band on the Run
    Paul Revere and the Raiders- Spirit of '67
    Paul Simon- There Goes Rhymin Simon
    Paul Simon-Rhythm Of the Saints
    Pink Floyd-Wish You Where Here
    Pure Bathing Culture-Night Pass
    Rolling Stone-Aftermath (UK)
    Rolling Stones- Beggars Banquet
    Rolling Stones-Between the Buttons (UK)
    Roseanne Cash- Kings Record Shop
    Simon& Garfunkel- Bookends
    Whoops, I hit post before I was done but this is a good start.:p
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  22. Simoon

    Simoon Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    My 5th post, with 34 more choices.

    So far I am up to 55 choices, this brings me up to 89 total.

    I'm going to add notation about the type of music, since my tastes run toward the obscure, avant-garde and progressive, and lesser known artists.

    Arti e Mestieri - Tilt (1974) Italian prog with some fusion
    Cynic - Traced in Air (2008) Prog, technical-metal.
    Iceberg - Sentiments (1977) Fusion band from Spain.
    Joseph Schwantner - ...And the Mountains Rising Nowhere (1977) Contemporary classical.
    Le Orme - Felona e Sorona (1973) Italian classic prog
    Hiromi Uehara - Time Control (2007) Japanese fusion keyboardist
    Sammla Mammas Mana - Matild (1973) Avant-prog from Sweden
    Setna - Guerison (2013) Zeuhl, like a jazzier Magma
    Bruford - One of a Kind (1979) Fusion
    U.K. - S/T (1978) Prog
    Allan Holdsworth - i.o.u. (1982) Fusion at its best
    Elliott Carter - Violin Concerto (1990) Avant-garde classical
    Elliott Carter - Three Occasions for Orchestra (1989) Avant-garde classical
    Milton Babbitt - Composition for 12 instruments (1954) Serial classical
    Joan Tower - Silver Ladders (1986) Contemporary classical
    PFM - L'isola di niente (1974) Italian classic prog
    ELP - Tarkus (1973) Prog
    King Crimson - ItCotCK (1969) Prog
    Magma - Köhntarkösz (1974)
    Magma - Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré (2009) Zeuhl
    Area - Arbeit Macht Frei (1973)
    Area - Maledeiti (1977) Italian prog, fusion
    Thinking Plague - In Extremis (1998) Avant-garde prog

    Azimuth - Départ, with Ralph Towner (1980) Chamber-jazz
    Jean luc Ponty - Imaginary Voyage (1976)
    Jean luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean (1977)
    Genesis - Selling England (1973)
    Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)
    Yes - Going for the One (1977)
    Hatfield and the North - Rotter's Club (1975)
    Hatfield and the North - Hatfield and the North (1974)
    Banco - As in the Last Supper (1976) Italian prog
    Banco - Di Tera (1978)

    The Contortionist - Language (2014) Progressesive technical-metal

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  23. ChoonyFish

    ChoonyFish Forum Resident

    Manchester, UK
    I'd like to make my list, but beyond the top 5 I'd struggle to rank them.

    But still... A playlist of my top 100 albums would be nice to work through, one or two a day, for a couple of months or so. Revisit some old faves I haven't played in a while.

    Can't imagine it'd make an interesting read for anyone but me, being stuffed with my favourite bands and probably not much variety. Having just one album per band would mean it's not really all my fave albums.

    To rank them I'm thinking of looking at Last.Fm data. Scrobbling since 2006 it gives a good insight into most played albums. I'd have to weight some stuff for albums from the decades before digital...

    It's the kind of boring music library related task/project that I'd probably enjoy, being the anorak I am.
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  24. Eric_Generic

    Eric_Generic Enigma

    I've been making lists and charts since the 80s, so it's almost second nature to me.

    Here's my latest, just-updated Top 100. I'll split it into two lots of 50.

    Numbers in brackets are the album's ranking on my previous list of 2016. A (-) means a first appearance in my Top 100. (RE) obviously means it's a re-entry, an old favourite returning to the list.

