Zappa 71 Complete Fillmore Shows Coming

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rockin_since_58, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Swansong

    Swansong From Planet Earth

    I personally don’t care how expensive these releases are, as long as ZFT continues to provide a physical product for those of us who still prefer it over streaming. I’m old school as far as my music and movies, and will always buy any Zappa material that way.

    This particular period in Frank’s career is rather unique, and although the humor hasn’t aged all that well, the musical compositions are incredible.

    And Billy the Mountain is one of my favorites from this time period and I’m really interested to hear the variety of variations on display in this new box set. Along with everything else that’s included.
  2. alakulju

    alakulju Music is the best! - FZ

    A couple of years ago on some other Zappa thread I asked for a 10-cd box with all recorded versions of Billy The Mountain.
    Well, this set will be almost that, thank you very much!:tiphat:
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  3. MechanicalAnimal6

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    United States
    Definitely, i could see maybe $65-75 tops, but that price is just insane for 8 cd's in those thin cheap
    pieces of paper and that's it.
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  4. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Searching For Simplicity

    This hasn’t even been released yet. Relax. The price will come down. 8 cd’s of live Zappa from 1971. Wot is there to complain about, really!? :)
  5. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Searching For Simplicity

  6. MechanicalAnimal6

    MechanicalAnimal6 Forum Resident

    United States
    i'm fine. :cool:
    and don't tell someone you don't know to relax....:tsk:

    and yes we all know it'll come down a bit, :rolleyes: but not to where it should still.
  7. Galeans

    Galeans Forum Resident

    It is! From the press release:

    "For the very first time anywhere, contains the official audio of the Rainbow Theatre show’s truly shocking ending which was thought to have not been recorded until recently discovered while putting this project together."
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  8. dlokazip

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    Austin, TX, USA
    In 1971, the Fillmore East, June 1971 album cost about $6 US. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $41 today for one record.
    Nine and a half hours of music would require about fifteen vinyl records. At $41 times 15 equals $615. (Don't tell the industry this.)

    Put another way, $124 US today would be 18 in 1971 dollars.

    Weird, huh?

    The conversion to digital and the falling cost of computer processing and storage means that we can have a lot of music for a much lower cost.

    Don't get me wrong. $124 hits the wallet hard, but for that amount of music, it is not unreasonable.
  9. pbuzby

    pbuzby Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    For reference, here was what FZ wrote in YCDTOSA 3 (about the "King Kong" solo): "This was the last solo I played in 1971 - a few moments later some guy knocked me off the stage into the orchestra pit and I wound up in the hospital. (The tape ran out before my crash-landing, otherwise I would have included it here.)"

    FWIW, in the Real FZ Book published a short time earlier, FZ correctly remembered that they played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" before the attack so it didn't literally happen "a few moments" after the guitar solo.
  10. edenofflowers

    edenofflowers A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular!

    Shining the @Vaultmeister signal!

    Re: Ending of Rainbow show being found. Tell us...what's the deal?
  11. OhmWalsh2

    OhmWalsh2 Forum Resident

    Yes indeed, thank you. I stand corrected, I have faith in all of Craig Parker Adams work. It's certainly going to be interesting to hear.

    In what Eddie Kramer is going to work with,
    that too, it's going to be very interesting.

    Super Duper Serious

    I guess we can all fall off the stage at times.
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  12. threeheadedmonkey

    threeheadedmonkey Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I love the Flo and Eddie era, so this is definitely going in my shopping basket.
  13. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ambient postpunk will never die

    Either Frank didn't remember it correctly (getting tossed off a stage into a concrete pit can do that to a dude), or he didn't want people to hear the moment it went down. I'm glad it was recorded for our sake, like the "fire" moment from the Montreux show. Speaking of which, has anyone ever asked Joe if that show is in the vault?
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  14. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
    Well, I prefer to pay $124 for a compact size box than $75 for an overblown package with a mask and other silly gadgets. Apparently we need to pay extra to get a reasonably packaged CD set without the marbles. ;)
  15. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Searching For Simplicity

    Thank you, I’m in!!!
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  16. Philip Gruber

    Philip Gruber Forum Resident

    I suspect if Montreux was in the vault it would have been featured in this set, and given the band lost their entire equipment - except a cowbell - in the fire, it's unlikely FZ would have managed to rescue a recording. We were lucky somebody in the audience made their good quality sneaky recording of that show and I guess that's the only tape there is of it. Given Deep Purple were in town to record their album, I've often wondered if their recording truck was in town at that time since I would have thought had FZ gotten wind of its presence, he would have jumped at the chance of using it to record the show.

    I am definitely curious about the Rainbow tape as until this week it was generally accepted that the ending was not captured. Maybe there was a tape switchover and that particular tape with that sequence ended up getting lost or misfiled in the vault since we do know that tapes such as some of the Fillmore multis did go missing... or perhaps as surmised, FZ wanted to keep the moment buried. I'm sure all will eventually be revealed by Joe.
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  17. Johnny Formica

    Johnny Formica Forum Resident

    I am so excited about this release.

