CBS to air Beatles 50th anniversary special 2/9/14 "Grammy Tribute"*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by majorlance, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Marshall

    Marshall Active Member

    Sounded like an awesome evening, Trixie. You were so fortunate to have been there. :)
    I would think Breakfast With The Beatles host Chris Carter must have been there.

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  2. Fivebyfive

    Fivebyfive Forum Resident

    Perhaps he was invited and chose not to attend. Perhaps this is why Sean Lennon didn't perform, so as not to incite Julian's feelings of being left out. Although I'm not quite sure why people think Julian should be there. Stella, Mary, James, Heather, and Beatrice McCartney weren't there. None of the Starr kids were there.

    Sean and Dhani escort their mothers. That's why they are in attendance. That's the only reason they are in attendance. Cynthia Lennon is the ex-wife. If she was the widow, then Julian would be accompanying her and he would be there. But I see no other reason why Julian should be there when most of the other Beatles kids aren't.
  3. Trixie Jones

    Trixie Jones Well-Known Member

    I hear what you're saying and that's perfectly logical, but in the fantastical "what if" heads of some of us, I suppose anything is possible. Besides, Dhani was not only there to escort Olivia, he actually played... Julian is a good singer, so it makes some sense that he could have taken John's part since the feeling that John and George were missing from the scene was quite palpable.
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  4. Trixie Jones

    Trixie Jones Well-Known Member

    I looked for him, but didn't see him. I did see Peter Asher, though... he subbed for Chris a few weeks ago.
  5. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Well-Known Member

    Julian said on facebook that he offered to perform, but they declined his request...

    He and Cynthia weren't even invited, which is a shame.
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  6. Marty Milton

    Marty Milton Well-Known Member

    Urbana, Illinois
    I initially was hoping CBS would air the original Feb 9, 1964 episode of the Ed Sullivan Show. Then it dawned on me that I already own the DVD set that has all of their Ed Sullivan appearances. I might just watch that instead of the planned Special.
  7. paulewalnutz

    paulewalnutz Active Member

    This was the 1st thing I thought of when this show was announced. I hope it don't come off as bad.
  8. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Forum Resident

    I love the Odd Couple, but it shouldn't be too hard to be better than Tony Randall doing Beatles' songs. It can't be as bad/bizarre as that!! Arnie
  9. Jose Jones

    Jose Jones Outstanding Forum Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    Great. Another opportunity to not watch Ringo play drums and for the 2 millionth performance of Hey Jude.
  10. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Well-Known Member

    I'm really looking forward to this now. I love that Eric Idle was there.

    How did Dhani do performing Something?
  11. RockWizard

    RockWizard Forum Resident

    Don't know how he sounds now, but the time I saw him for Photograph Smile, it was "eerie" seeing/listening to him perform. Close your eyes, and you'd swear JWL was on stage, especially when he did Stand By Me!
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  12. Fivebyfive

    Fivebyfive Forum Resident

    Somehow I would bet there's more to the story than that. Julian does seem to enjoy dropping those little bombshells a little too much, and having people feel sorry for him on Facebook or Twitter.

    Anyway, I really don't see why Cynthia should be invited. Should Jane Asher and Pattie Boyd have been invited? Or one of Maureen Starr's children to represent Maureen? Or maybe Mary McCartney should have attended to represent Linda? Why? However much some Beatles fans wish it wasn't so, Yoko represents John. And it's up to her to ask Julian to attend. I'm still not clear on why Julian should be there. He wasn't a Beatle. And this wasn't a Beatle family affair to honor the Beatles children. And it's not a contest to see which son looks or sounds more like John, who is irreplaceable, even by one of his sons.
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  13. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    Same reason why Dhani was present. Am I correct in thinking that Julian was given a pie sliver of the Lennon estate by Yoko/Sean?

    The thought has occurred to me that the official bloodline of George and John will end if Dhani/Sean/Julian don't have kids and they are 35-50 years old now.
  14. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Goin' Down The Road

    Memo to John Mayer: Shut up and play your guitar.
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  15. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    I am very pleased to hear it, and I am glad that you enjoyed it so much. Isn't it incredible how much joy a 71 year old and a 73 year old can give musically? I am really looking forward to watching the show, and I will listen out to see if I can hear you.
  16. sewerdog

    sewerdog Forum Resident

    What no Taylor Swift
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  17. sewerdog

    sewerdog Forum Resident

    I'll just tape it so I can fast forward thru the garbage which I am sure there will be a lot of
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  18. sewerdog

    sewerdog Forum Resident

    Wonder what song they will let Yoko sing?
  19. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    She's dancing in the crowd
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  20. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Well-Known Member

    Well for starters I'm really not that bothered about it, but given how many times Julian has been excluded from these events, I can understand why he might be a bit bitter. He's John's son and a talented musician. He has just as much of a right to attend these events and honour his father as Sean and Dhani do.
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  21. sewerdog

    sewerdog Forum Resident

    If i was him i would have just shown up just to show joko that john had two sons
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  22. QuestionMark?

    QuestionMark? Forum Resident

  23. QuestionMark?

    QuestionMark? Forum Resident

    Sorry if this has already been posted.
  24. mfp

    mfp Well-Known Member

    Paris, France
    The anniversary show was broadcast last night here in France, so I got to see it.
    It had its moment. Jeff Lynne in particular sang Something, and to me it was a highlight. I'm no big fan of his, but I found the man has a really sweet voice, and his understated performance contrasted nicely with some of the other guests who can't help but oversing. I didn't mind so much when Alicia Keys did it on Let It Be, because it's a quite repetitive song, so once I've heard the chorus twice, I don't mind if by the third time she bends some notes. But Yesterday by Katy Perry was horrible. She kept showcasing her singing ability, and it was just ridiculous. You wanna impress me? Just respect the original tune and try and put some passion into it instead of switching octave every other line just to show us that you can...
    Among things I did like, Dave Grohl was alright, his choice of song was original (Hey Bulldog). I thought Pharell Williams sang beautifully on Here Comes The Sun. Seeing the two Eurythmics playing together was quite fun.
    Some other covers ranged from boring (I love Stevie Wonder to death, but I wish he'd sing a different tune, not one he's done a million times already) to embarrassing, but well the camera showed Paul and Ringo sitting in the front row frequently enough to keep me interested. It was really sweet to see them enjoying being honored.

    Anyway, when Ringo took the stage, that was of course one of the better moments. I liked that he introduced Boys by saying he used to sing it... with Rory & The Hurricanes. :)
    But obviously the true highlight was when the band introduced Billy Shears, and Paul & Ringo played WALHFMF together. I admit I got emotional. All in all, I'm glad I watched it.
  25. MarkTheShark

    MarkTheShark Forum Resident

    Any word on this coming out on DVD or BluRay? I ask because I DVRed it, and was in the process of copying it to save it -- and my DVR ran out of space and erased it on me.

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