Black Mirror-Season 4

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    Guinea pig! :nyah: I don't know how humans look to guinea pigs, but guinea pigs look nothing like hamsters to humans. In fact, I was in South America and they served up a guinea pig to me; it's called Cuy over there, and I couldn't eat it because it looked like the animal, only cooked. I asked them to chop it up and serve it to me without the head and legs on it. It was good. I ate all of his memories and knew who the killer was.
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    i couldnt imagine eating a hamster! :unhunh:
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    It's not that I have an innate preference for dark endings (after all I loved San Junipero and liked Hang the DJ), it's just that the nature of the show is to be macabre and twisted and since the episode wasn't an outlier like San Junipero, then I feel the alternate ending would have worked better.
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    This show unfortunately went from "British" to "American" (when Netflix acquired it). Exploits some local paranoias, more "convenient". Amen.
  5. Not sure what "local paranoias" you are referring too here. Can you elaborate?

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    Sounds like a good name for a band: Local Paranoia
  7. Think about this the next time you consume meat. Even if the piece of meat looks different it’s still part of an animal’s corpse.
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    Yeah, I know. Those unidentifiable shiznits are tasty corpse pieces. In schnitzel, even. :D

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    So, I saw Ep. 4, Hang the DJ tonight. I thought it was much closer to the look, feel, and type of storytelling the first three seasons brought us. I really enjoyed it.

    Two more to go.
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    Good season. Black Museum was my favorite. I saw that Kenny from Shut Up and Dance stars in a new Netflix series The End of the F***ing World. Gonna check it
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    The last two episodes were outstanding, especially "Metalhead." Rod Serling would have geeked out on "Metalhead."
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    Watched three so far, not in order.

    USS callister - excellent. Not sure that the copies would have all the memories and personally of the originals, but prepared to let that slide.

    Metalhead - Texas Chainsaw meets Terminator. Great, except for the stupid ending.

    Crocodile - Bladerunner voight kampff test meets the hitman scene from Mulholland Dr. Stupid memory idea. Stupid and boring. Guesed the shock end quite early, and fast forwarded through a couple of scenes towards the end: the visit to the woman's husband/ the kids concert.

    Started watching the Jodi Foster one, but got very bored and gave up.

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