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  18. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    Savannah, Georgia
    The price definitely seems reasonable compared to the 200 Motels set.

    Comparing the two sets, with 200 Motels, you’re spending $150 for six discs where...
    • Consists mainly of one studio album that takes up a disc and a half, along with various studio outtakes, demos, and some different mixes.
    • At least one disc has little to no actual music, instead just being a workprint of the film where, because of the nature of visual media, a lot of context is missing and most listeners simply don’t want to listen to a film.
    • You’re not including the movie or even the making-of documentary, or even a 180 gram vinyl.
    With this set, you’re spending $124 for a eight discs where...
    • You get a well known concert run in all four shows in their entirety
    • A full version of the Rainbow Theatre show, which has never been officially available.
    • A hybrid concert of sorts covering other shows from the era
    • The odd bonus tracks/ads here and there.
    So certainly more bang-for-your-buck then the 200 Motels set.
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  19. ti-triodes

    ti-triodes Senior Member

    Paz Chin-in
    Since I went to both early shows, but only remember one - if you went to the Fillmore you know what I mean :D- I’m grabbing this day 1!
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  20. OhmWalsh2

    OhmWalsh2 Forum Resident

    Progress, ... Well as far a "half-complete Hunchentoot Sci-fi B-movie/stage show" I've only read the script, heard different arrangements of what songs were released and browsed some info published on the internet. The instrumentation for the whole enchilada is enough to make your hair real good in the back.

    At times with some works, it somehow seems to all ballance out. How we see and hear his work is beyond the dimension of space and time. We have the vision of what we know, how it was delivered in our space and time but Frank's work itself is beyond our view of space and time.

    Frank chiseled away. I do remember that concept being talked about in a Canadian Audio documentary, but what's clear is that there are things going on at a moment in time, in a show, a given tour, tour to tour, studio album to studio album, archive data, where you see and hear the progress, it's only what we see in our own limited dimension. The music of the composer always seemed to evolve. No reason to put a dimension time stamp on it, sure for reference but it just always evolved.

    Speaking of Progress, now some of Zappa's bands, or should I say everything about FZs Project/Object was ahead of it's time. I spoke to Frank about that concept in 1981, that was always what my social group was saying about FZs music in the 60s and 70s, that Zappa was a decade ahead of his time. So a decade or so later Frank releases Ahead Of Their Time and we get a glimpse of Progress.

    So take that concept with these works you mention. We can get a version of Spider Of Destiny with or without vocals but when speaking of Hunchentoot the arrangement Frank had in mind seems different than either of the Sleep Dirt releases.

    So in The Game of Thrones, Winter Is Comming.

    In Zappa's Universe, Springtime is always comming. The buds on the tree of creativity was always evolving. For anyone to apply short sightedness to the so called Vaudeville Band, well that has nothing to do with Progress.

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  21. privit1

    privit1 Senior Member

    Seems to be sold out or just not offered on all the usual UK sites. Even Udiscover have it sold out !!!
  22. OhmWalsh2

    OhmWalsh2 Forum Resident

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  23. OhmWalsh2

    OhmWalsh2 Forum Resident

    How much was the Baby Snakes VHS with NoD Glasses. I think it was $100. We did not have streaming or download options then and were thankful to pay 1980s era $100 bucks for it.

    Today there are so many options of listening. If CD box sets with or without merchandise is not someone's idea of a good time there is HD Audio Downloads with superior fidelity to CD with Digital Liner Note booklets, same booklets as in these box sets. For those really worried about their finances official YouTube streams. Hard to believe this dialogue is till happening.

    I prefer that the Zappa Trust continues to give us a wide variety of listening options with so much material we never could have dreamed of in 1993.
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  24. anth67

    anth67 Purveyor of Hogwash

    Not sure how up for hearing the Rainbow stage incident I am. Awful moment. Taking him at his word on the tape's known whereabouts at the time of YCDTOSA 3, the fact that FZ was up for including it is the only thing that might make me feel better about listening.

    (call me thin-skinned if you will...or, Trying to Grow a Skin)
  25. OhmWalsh2

    OhmWalsh2 Forum Resident

    That's OK, if you want to exit without the Mothers holding your hand that's understandable.

    Hard to even kid around a little because you seem far more sensitive and caring, I can understand where someone may not want to hear that moment so kudos to you for speaking from the heart.

    There are 100 tracks and surely Frank being pushed off the stage is not the entire I Wanna Hold Your Hand number. But how do you know when to press stop. It's like Pandora's Box. Surely the community will have timestamps so those that don't want to hear it will know when to hit stop.

    It does bring a thought to mind. Catholics that leave immidiately after Communion, they don't wait for the closing bennediction. No Dominus vobiscum, they need to get home and start the Sunday Sauce with the Meatballs, Sausage and Braciole.

    Don't worry about growing skin, listen to 99 tracks and then have some Braciole and Ravioli.

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