Zappa 71 Complete Fillmore Shows Coming

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rockin_since_58, Jan 13, 2022.

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    NGC 891
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    I just tried, thinking I found a little loophole and could justify buying this at a great price, but shipping is a whopping 40 euro, which makes the total to more than Amazon will inevitably be. Had to go through the entire checkout process to discover this, though, so fellow bargain hunters beware
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    We are not groupies, yet she keeps showing up at the bar for Bwana Dick. The character in this song is missing it again, she'll surely be writing his name on the walls. Yes, you guessed right, at The Whisky A Go Go.
  5. vince

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    Hey, that song made the charts...with a BULLIT! (BAM!)
  6. OhmWalsh2

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    LOL, when I was singing the German Verse of Stick It Out for MTV I did have that concept in mind.

    Thought Stick It Out was the ultimate Conceptual Continuity for a company like MTV that was searching for a hit Zappa song fans yearned to hear. Thought sneaking in the German Verse could make it past the sensors.

    I believe it all dates back to The Divan Suite in this time period. Frank just kept chiselling away.
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    I am also looking forward to 73-74 boxes the most. MOI 10th anniversary tour package is my wet dream. The guitar solos & funky rhythms is the top of the tops' Zappa for me.
    I also agree with those boxes visual appearance. I hate Halloween boxes. I would like to burn them, but they sit on my backyard storage with all the other unusable **** (me too stingy to do that..).
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    I agree, for the most part, as long as I have been listening to Zappa (nearly 30 years now), his instrumental prowess has largely been the main appeal for me. Often I find myself skipping over the nonsense (for the lack of a better word), and it is worth it because Frank's music, bands, and overall execution are tremendous. So, the same thing will likely apply here and that is why I am on the fence with this release. If they end up releasing a condensed 3 disc version like they did with Halloween '77, it will be a no-brainer, but it looks like at this time, it is the full box that is being offered.
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  9. alakulju

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    The nonsense ratio will be high on this release, so beware!
    But with 5 versions of Billy, how could you resist? I hope that we will get some more Tibetan Memory Tricks!
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  10. The Grand Wazoo, Bongo Fury and YCDTOSA Vol. 2 is what I want reissued on vinyl. That will do it for me (although I'm buying and will buy every vinyl reissue that the ZFT decides to release).
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    Well, Glad I jumped in & purchased when I did LAST EVENING..
    @ Udiscover-
    8 CD box set 125.00, got it for 95.25 with shipping & tax, Saved $21.99,
    @ Sound Of Vinyl - Filmore & Rainbow - $60.00 (x) 2 ='s 120.00
    got 'em for 103.89 with shipping & tax, Saved $23.99...
    Total cost $ 199.14.. not bad for 6 LPs & 8 CD's...
    WAIT, I thought I was supposed to get
    FREE SHIPPING @ udiscover & sov...
    I gotta check on this:confused:
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  14. Instant Dharma

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    Not on this set, they didn't start doing that until at least the Carnegie Hall shows.
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    While this predates the box set, surely some minor band changes but these Mother's were the perfect Rocking Bar Mitzvah Band. A fine example showing how these Mother's were hard rock jamming fun. While I loved the early Mother's the so called Vaudeville Band Rocked harder than previous lineups. Ansley Dunbar was a monster. Some may say this belongs in a Mother's 70 thread but it's used more as an example of the rocking playful nature.

    Canarsie, Where Everybody Looks The Same.
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    Though not as often mentioned, “Brixton Still Life” from Playground Psychotics has what sounds to me like the digital bass drum mixed in quite clearly. I think it exists as well on the Rainbow “King Kong” solo on Stage 3. I’d have to recheck. Interestingly enough i don’t think it appears ar all on the “Sharleena/Burgers” from the same show.
  18. Galeans

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    I hear the kick drum sample on every released track from the Rainbow Theater.

    The "Zappa in New York" remix too has that feature and also the 1987 remix of "Mr. Green Genes" on the "Uncle Meat" CD.
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  19. Cherrycherry

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    The price reflects the proper cost to the ZFT, as the subsidy from CTBG (Children's Toys & Board Games) Lobby will not be available for this boxset; due to COVID 19 and other reasons blamed on Dweezil.
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    On the remix of ZYNY too?! Eeee Ghads! I’ll have to go back and check on that one.
  25. pbuzby

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    I'm not sure if the ZINY remix had the sample or if Bozzio's kick drum just had a "clicky" sound anyway.
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