Capitol Records to remaster Apple Records catalog

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Pawnmower, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    This thread got me to pick up the US vinyl pressing of his album. I received it this morning and the sound is huge! Sour Milk Sea really rocks and there are quite a few strong tracks on the album so it's not just a case of George's song being the only good song. The guest players on the album read like a who's who of the scene at that time. I think you will enjoy it.

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  2. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI

  3. Marry a Carrot

    Marry a Carrot Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    I've been waiting decades for an official release of the legendary Badfinger outtake "test test test test test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test test."
  4. mark f.

    mark f. Forum Resident

    My favorite is:

    Magic Christian Music

    blah blah blah blah
  5. joeislive

    joeislive Forum Resident

    Originally Posted by Marry a Carrot
    I've been waiting decades for an official release of the legendary Badfinger outtake "test test test test test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test testtest test test."
    My favorite is:

    Magic Christian Music

    blah blah blah blah

    Lol yeah, whats up with that?
  6. Buckyball

    Buckyball Forum Resident

    Frankly it's among their weakest material. You'd be better off trying to hunt down "Badfinger Is Good Yes Yes Yes".
  7. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Why do I get the feeling that Apple and Capitol are dropping the ball once again. :shake:
  8. quicksrt

    quicksrt Forum Resident

    City of Angels
    Maybe you are just becoming a grumpy old man, never going to be satisfied, unable to move with modern technology, refusing to let go of the past.

    No, I am kidding (that description sounds more like me than anyone I know of around here).
  9. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    I'm getting old, my wife says I'm grumpy. I do have a cell phone and a laptop.

    I just wish they the record labels would put a superfan like me on their staff for releases like this so I could make sure everyone gets what they want.

  10. Joe Fornarotto

    Joe Fornarotto Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Something is up with the link to all the album covers and the bonus just takes you to the Apple Records update information on the new releases..the first one we got tracklistings!

  11. Dean1006

    Dean1006 Forum Resident

    Algonquin, IL
    It looks like what they had up with all the album info was taken down.

    I never saw anything saying that some of the bonus tracks were download only. Where was that? If that's the cast, I'm going to really be ticked off.
  12. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Prepare to be ticked. :realmad:
  13. RockWizard

    RockWizard Forum Resident

    Remember, you're dealing with Crapitol Records. They'll find a way to ROYALLY screw things up(again!).
  14. Evan L

    Evan L Beatologist

    So if Apple returned the tape and rights to "Fuh" to Brute Force does this men they had to license the track from him?

  15. mark f.

    mark f. Forum Resident

    Yes. But it seems strange to me that BF really owns it (we'll see if there are licensing credits when the Apple comp gets issued). The way the liner notes read to me is that it's BF's interpretation that they gave him the rights back - who knows? Maybe BF asked for the right to pursue release elsewhere?

    But the reason it seems odd is that there are tons of things (demos, finished recordings etc) that Apple has that they never gave back and have never released. If it was as easy as getting the artists to license them you'd see more of this stuff on labels like Cherry Red. Stefan Granados is a one man Apple Publishing compiler machine and I know there are things he'd get released if it was that easy.
  16. It was up later that evening including all the bonus tracks, album artwork, etc. but is now (except for the main page) down again.

    They didn't but they weren't numbered and I'm sure someone hear probably saw it elsewher as well. I agree add in the fact that some of the download only tracks (if that's the case) are also some of the previous released version of alternate tracks and you'll have to keep the old issue as well or burn them.
  17. FatherMcKenzie

    FatherMcKenzie Forum Resident

    Winnetka, CA, USA
    Two tracks from Brute Force were licensed for the recent compilation 'Lovers From The Sky Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1968-1972'.

    The label is RPM/Cherry Red Records (UK)

    The licensing line states "Licensed from Brute Force courtesy of Bicycle Music".

    I knew the owner of Bicycle Music and it was a pleasure dealing with him some years ago over a different matter.

    It seems unlikely that Apple has a different contract with "Brute Force", but all well and good if they do.

    If you've ever heard "King Of Fuh", other than its novelty value (isn't it really just overkill of an obvious punchline), I wouldn't categorize it as a great recording of a great song. But, that's just me. It was funny and subversive 40 years ago.
  18. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    I happen to have copied the Badfinger tracklistings, presented here in case anyone needs them (sorry about formatting issues):

    1.Come And Get It**2.Crimson Ship*3.Dear Angie4.Fisherman (1969 remix)5.Midnight Sun6.Beautiful And Blue7.Rock Of All Ages**8.Carry On Till Tomorrow**9.I'm In Love*10.Walk Out InThe Rain11.Angelique*12.Knocking Down Our Home13.Give It A Try14.Maybe Tomorrow*
    15.And Her Daddy's A Millionaire* ( unreleased alternative version)
    16.Mrs. Jones (stereo remix)
    17.Sali Bloo ( unreleased mono mix)
    18.See-Saw Granpa ( unreleased mono mix)
    19.I've Been Waiting* (unedited stereo remix)
    Think About The Good Times* ( unreleased mono mix)
    Dear Angie* (mono mix)
    Arthur ( unreleased stereo remix)
    Storm In A Teacup
    Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back (unreleased mono mix)
    No Escaping Your Love*
    Producer Mal Evans / *Tony Visconti / **Paul McCartney