    THE TOP 100 ALBUMS OF ALL-TIME (7/8/2022)

    1 (1) HATS The Blue Nile 1989
    2 (4) SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR Tears For Fears 1985
    3 (2) HUMAN'S LIB Howard Jones 1984
    4 (3) SO Peter Gabriel 1986
    5 (5) INTO THE GAP Thompson Twins 1984
    6 (8) TANGO IN THE NIGHT Fleetwood Mac 1987
    7 (7) HOUNDS OF LOVE Kate Bush 1985
    8 (6) ACTUALLY Pet Shop Boys 1987
    9 (11) ACHTUNG BABY U2 1991
    10 (26) THE NIGHTFLY Donald Fagen 1982
    11 (87) 24 YEARS OF HUNGER Eg & Alice 1991
    12 (10) A WALK ACROSS THE ROOFTOPS The Blue Nile 1984
    13 (21) BLACK LIGHT Groove Armada 2010
    14 (16) SIGN O' THE TIMES Prince 1987
    15 (17) THE LEXICON OF LOVE ABC 1982
    16 (9) DARE! The Human League 1981
    17 (-) BLADERUNNER (O.S.T.) Vangelis 1982
    18 (RE) CHALK MARK IN A RAIN STORM Joni Mitchell 1988
    19 (13) NEW GOLD DREAM (81-82-83-84) Simple Minds 1982
    20 (12) PURPLE RAIN O.S.T. Prince & The Revolution 1984
    21 (14) RUMOURS Fleetwood Mac 1977
    22 (-) BECOMING X Sneaker Pimps 1996
    23 (25) FROM LANGLEY PARK TO MEMPHIS Prefab Sprout 1988
    24 (36) A SECRET WISH Propaganda 1985
    25 (20) THE WILD HEART Stevie Nicks 1983
    26 (58) IT'S BETTER TO TRAVEL Swing Out Sister 1987
    27 (31) NOW AND ZEN Robert Plant 1988
    28 (29) THE COLOUR OF SPRING Talk Talk 1986
    29 (18) HEJIRA Joni Mitchell 1976
    30 (44) BLACK TIE, WHITE NOISE David Bowie 1993
    31 (-) WORLD MACHINE Level 42 1985
    32 (RE) HOTEL CALIFORNIA Eagles 1976
    33 (23) SECRET OF THE BEEHIVE David Sylvian 1987
    34 (-) THE LUXURY GAP Heaven 17 1983
    35 (37) BLACK CELEBRATION Depeche Mode 1986
    36 (30) SOLITUDE STANDING Suzanne Vega 1987
    37 (-) SPIRIT OF EDEN Talk Talk 1988
    38 (-) HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS Cocteau Twins 1990
    39 (33) ARCHITECTURE & MORALITY O.M.D. 1981
    40 (41) NIGHT RIDE HOME Joni Mitchell 1991
    41 (19) HUNTING HIGH AND LOW a-ha 1985
    42 (-) EVERY OPEN EYE Chvrches 2015
    43 (-) INFORM. EDUCATE. ENTERTAIN. Public Service Broadcasting 2014
    44 (RE) THE SEEDS OF LOVE Tears For Fears 1989
    45 (32) ROCK A LITTLE Stevie Nicks 1985
    46 (15) REVOLVER The Beatles 1966
    47 (38) BORN TO DIE Lana Del Rey 2012
    48 (27) CUPID & PYSCHE 85 Scritti Politti 1985
    49 (RE) CLUTCHING AT STRAWS Marillion 1987
    50 (75) NOTORIOUS Duran Duran 1986

  25. Spastica

    Spastica Run aground on the floor for you....

    Modesto, CA
    I'll start with my favorite bands/artists and their albums that would make it into my top 100....


    Down on the Upside

    Pink Floyd

    Dark Side of the Moon
    Wish You Were Here

    Sinead O'Connor

    The Lion and the Cobra
    I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got


    Electric Tears


    And Justice For All
    Black album

    Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction

    Elastica - Elastica

    M.I.A. - Kala

    Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
    Mad Season - Above
    Alice In Chains - Facelift
    Nazareth - Hair of the Dog
    David Lee Roth - Eat Em and Smile
    The Four Horsemen - Nobody Said It Was Easy
    Live - Throwing Copper
    Heart - Dog and Butterfly
    New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
    Queensryche - Empire

    Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    Megadeth - Rust In Peace
    INXS - Kick
    Don Henley - The End of the Innocence
    Luscious Jackson - Natural Ingredients
    Audioslave- Audioslave
    Portishead - Third
    U2 - The Joshua Tree
    AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    Black Crowes - Shake Your Moneymaker

    I almost made it to the halfway point. I gotta go to the store. Even if I had finished, tons would've been left out. Hard to narrow it down...
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