Anyone Ever Heard a Beatles Sgt. Peppers LHCB Nimbus Supercut?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dgsinner, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. dgsinner

    dgsinner New Member Thread Starter

    Far East
  2. PeteRFNY

    PeteRFNY Member

    Clinton, NJ
    I never knew such a thing existed. I'd love to hear a copy (but I don't have a spare $1455 lying around right now).

    Plus, that would probably be my 20th (guessing) copy of SPLHCB and that would probably push my wife over the edge. :shh:
  3. GMav

    GMav Forum Resident

    Salem, Oregon, USA
    Very impressive that Nimbus apparently replicated the Parlophone label......seemingly to amazing detail. You think they would have been able to utilize their own label, much like Mobile Fidelity was able to use theirs? Did Nimbus have their own label design? Very curious, and very interesting.
  4. MMM

    MMM Forum Hall Of Fame

    Lodi, New Jersey
    Nah, they must have just used labels from EMI. If they were going to replicate anything, why the then current label - why not the original?

    Wasn't this cut at Abbey Road, possibly by Harry Moss?
  5. Curiosity

    Curiosity Portable Audio Fan

    United Kingdom
    It was done very much with EMI's knowledge and approval for a HiFi magazine over here back in the 80's. I'm reasonable sure they get agreement to use the original labels. You know what's sad? I nearly bought one new from them direct.
  6. John Carsell

    John Carsell Forum Resident

    Northwest Illinois
    Nimbus also did McCartney's Band On The Run as well.

    Had a chance a few years ago go to get one sealed for $150, but I passed since the DCC gold CD is all I need.
  7. Ben Sinise

    Ben Sinise Forum Reticent

    These were pressed in 1984. There's conflicting opinions on the sonics, but again as with all "rare" Beatles releases they command a high price. EIL has had copies for sale at double this auction's BIN price.

    Does anyone know who cut it?
  8. edgwareman

    edgwareman Forum Resident

    London, UK
    I bought one off ebay about 3 months ago for £350 including shipping. Mint record, small split at the top of the sleeve and a split in the poly inner. Still a lot of money but I've seen perfect copies go for well over £500 on ebay over the last few years. Apart from the split the cover is in great condition and has the Nimbus sticker, but it's the music I bought it for and the record is perfect. I reckoned that I'd never get a Nimbus at a better price than that so I bit the bullet and haven't eaten since! As far as the sound is concerned I'd rate it just above the UHQR which I like as well. The sound on the Nimbus is more natural and not as MFSL'd as the UHQR if you know what I mean. I guess a Y/B is pretty nice sounding too, but I haven't got a stereo version of this to compare them to, only a 2-box which I think lags behind the Nimbus and UHQR. The Nimbus and UHQR do sound considerably different to each other to my ears.

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  9. PMC7027

    PMC7027 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I have both Sgt Pepper's and Band on the Run, purchased when they were new, and have never played them. I'm "one of those Beatle collectors."
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  10. Ben Sinise

    Ben Sinise Forum Reticent

    What's scribed in the dead wax on both sides?
  11. edgwareman

    edgwareman Forum Resident

    London, UK
    I'm at work at the moment so I'll check when I get home.
  12. Jose Jones

    Jose Jones Outstanding Forum Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    Ok, dumb question time....what is a UHQR?
  13. Kent Teffeteller

    Kent Teffeteller New Member

    Athens, TN

    UHQR= Ultra High Quality Record. An ultra-thick LP made in Japan by JVC. Very limited editions which were very pricey when new. Rare! A Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs product.
  14. edgwareman

    edgwareman Forum Resident

    London, UK
  15. MikeyH

    MikeyH Stamper King

    Berkeley, CA
    My bet is for 'same as 2-box Parlophone' EDIT - posted on the auction. Are these hand-scribed?

    Some of this series were cut by Nimbus, and have their scribblings. Quite nice quiet pressings - I bought about four when they had a 'clearance' event at the end of the run. Long gone - even the UK originals saw the Rickie Lee Jones and Joan Armatrading ones off handsomely. Don't even talk about Supertramp..

    These really were limited licensed copies - IIRC 750 to 1500 copies depending on the title. They were originally about UKP30, mail order only from the magazine.
  16. Sounds BETTER than the UHQR? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Surely someone will take my car in trade for one.
  17. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    Really, PMC7027? Never had you down as a fan of that particular Beatles album.......



