American Masters: Janis Joplin (PBS)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by townsend, May 1, 2016.

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    I saw this and thought others might be interested as well. Check your local listings of your PBS affiliate:

    American Masters
    KERA-DT - 13.1 Tue, 5/03, 7:00 PM 2 hrs
    "Janis Joplin"
    New, 5/03/2016, Profile, Documentary, Biography, Cultural, Art
    Revealing letters, archival performance footage and exclusive interviews with friends, family members and fellow musicians, including those she influenced, shed light on the life and work of singer-songwriter Janis Joplin.
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    Check for repeats if you missed it (like I did). 5/4 at 2am on 8 here in Phoenix
  4. budwhite

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    Worth seeing but nothing more. I had hoped for a lot more
  5. bluejeanbaby

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    I saw it, but had family members diverting my attention in the first hour. I'll have to check when it comes on again to see it uninterrupted.
  6. Tom in Houston

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    I knew she had the meth problem that got her shipped home to Port Arthur in the mid '60s. I didn't know that she had been shooting heroin after shows starting in her Big Brother days, nor that it escalated during the Kozmic Blues era either. And I didn't know that she was too dosed out to take the stage at Woodstock until she was pushed out there.

    Who was the woman who sang the entirety of A Woman Left Lonely in her own current style. I'm sorry, but I had to mute that off-key performance shortly after it started. Why full length? Why placed where it was in the film? Did they want to make sure that no one missed the song's lyrical significance? It was nothing short of annoying.
  7. The Panda

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    Very little that I didn't already know except Tom's two points above, and that Kris never heard her sing the song until she died. I thought he had taught her the song when they were living in some communal arrangement where dope was always on the menu.
    My favorite part of the Express movie is where Janis looks at Rick and tells him 'you are REALLY f'd up.' Man if Janis told you that, you must have been really off the planet.
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  8. Ken E.

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    Was her relationship with Dick Cavett well known? I had no idea.
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  9. MYKE

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    Also available on Blu ray as " Janis : Little Girl Blue."
  10. TeacFan

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    Nether did Cavet. I believe he was being devils advocate and wishing a good game through the haze of years ago. Saw the film in a theater when it was looking for an Oscar nomination. The end portion was tacked on to make it a two hour PBS show. Laura Joplin, Janis's sister has been keeping the flame alive and in the process making a cottage industry, abet license protected, of Joplin's place in music history. Not throwing shade on what she is doing, just sayin'. Here in LA it is playing again on the PBS sub channel during the weekend.
    There was a much earlier documentary film "Janis" in 1974 that has been taken out of circulation. Will have to review my VHS copy.
  11. Jack White

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    She has always come across as hurt and fragile to me - there's something very tragic about her - and it was with sadness and pity I watched the documentary. That interview at her high school reunion was brutal.
  12. Scope J

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    Chan "Cat Power" Marshall , it was
    in the short featurette after the main
    film here . She also read Janis' letters
    in the film.
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  13. R. Totale

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    I liked it OK but it didn't add anything to my understanding from the earlier film. I think the story has been told and there's just nothing more to add. That footage of her being interviewed at her high school reunion is just wrenching, and I'm surprised I made it through it a second time, don't think I need to see it again. And FWIW I enjoyed Chan Marshall's rendition of her song.
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  15. head_unit

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  16. guidedbyvoices

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    I hit this about 20 times thinking it would take me to YouTube.
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  17. musicalbeds

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    The stuff about David sending the telegram, that was there the morning Janis was found dead.... that's rough stuff. I'm not sure what I think about the guy, I plan to read more about him.
    He made Janis happy, then split with her, citing her heroin abuse....but they stay in touch, she does get clean, and he decides he wants to reunite, only for her to die before she knows. That's the stuff of Shakespeare.
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  18. musicalbeds

    musicalbeds Strange but not a stranger

    Ontario, Canada
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  19. musicalbeds

    musicalbeds Strange but not a stranger

    Ontario, Canada
    I have to mention a fact I should have known, but didn't; the Full Tilt Boogie Band was a Canadian band. I might have read that at one time and not retained it, but I sure won't forget it now.
  20. gkella

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    I love Janis and it was great to see the Little Girl Blue documentary on PBS.
    I know we saw most of it previously in the Janis film from the 70's, but I still enjoyed it.
    She was sexy, homely, beautiful, messed up, cool, fun, electrifying, talented, etc, etc.
    Glad I got to see her perform at Festival Express in Toronto. She was amazing that night.
    I hope this documentary brings her some attention to people who aren't aware of her music or have forgotten her.
    I still miss her.
  21. applebonkerz

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  22. Ignatius

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    This isn't the PBS that showed uncut Monty Python episodes in the 70s, it's post-Janet Jackson PBS. I avoided this doc because I guessed "if it's music on PBS they're doing a REDACTED pledge drive."
  23. guidedbyvoices

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    Alpine, TX
    Great documentary, really moved me, music was outstanding, but man I gotta dock it a star for blurring her sweet ta tas. If only there was anywhere on the internet I could see unedited boobies!
  24. Sneaky Pete

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    I found out a few things but most of it was old news. None the less, very well done and artfully edited. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Janis or 60's rock.

    After viewing it, I feel that I had slightly underrated her as a singer and musician. Seeing the documentary reminded me again that there is no such thing as a victimless crime. It was a tragic waste of life and talent.

    It was slightly white-washed. Things that I wish were explored more include: Does anyone here know if it's true that when Albert Grossman found out she was shooting Heroin again, rather than sending her to rehab he took out a $200,000.00 life insurance policy on her?

    Also the veracity of claims that she was dating a Trust-Funder last-name Morgan, who was a UCLA dropout and known Heroin dealer. Allegedly he sold the Heroin to Janis and a few other junkies who also O.D.ed. If that's true why was there no investigation? Why not make some undercover buys and at least put him away for dealing?
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    I am going to bump this thread. You have until just May 31st to watch this incredible film online @ Watch Full Episodes Online of American Masters on PBS | Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue »

    Like many of you, I followed Janis as best I could from Cheap Thrills on. I mostly knew the facts about her upbringing and her career. Yet, I thought this film was outstanding because it takes you to the tender person behind the stage, and behind the records. It may or may not add to your knowledge of rock history but no matter. If you are a fan, or if you think that you just don't "get" Janis Joplin, or if Janis Joplin is a historical figure to you, you owe it to yourself to watch this film.

    The only rock fim that carries a similar kind of emotional impact is "Gimme Shelter". It's that good.
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