Beatles Vinyl collecting: What are the first 10 to get?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bassface, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. bassface

    bassface Member Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA
    I've got the BC-13 and I'm wondering where to go from here.

    Original parlophones? Die Beatles? Something else?

    Monos, stereos?

    What are some of the better values these days, ie, what should be bought now while it's undervalued?

  2. Vinyl-Addict

    Vinyl-Addict Groovetracer Manufacturer

    Let's see, I would hunt down a German Horzu MMT first. A N/M pressing on Ebay goes for around $50-$80 these days.

    The original UK Y&B monos would be on my list too, PP Me through The White Album, although the mono White Album sells for ridiculous money these days. A Japanese Red mono of the White Album would be fine anyway.

    Die Beatles, can't leave that one out either.

    Then you could look out for the original UK 45's, I only have the first
    10 but that's all I'm interested in but the singles are great to have too.
    If you have any money left after all that you're a lucky man. :laugh:
  3. mfidelity

    mfidelity Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    I've had good luck with a few German pressings lately. Revolver Apple 1C 072-04 097 and a SPLHCB Hor Zu SHZE 401 (blue label). $15 each in NM- condition. IMO, they both sound great. Can't compare them to UK originals since I've never heard one but I like them better than the BC-13 copies I have.

  4. Paul G

    Paul G Active Member

    New York, NY, USA
    The 1982 mono reissues are a good place to start. Prior threads on this topic indicate that the reissues at least sometimes used the original tube-cut 1960s metal parts, and they are cheaper than the original 1960s pressings (and most likely in better condition, since more people had gentler playback equipment by the 1980s). You should seek out Help! through the White Album, as these have not been released legitimately in their far superior (IMO) mono mixes on CD; that gets you to five.

    No. 6 would be a UK Parlophone 45 of "Please Please Me"/"As Me Why." The original 45 versions of these tracks do not have the reverb that was added to the album versions. (The CD Singles and EP boxes use the album versions.) Prior threads indicate that at least the 1976 UK Parlohpone reissues and possibly the 1983 UK Parlophone reissues use the "dry" versions, and will certainly be less expensive than an original 1963 45.

    No. 7 would be an American Capitol 45 of "I Am the Walrus." It has additional beats in the middle after "I'm crying" and before "Yellow matter custard" that are not on any CD version.

    No. 8 would be a mono pressing of the US Capitol The Beatles' Second Album. On "Long Tall Sally" it has a unique "dry" vocal and on "Thank You Girl" it has additional harmonica overdubs.

    No. 9 would be a mono pressing of the US Capitol Something New. It has unique mixes of "And I Love Her" (single- and double-tracked vocal vs. double- and triple-tracked), "I'll Cry Instead" (longer than the "regular" version), and "When I Get Home."

    No. 10. Hor-Zu stereo Die Beatles.


  5. CardinalFang

    CardinalFang New Member

    I started with a BC13 in near mint for $150. Then I picked up a German MMT (non-Horzu), a UK stereo "Collection of Beatle Oldies" (got a German Odeon too), and UK red and blue collections.

    EDIT: Oh, I see you already have the BC13. I guess it would help if I read the thread before posting! ;)

  6. John Carsell

    John Carsell Forum Resident

    Northwest Illinois
    A few that haven't been mentioned:

    1. Please Please Me German Apple version (with same stamper #'s a Die Beatles Shze 117 A-2/B-2)

    2. Beatlemania! With The Beatles Canadian wide stereo on purple Capitol label

    3. Beatles For Sale original Y&B label UK stereo or Japan AP series

    4. White Album UK white vinyl on Apple (not the Capitol white vinyl)

    5. Abbey Road German/original UK Apple or MFSL
  7. bassface

    bassface Member Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA
    Thanks for all the replies.

    Can I conclude that there's no consensus on this, or is everybody trying to make original suggestions?

    Let me rephrase: If you had bc-13 only, what would your next 10 purchases be?