    1.I Can't Take It 2.I Don't Mind3.Love Me Do4.Midnight Caller5.No Matter What*6.Without You7.Blodwyn8.Better Days9.It Had To Be10.Watford John11.Believe Me*12.We're For The Dark
    13.I Can't Take It (unreleased extended version)
    14.Without You* (unreleased studio demo version/mono)
    15.Get Down* (unreleased studio demo version/mono)
    16.Photograph* (aka Friends Are Hard To Find)
    17.Believe Me* ( unreleased version)
    18.No Matter What* ( unreleased studio demo version/mono)
    Love Me Do ( unreleased instrumental version)
    Get Down
    Producer Geoff Emerick / *Mal Evans

    1.Take It All2.Baby Blue3.Money4.Flying5.I'd Die Babe*6.Name Of The Game*7.Suitcase*8.Sweet Tuesday Morning9.Day After Day*10.Sometimes11.Perfection12.It's Over
    13.I'll Be The One**
    14.Name Of The Game**
    15.Baby Blue (US single mix)
    16.Baby Please** ( unreleased)
    17.No Good At All** ( unreleased)
    18.Sing For The Song **( unreleased)
    Sweet Tuesday Morning** (unreleased)
    Mean Mean Jemima**
    Producer Todd Rundgren / *George Harrison / **Geoff Emerick

    1.Apple Of My Eye2.Get Away3.Icicles4.The Winner**5.Blind Owl6.Constitution7.When I Say8.Cowboy9.I Can Love You**10.Timeless
    11.Do You Mind* (unreleased version)
    12.Apple Of My Eye* (unreleased version)
    13.Blind Owl* ( unreleased version)
    14.Timeless* ( unreleased version)
    15.Regular* ( unreleased)
    Get Away* (unreleased version)
    When I Say* (unreleased version)
    The Winner* (unreleased version)
    I Can Love You* (unreleased version)
    Piano Red (unreleased)
    Producer Chris Thomas & Badfinger / Badfinger*/Todd Rungren**
  19. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die!

    This is what we'd expect from them-remember their "Capitol Albums" 3rd volume misfire,instead reissuing the UK Lp's AGAIN? It was,I suspect,expected from a company who can't keep a title in print for more than 10 Years,before pulling it off the shelves! (Anyone remember the Kingston Trio's Capitol Reissues,and how they'd pulled it only months later? I Do!):shake:EXPECT MORE "UH-OH'S" IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I fear Capitol's gonna lose more CD buyers this way!:shake:A poor excuse to run a company..Johnny Mercer's rolling in his grave!
  20. soundQman

    soundQman Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA, USA
    Yeah, I heard King Of Fuh recently on that comp. It's pretty stupid, really. The series of four Apple-era pop-psych volumes in general is great listening, though. Lots of really nice recordings, many of which never saw the light of day back then, undeservedly, so, IMO.
  21. mark f.

    mark f. Forum Resident

    There's the licensing line then what it says in the liner notes. BF would have gotten a couple of dollars for the use of the track so its probably more than he's made to date on it. Good for him.

    I like the song. It's not something I play regularly but it reminds me a bit of Jonathan Richman.
  22. FatherMcKenzie

    FatherMcKenzie Forum Resident

    Winnetka, CA, USA

    I agree.

    The collector in me is happy to collect the mundane, the stupid as well as the smart and professional. "Remember You're A Womble" puts a smile on my face as much as anything even slighlty more serious.

    I enjoy those compilations as well (the group Grapefruit was always a bit of a guilty pleasure).

    I look forward to these Apple reissues, but I'm not overly excited (yet).
  23. mark f.

    mark f. Forum Resident

    Rev-Ola has a planned a Timon (Tymon Dogg) release that will contain a couple more tracks done during his brief period at Apple. It's just a little frustrating that Tymon is not interested in releasing all of the Apple period stuff. But supposedly McCartney and James Taylor are on a track or two. Tymon says that he never signed the contract but I assume that Apple still retains the rights to the actual recordings.

    Apple apparently also owns a whole unreleased album by the American trio Mortimer. I'm not real keen on their one released album but lots of collectors would love to hear that unreleased album, produced by Peter Asher.

    What I'd love to hear is more of the demos done by Gallagher and Lyle during their Apple period, if there are more.

    Think I'll suggest to Stefan Granados that he come onto the forum. He's a great source of knowledge on Apple.
  24. rstamberg

    rstamberg Forum Resident

    Riverside, CT
    Thanks to all who responded to my Jackie Lomax query. I'll definitely be picking SOUR MILK SEA up when it comes out.

    I love several Dark Horse Records albums, including Henry McCullough's record and the Splinter titles. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get through all the red tape between A&M Records (the label's initial distributor from 1974 to 1976) and Warner Bros. Records (the distributor from 1976 to 1992). I doubt we'll ever see CDs for albums nobody bought. BUT ... stranger things have happened before.
  25. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA

    I always thought of it as a good Donovan-style peace and love song. Little over the top, sure; but at least it was trying to make some kind of point.
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