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DCC Archive Your two fav DCC CDs...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pigmode, Sep 30, 2001.

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  1. pigmode

    pigmode Active Member Thread Starter

    Mine are Heart/ Dreamboat Annie and Jethro Tull/ Aqualung.

    Heart was a fairly high quality recording to begin with, and the DCC release is great. Imo, it's true to my vinyl copy, and very detailed, with a great purity of sound. Everything is there, bass, mids, highs. The lead guitar is killer, as is Nancy's voice.

    Aqualung is a classic. The DCC version seems to bring out the very best of an old, old recording. I almost consider it a masterpiece.

    I may be wrong here, but there is one caveat. The drum roll at the intro of Aqualung sounds different to my ears. There is a couple of beats, or echos (or something) missing near the end. I know the song so well so that when it doesn't appear, I feel as if I had tripped over my own feet and nearly fell before making an ungraceful recovery.

    Anyway, these are my favorites this week. Next week my be a different story since I have seven or eight coming in.
  2. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Paul McCartney's "McCartney" and "Ram". Vinyl? Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds" and Elton's "Madman Acc/Water". Sonic dynamos.
  3. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Highway 61 Revisited and Who's Next. No, WN isn't DCC, but I don't care...:)
  4. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Greater Vancouver
    :rolleyes: Hmmmm... let's see there are so many "sonic ear candy" albums by Steve it's really hard to choose. But I'd have to go with my first romance with dcc and that would be CCR Pendulum and The Beach Boys endless summer. :D
  5. Chippoh

    Chippoh Forum Resident

    DCC and Steve Hoffman are synonymous...

    Steve's "Surf Legends and Rumors" disc is the most incredible sonic gem that I have ever owned...to hear those tapes from '61-'62-'63 and to have them reproduced and sounding like each band just set up their equipment in my basement is downright phenominal :eek:

    Tip o' my hat to Mr. Hoffman! "Pipeline" and "Inertia" will never, ever sound like that on anyone else's disc...

    (Yes, I *do* have that issue with "Pipeline"...lucky me! ;)

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  6. Ben

    Ben New Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    Al Green's "Greatest Hits" and "Aqualung"

  7. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    Jeez, only 2, you're killing me. The first one is easy: Fresh Cream-IMHO nothing can touch it-Steve's masterpiece. Secondly, after much thought...Cookin', Relaxin', Workin' & Steamin'. Don't even ask me to pick one of these 4. I might be crazy but these sound so good you'd think you were in the room with them. I'm sorry, this is as close to 2 as I can get. Happy Listening !

    P.S. Steve if you ever do another Jazz Gold Disc please seriously consider Interplay for Two Trumpets & Two Tenors or ANY of Wes's Riverside titles. ;) Thanks !-ED
  8. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    My favorites are: Elvis' 24 Karat Hits and CCR's Cosmo's Factory.
  9. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Ah, "Fresh Cream" - the best DCC/SH CD I have heard so far - the one I measure the others by! Also really like SH's Canadian "Who's Next," - great 'vinyl-sounding' bass! ;)
  10. JPartyka

    JPartyka I Got a Home on High

    Wow, this is tough ... If I had to pick only two and sell off the rest (I'd never really do it, of course), I guess I'd have to choose the first McCartney solo album and Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark." (Damn, I'd hate to see those Doors discs go!) ...
  11. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Two disc minumum is not fair. I suppose you expected us to give out the same 10-20 Cds? ;)
  12. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    "Highway 61 Revisited" and "24 Karat Hits"
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  13. Grant

    Grant Just chillin'!

    United States
    "Elvis' 24 Karat Hits"
    "Eagles' Greatest Hits"

    Two questions, why hasn't anyone mentioned the Eagles yet, and when are we EVER going to see the second Elvis Presley CD?
  14. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    All of my DCC country CD's are my favorite DCC releases.
  15. Mick Jones

    Mick Jones Senior Member

    "Highway 61 Revisited" and "The Everly Brothers' Best".
  16. pigmode

    pigmode Active Member Thread Starter

    Chip or anyone else, I just gotta have that Surf Legends and Rumors CD.

    I've located a copy, so here's the deal: they say it's an aluminum disc remastered by Steve but never released by DCC. here's the content:
    1. Boss - The Rumblers
    2. Church Key - The Revels
    3. Cecelia Ann - The Surftones
    4. Pipeline - The Chantays
    5. Inertia - The Hustlers

    Is that the one?
  17. eBay Feed

    eBay Feed Automated

    Even though Jethro Tull is my favorite band/artist and I love the DCC "Aqualung" and "Original Masters"...

    I have to go with:

    Nat King Cole "The Very Thought of You" You will swear that Nat is in your living room! The sound is awesome and Nat is at his best.

    Roy Orbison "All Time Greatest Hits" It is hard to believe that these could be the same recordings that I owned on other cds before! Steve's mastering job on this one and Elvis' "24 Karat Hits" is unmatched.

  18. Larry Naramore

    Larry Naramore Bonafied Knucklehead

    Sun Valley, Calif.
    Pigmode, It's on the "Garland" label, GRZ-019, Dunhill Compact Classics. Hope this helps.
  19. Larry Naramore

    Larry Naramore Bonafied Knucklehead

    Sun Valley, Calif.
  20. jligon

    jligon Forum Resident

    Peoria, IL
    Highway 61 & Pet Sounds

  21. Ben

    Ben New Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    "Hotel California" (probably because its such a huge improvement over the standard issue)and "Venus and Mars."

    Oops - I voted again...!

    Kind of like growin' up in Chicago...."Vote Early and Often."


  22. pdenny

    pdenny 19-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
    First-timer here...great topic! The first two "Hoffman Classics" that came to my mind haven't been mentioned yet: PHOEBE SNOW and SINATRA '57 IN CONCERT. Of course, that means I'd have to lose my NO DICE and STRAIGHT UP so I guess I'd be too sad to listen to anything at that point ;) .
  23. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    For me it's Fresh Cream although the DCC vinyl edition is even more of a sonic revelation. The second disc is Wheels of Fire. All other editions of these albums pale in comparison. Plus you gotta love that foil cover on Wheels, hell I even saved the original long box.
  24. Mark H

    Mark H Senior Member

    upstate N.Y.
    I've got to go with Toga Rock Volume 1. Louie,Louie, Wooley Bully,I Fought the Law,etc. never sounded so good. It was my intro to Steve's work. Also as a C.C.R. die-hard I've got to go with "Willy and the Poorboys". Now a Dream a Sequence: Mr. Martin meet Mr.Hoffman. He's here to fix The Beatles catalog!!!!!!!!
  25. Doug Hess Jr.

    Doug Hess Jr. Forum Resident

    Belpre, Ohio
    Sorry, but Steve didn't master Toga Rock I, he did Toga Rock II. The first one had a little digital "cleaning" to make the songs sound the way they do.
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