Any Let's Active fans here?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Victor/Victrola, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Victor/Victrola

    Victor/Victrola Forum Resident Thread Starter

    If you're a fan of Let's Active or Mitch Easter, you'll be happy to know that Mitch is planning to release a new album soon. It'll be distributed online via 125 records. The album is called "Dynamico" and you can hear the track 'Sudden Crown Drop' at
  2. CardinalFang

    CardinalFang New Member

    Nice. Thanks for the heads-up! :)
  3. BobbyS

    BobbyS Well-Known Member

    Powell OH USA
    Well, Mitch has been my mentor for 25 years now. There may be more talented guys out there but I haven't met them yet.

    The new record rocks.

    Bobby Sutliff
  4. nelamvr6

    nelamvr6 High End Headphoniac

    New London, CT USA
    Wow. I haven't thought of them for years. Now you've got me reaching for my "Big Plans for Everybody" disc! :D

    I'm looking forward to the new record.
  5. Street23

    Street23 Member

    One of my all-time favorite live shows was a triple bill with Marshall Crenshaw, Let's Active, and the Morells. That whole southern pop scene back then with Mitch and Don Dixon... mighty good stuff.
  6. dgsinner

    dgsinner New Member

    Far East
    Great sounding track--thanks for posting. I'll be looking for that one when it comes out. Let's Active were great for their short-lived, 3 album first time around career.

  7. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    "Room With A Veiw" ROCKS!!!! Does anyone know if that first EP is on CD?
  8. keef00

    keef00 Forum Resident

    I've got some Let's Active vinyl lying around, and have the Cypress/Afoot twofer on CD. I live in their "neighborhood," so I was able to see them live on a few occasions.

    Not to go off on a tangent, but I gotta plug drummer Sara Romweber's post-Let's Active band, Snatches of Pink. They made two albums of great Stones/glam/country-influenced rock'n'roll, "Send in the Clowns" in 1988 and "Dead Men" in 1989. They made several other good albums, and are actually still playing today, although frontman Michael Rank is the only original member left.
  9. Done A Ton

    Done A Ton Forum Member

    Rural Kansas
    Wow, I'll bet!
  10. BFrank

    BFrank Active Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I like the tune. Haven't listened to L.A. in a long time, but always thought they had an original sound worth paying attention to.
  11. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    Great news about the new release. I will be watching out for it.
  12. Chazz Avery

    Chazz Avery Member

    "I'm living on a blue line" :goodie: :goodie:
    Rickenbackers and jangle guitar heaven.

    I'm a big fan but I'd only be interested if it's the original band. Has anyone here ever seen the appearance on the old Mtv program I.R.S.'s The Cutting Edge where Mitch gave a tour of Drive-In Studio and the band jammed out in the field with Don Dixon.

    BTW, my girlfriend cringes at the band's name... "that just doesn't sound right!"

    For your viewing pleasure...

    Waters Part

    Every Dog Has His Day

    Love those cool guitar in those videos.

    Every Word Means No
  13. JFS3

    JFS3 Forum Resident

    That was a great one. I think my sister may actually have saved that one on VHS somewhere - Looks like I'm gonna have to give her a call!

  14. Solaris

    Solaris a bullet in flight

    New Orleans, LA
    Let's Active is a must for jangle-pop fans. Like early REM, without the mumbling. :)

    I should go listen to Cypress now....

  15. BFrank

    BFrank Active Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I saw them in '84 at the Ritz in NYC with the Hoodoo Gurus opening (although I think I missed the opening act - something I regret to this day).
  16. RickA

    RickA Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL
    Yeah, I am lucky to have a the original VHS tape. Recently copied it to DVD.

    Rick A.
  17. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Forum Resident

    I grew up in Raleigh, NC and saw them many times - Cypress is one of the greatest albums of the era, imho, and deserving of a Big Star-style after the fact canonization.
  18. John54

    John54 Forum Resident

    I haven't listened to their LPs in years, but I do have at least three, including Cypress and Big Plans. I liked them overall, but I guess I was spoiled by the '60s ...
  19. Chazz Avery

    Chazz Avery Member

    I still have it in case anyone's interested. I hoped to find it on YouTube but it's apparently not there.
  20. Victor/Victrola

    Victor/Victrola Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for the video links, Chazz. I love the sound of Mitch's Rickenbacker on 'Waters Part'.

    As far as the new album goes, Eric Marshall is on drums (the drummer on Every Dog Has His Day) and his (new) wife Shalini is on bass. Mitch probably plays everything else.

    "Big Plans for Everybody" is the best album of the 80's, IMO.
  21. JeffN727

    JeffN727 Active Member

    Can't say that I'm a big fan, but I have Cypress, and it's been so long since I've heard it that I don't remember what it sounds like.
    I did see this band live, at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, back around '83. I believe they were opening for Echo & The Bunnymen. (Memories of that time are very foggy!) I do remember that there was a power problem and there were no lights, but they kept on playing in the dark.
    Maybe I'll give Cypress a listen soon, in between all these other LP's I've been trying to get cleaned and played. I don't even remember any of the tunes.
  22. Victor/Victrola

    Victor/Victrola Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I am pleased as punch to report that the Mitch Easter solo album is out, and it ROCKS. This may well be his second best album, a very close second to "Big Plans For Everybody"

    Eric Marshall (the drummer on the final Let's Active album) plays drums on one track, Mitch's wife Shalini sings bg vocals on 5 songs and plays bass on one. Mitch plays and sings EVERYTHING else.

    The mastering of the disc is typical - too loud, but the material is great and the recording is crisp with lots of good separation.

    get it from
  23. nelamvr6

    nelamvr6 High End Headphoniac

    New London, CT USA
    Thanks for the news! :righton:
  24. glea

    glea Well-Known Member

    Funny you should say this, 'cause I have just been talking to Mitch about mastering the new Loney album. He specifically mentioned that I make sure who ever I deal with, to make sure they don't smash the dynamics and make it really loud... I'd think he would be paying close attention. Maybe it just rocks?
  25. rinso white

    rinso white Pale Fire Gort Staff

    Hmmmm...maybe I'll throw on Cypress and afoot tonight. Thanks for the heads-up. I would've hoped that Mitch would try and get this out on vinyl. Oh well...
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