  18. edgwareman

    edgwareman Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Ok. The Nimbus Pepper has the following hand-etched in the dead wax:

    Side One: YEX 637-A1 and JH and MPT etched in other areas of the dead wax
    Side Two: YEX 638-B2 JH MPT as above

    It has what looks like hand-written initials of JWF (in 'joined-up' writing if you know what I mean) on both sides

    and has NIMBUS ENGLAND machine-stamped on both sides

    Incidentally my 2 box (from the blue box c 1978) has the following in the dead wax area:

    Side One: YEX 637-3 (machine-stamped) HTM (hand-etched)
    Side Two: YEX 638-4 as above

    Can anybody shed some light on this (the Nimbus that is)?
  19. ericc2000

    ericc2000 Forum Resident

    Tulsa, OK, USA
    If the Nimbus lables are the same as a two box EMI and you're buying one used, how do you know if you're getting an actual Nimbus record? Are the markings in the dead wax different?
  20. ericc2000

    ericc2000 Forum Resident

    Tulsa, OK, USA
    Oh, ok. You posted at the same time I asked my question.
  21. fraser

    fraser Member

    I had the Nimbus for a short while but thought it too similar to my -2/-2 mid 70`s copy and not as warm as my -1/-1 copies. By contrast I was stunned from the opening few seconds of crowd noise on the UHQR which was so much clearer than i`d ever heard it before and the bass drum so much more defined .The Pepper UHQR to my ears doesn`t suffer the poor mids and tubby bass of many of their other LPs ( the beatles box for example) and is definitely my dessert island Pepper .It even beats my NM -1/-1 Y&B stereo which has a lovely tubey sound but appears to have a slightly "dirty window" on the sound when compared to the UHQR. I feel the later UK cuts ( -2/-3/-4) and the Nimbus are in between these 2.
  22. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area
    Does JH=Jack Hunt? Anyone know?
  23. Beatle Terr

    Beatle Terr Super Senior SH Forum Member Musician & Guitarist

    Here's where I believe this all got started though I could be wrong but this is the Nimbus SuperCut of which only 497 LP were made.

    The Nimbus that came from the Stereo Audio Magazine over 25 years of more might not be exactly the same as this one, but still sounds the best IMHO! !!


    Matrix Numbers:
    Side 1: AUDIO 5-A -3 DB
    Side 2: AUDIO-5-B DB STUDIO 301

    Mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301

    This exclusive Audiophile record came into existence following a decision by EMI Australia to try their hand at half-speed mastering for a reissue series. In January 1981 they took their exisiting 15-ips masters for Please Please Me and Sgt. Pepper's and brought them down to 7.5-ips and cut lacquers for each title. After checking for quality these were rejected. Please Please Me was abandoned in favour of concentrating on Sgt. Pepper's so a new master was supplied by EMI UK and they set to work again.

    In April 1982 the first serious cut was created, with Side 2 being successful. Side 1 was more problematic and it wasn't until the third recut, which took 8 hours to cut just 40 minutes of music, that produced a result with which they were satisfied. This is known as the -3 cut and was used to create the final finished disc.

    This LP never went on sale in regular record stores, but was made exclusively available to the public at the Sydney Hi-Fi And Audio Show on July 3rd 1983. Just 497 numbered copies were released with unique label artwork, mirroring the black and silver one EMI box Parlophone labels of 1969, and housed inside a single pocket picture cover with AUDIOPHILE designated on the back. Each LP had an individually numbered sticker fixed to the top right corner of the back cover. This is a very low numbered copy, 004. The release also carries the unique catalogue number AUDIO-5.

    This LP would appear to be the Australian equivalent of the rare Nimbus Supercut release, produced in the UK for Practical Hi-Fi magazine in 1984. Other titles were scheduled to get the same treatment, most notably Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon which is believed to have reached the acetate stage, but finished discs appear never to have been made. Interestingly, Wish You Were Here was given the Nimbus Supercut treatment in the UK, instead of the more obvious Dark Side.

    This extremely rare and interesting LP has been carefully looked after for the past 20 years, and is in as near MINT condition as you could possibly hope to find. We're delighted to be able to offer this stunning LP for the first time...

    *Thanks to Bruce Hamlin of The Beatles Record Information Service in NSW Australia for background information on this unique LP.

    Year of Release: 1983 - 24 years old
    Artist: The Beatles
    Title: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Audiophile AUDIO-5Format: LP RECORD
    Record Label: Parlophone EMI
    Catalogue No: AUDIO-5
    Country of Origin: Australia
  24. edgwareman

    edgwareman Forum Resident

    London, UK
  25. MikeyH

    MikeyH Stamper King

    Berkeley, CA
    Wouldn't be Jack Hunt.

    It does seem that the cut was done by Nimbus for this issue too; I'd read elsewhere that they just pressed up a fresh set of stampers. Well, that makes it worth looking for at least. However, I stand by my previous posting - the discs in this series were in my experience nicely made but missing a lot compared to the more conventionally reproduced copies.
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