Anyone ever listened to Steely Dan's Aja on Simply Vinyl? opinions?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by johnny33, May 1, 2006.

  1. johnny33

    johnny33 New Member

    I know simply vinyl doesnt score many points with forum members it seems.But,Ive had this for quiet awhile and always thought it was a great sounding version of this lp.

    Anyone else listened to it? What's your opinion?

  2. claypool

    claypool New Member

    I've original US pressing which sounds great. I doubt Simply Vinyl sounds better.

    You should find one for a reasonable price, I paid three dollars for mine.
  3. johnny33

    johnny33 New Member

    thanks claypool.. I will have to get one and compare the two. Any ther opinions?

    Anybody else listened to the simply vinyl lp of it?
  4. Beatle Terr

    Beatle Terr Super Senior SH Forum Member Musician & Guitarist

    Sure did...all my Steely Dan's are on original vinyl. Including Aja!! It was a must have had to learn to play PEG and Hey Nineteen right off of it for gigging when it first came out. Plus I just had to learn that guitar intro on "When Josie Comes Home"!!

    But I did purchase a green colored Steely Dan Box set that has 4 CD's to it and I seem to like the way those sound also! I now realized that this box set is the one called Citizen Steely Dan. I think it well mastered IMHO, it's not Steve's I'm sure which I've never heard any of his yet. I guess this was just one of those purchases for me I recall around Christmas time seeing and just saying man I miss playing all my Steely Dan LP's so this box set seems to have all of my favorite songs and even then some.

    So i've never been disappointed in it's sound and I'd recommend it unless you wanted each Steely Dan LP on CD and could find them in well mastered set.

    In the meantime don't lose your vinyl LP's if you got them still in mint condition! :D
  5. johnny33

    johnny33 New Member

    anybody else have an opinion on this?
  6. Kent Teffeteller

    Kent Teffeteller New Member

    Athens, TN

    I have heard this! It isn't bad. Not good enough for me to recommend it over getting the original first pressing ABC vinyl. On CD, I recommend getting a JVC Japan pressing for the USA with the original art back. These were either mastered by Roger Nichols or SH from the original proper tapes with stunning sound. The ABC original vinyl is pretty cheap in nice shape and was pressed decently.
  7. Geoman076

    Geoman076 Sealed vinyl is Fun!!

    I agree with the original vinyl that can be found for short money. I compared my $2 original with the MFSL version, and did not notice a significant difference. Since simply vinyl varies a lot in sound quality from title to title, I never felt the need to try their version of this.

    I'm sure a fellow board member who has it will chime in shortly.
  8. poweragemk

    poweragemk Old Member

    Canadian red vinyl - GRT/ABC 9002-1006 (if I recall right). Best version I've ever heard.

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