You're invited, Yarlung recording session with Lifeline Quartet (Spirituals from the Civil War era)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bob Attiyeh, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    Video and audio is in the RSVP link. Join us if you can! RSVP required.

    Hope to see you in Costa Mesa.

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  2. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host

    People, you want to attend a unique recording session, well here you go.
  3. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    Thanks Steve! We'll do our best to make sure the recording is as close to the concert as we can manage. Not everyone in your forum of over a million hits a day will be able to squeeze into Segerstrom Center for the Arts, so we want the album to be the "next best thing."

    This was our first rehearsal. I'm jazzed.

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  4. " people fled slavery for freedom in the northern states."

    It's not really a California thing, is it? Well, no matter. The concept is fantastically cool! :)
  5. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    Yes, this is an album I have wanted to make for ten years. We auditioned myriad groups and singers and never found the right mix until we met Michelle. I auditioned her on July 3rd. She gave me one of her CDs (she leads a number of veterans groups and performs with them at the Rose Parade and in various churches on tour) and I played a track for my parents on July 4th. My mom burst into tears it was so good. If we can capture half as much in our recording and concert I am going to be very happy.
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  6. anth67

    anth67 Purveyor of Hogwash

    NW USA
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  7. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    I love this.
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  8. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    I wish Lexington Massachusetts were a little closer to Costa Mesa! Please join us for one of these upcoming projects if you can. You are most warmly invited.
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  9. gonz

    gonz Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ
    sounds great!
  10. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    I wish I were closer to Costa Mesa too! Thank you for the gracious response.
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  11. McLover

    McLover Forum Resident

    East TN
    Your invitation is gracious, much appreciated, and makes me wish I was close enough to be a part of this recording session giving birth to good music, well reproduced.
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  12. Drew

    Drew Senior Member

    Columbus, OH
    I'd love to. But unfortunately I took my vacation a month too early this year
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  13. chewy

    chewy Forum Resident

    West Coast USA
    I sneeze sometimes, I don't think it would be right of me to go to this.
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  14. willy

    willy hooga hagga hooga

    That sounds amazing... :love:
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  15. marka

    marka Forum Resident

    And it was phenomenal!

    The entire quartet had such great voices.

    When Michelle started singing, I got chills.

    Bob, thanks so much for the invite, and it was great meeting you.
  16. marka

    marka Forum Resident

    Post-recording picture with Michelle:

  17. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    Working with Michelle and her Lifeline Quartet has already been a highlight of my life. I slept 10 hours last night and am beginning to come out of my post concert reverie. That said, I did listen to the recording this morning and I'm thrilled.

    Mark, we were honored you were able to join us. Thanks for posting the photo of you and Michelle and the nice comments. This might become one of Yarlung's best albums. I would not be surprised. We'll try to make everyone on the Steve Hoffman forum proud of Lifeline. They deserve nothing less.

    Join our newsletter list to be invited to the next live concert recording session. there is a bright blue box visible if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of our home page at
  18. marka

    marka Forum Resident


    Thanks again for such a memorable experience. I can’t wait for the album!

    I was pretty happy when you had the quartet do a few songs again. We got to enjoy them again!

    In particular, on Deep River (?), which I thought was great, I had noticed a glitch the first time. But not only was that additional take perfect, it was absolutely stunning, better and more moving in every way! In fact, that may be my favorite of all.

    You never did say which song brought your mother to tears.
  19. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    The spiritual we repeated from Michelle's first homemade album was "Talk about A Child." My mother obliged by tearing up all over again at the concert last night. Michelle, who had never met her in person before, saw this from the stage, went up to my mother after the concert, gave her a big hug and said, "I Know Who You Are!" They had fun talking about all sorts of things outside my earshot. I have yet to get the full report.

    "Talk About A Child" is one of the few outliers in this album, as it was not directly related to the Underground Railroad, and became part of the repertoire more recently as well.

    Yes, that final "Deep River" will stay with me for the rest of my life. Michelle is a vocal and communicative master.
  20. marka

    marka Forum Resident

    Thank you!

    (And I think I saw that hug)
  21. Bob Attiyeh

    Bob Attiyeh Yarlung Records Thread Starter

    Hehehehe. Michelle is as good at hugging as she is at singing.
  22. marka

    marka Forum Resident

    I put my hand out, and I got a hug.

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