  8. ascot

    ascot Forum Resident

    bassface, I am practically in the same boat you are. I just got the BC-13 set and now I'm going after the German MMT and Die Beatles albums. I also would like a real nice UK mono Sgt Pepper. I will always keep an eye out for the other UK monos but this seems like a good start.
  9. Nad 214

    Nad 214 Well-Known Member

    If I had an unlimited budget with out a doubt I’d get the red mono box set. I'd hunt down a mono Die Beatles German mono Hard Days Night I’ve seen several on ebay lately Us ebay and german ebay. I just got a Mono German Hard Days Night and it's wonderful. Nice green label. I'd also get the following a mono sgt pepper a mono revolver a mono rubber soul a Japanese black label oeden the one with the British flag obi rubber soul an Italian stereo sgt pepper the light blue logo I have one and it's sounds very good and a few others the have already been mentioned.
  10. ascot

    ascot Forum Resident

    I don't know that there is a mono Die Beatles. :confused:
  11. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host

    It's just a dub of the British EQ copy. Nothing special. The stereo version is the one to get.
  12. Randy W

    Randy W Well-Known Member

    I would say find the five albums John Carsell listed and add the Geman MMT, a Japanese The Beatles Second Album, and four 1984 UK Mono reissues - Help, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper, and White Album would be my choices. These UK mono reissues can be found for reasonable money compared to the originals or the Japanese Red Vinyl LPs, and represent an excellent value.
  13. Bruce Burgess

    Bruce Burgess Well-Known Member

    Hamilton, Canada
    The first three for sure would be:
    1. the German Magical Mystery Tour, on Apple or Hors Zu
    2. A Collection Of Beatles Oldies...But Goldies (or 1962-1966) and
    3. a British or German Pressing of Hey Jude (or 1967-70)

    The Blue and Red LPs can often be had for less, even though they are double LPs. Besides that, the 1967-70 contains the single versions of Get Back and Let It Be.

    After that, I would want to get all the stuff they released after the breakup.

    This would include:

    4. Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl
    5. Beatles At The BBC
    6. Anthology 1, 2 & 3

    After that, you could either go for the pre-EMI material (Sheridan Tapes, Star Club and Decca Audition) or the alternate mixes (mono collection, singles collection, ep collection) Personally, I think I would start with:

    9. the CD EP Collection, which includes the mono MMT and
    10. the CD Singles Collection.

    Yellow Submarine Songtrack and Let It Be...Naked would only come after I had every single song in mono and stereo (where applicable), all the alternate mixes, including the US mixes and all the pre-EMI stuff. The latter is for hard-core fanatical Beatlemaniacs only.
  14. kipper15

    kipper15 Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom

    Of course, opinions and selections will vary greatly but if it was me, these would be my choices for next 10 purchases.

    1. Mono Collection box set (BMC10 UK/red box or BM1 export/black box). The black box is the most common and would be your best bet in terms of getting the original mono mixes of the UK LPs. You could of course hunt down a set of 60s monos but they will cost loads more $$$ than getting the box.

    2. Hey Jude LP: An often over-looked compilation but an essential LP for any Beatles collector. Seek out an early 70s UK 'export' pressing for the best sound. These can be had for reasonable money.

    3. 1962-1966 & 1967-1970 double LPs: Try to find UK or German 70s pressings of these compilations. I have both, and I prefer the German pressings myself.

    4. The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl LP: The live album that's never been put out on CD, and never likely to be. Hunt down a UK pressing if you can.

    5. The UK Singles Collection box set from the early 80s.

    6. The UK EP Collection Collection box set, again from the early 80s.

    7. Magical Mystery Tour LP: German HorZu/Apple pressing. The best MMT you will ever hear, especially an early pressing from circa '71. I have several pressings from the 70s and early 80s and they're all excellent but the 1st pressing is THE one to own.

    8. Die Beatles LP: German HorZu/Apple pressing. Effectively the 'dry' mix of the UK Please Please Me LP. 70s reissue pressings can be found for reasonable money and sound great. A must-have!!!

    9. Mobile Fidelity Beatles Collection BC1 box set: As good, if not better in some places than the LPs in the BC13. A great set to own. May cost you a fair few $$$ but still worth it IMO.

    10. A Collection of Beatles Oldies LP: The only UK Beatles LP released by EMI in the 60s that you won't yet own, even if you buy all the above. A decent condition 70s stereo reissue copy would be sufficient.
  15. Randy W

    Randy W Well-Known Member

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