Zavvi "Best of Jazz Starter Kit" 5-LPs $29.99

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    Let me know if you want the numbers off the wax, and I'll look them up this evening.
  2. kwadguy

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    Yeah, all the purported benefits of vinyl are pointless when it comes to junk from labels like Waxtime, which are digitally sourced from released products. You get all the deficits of a Redbook CD combined with all the deficits of vinyl reproduction. It's beyond pointless.
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  3. samwisefan

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    Well, I finally got my shipment and I got the exact same 5 titles. My Billie Holiday is also unsealed, and the inner sleeve is ripped. :(

    I'm a bit miffed because I have almost no jazz in my collection and I was excited to add 5 new titles...and with my luck one of the 5 I receive is a title I already own!!! ("Kind of Blue") Damn it. I was really hoping for the Getz/Gilberto album.
  4. captouch

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    That may be one of the easiest albums to trade away. The Getz/Gilberto was pretty common in earlier shipments - you may want to post a FT thread and see if someone who has a double G/G wants to trade. KoB is the ultimate jazz starter album, so even if someone who has G/G already has KoB, they could potentially give it to someone who they want to start on the jazz journey.
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