'Bojack Horseman' New Series on Netflix

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by profholt82, Aug 26, 2014.

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    File this under brush with fame. My now retired teacher wife had Bob Waksberg (the creator of BJH) in her class one year. High school. He was a friggin' handful, but clearly bright. Went by the name "Raisin" back then. It was as if the walls of the classroom agitated him and he had to be set free. So happy he has found his calling.
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    Halfway through the show now and I'm lovin' it. Man, this is a mean, dark, nasty, depressing show.

    I love the fake-'90s TV show open...

    It's like every bad Miller-Milkis TV show ever made. The fake "generic decade" songs they throw in during the flashbacks are hilarious, too. "Now it's the '80s!"
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