Best place to buy SACDs besides Amazon and eBay?

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    What's the best place to buy SACDs? The sellers on Amazon won't ship to where I live and eBay is just too expensive. What are other places to buy them? I need to complete my Stones SACD collection. is good, but they don't sell The Rolling Stones. I do want to buy some albums like Highway 61, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Pet Sounds, and Lynyrd Skynyrd there too, but my main priority is the Stones. So what do you recommend?
  2. Spitfire

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    Try Discogs
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  3. Dan Steele

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    What about Acoustic Sounds or Soundstage Direct or cdjapan?
  4. Try the audiophile outlets. MusicDirect, Elusivedisc and AcousticSounds. They all carry most available SACDs.
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    :agree: Used or not a new release.

    :agree: New and in print.
  6. Tjazz

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    Just post on the classify section which SACDs you want with the prices.
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  7. Bingo Bongo

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    Used Record/CD shop!

    Might get lucky at a Pawn shop...
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