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    Bit of a long shot, but thought I'd post in case there any Varsovians notice this.

    Been to Warsaw a few times, but never looked for music stores really other than checking out Empik quickly.

    There seems to be quite a lot of second hand shops, looking for any recommendations. Mostly into rock, post rock, punk, indie I guess, though don't like to generalise really.

    Muzant' on Warecka street looks really interesting as does 'Music Fan' on Ordynacka street, both are near where we are staying so can slip away from the wife and daughter for a little while.

    At this stage I mostly buy CD's and both those shops seems to stock CD's and vinyl, so ideal for me.

    Any other recommendations welcome and also for any Polish bands to check out. I came across a band from Bydgoszcz called 'George Dorn Screams' that sounds really good, so anything else to check out?

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